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An iPhone case designed to intuitively do what you need it to do. Super quick and easy protection to put on and off your iPhone.

An iPhone case designed to intuitively do what you need it to do. Super quick and easy protection to put on and off your iPhone. Read More
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About this project

The driPhone case is an ultra-tough waterproof, sand-proof and shockproof protective case that completely encapsulates your iPhone. It’s designed to be the fastest to open and close (without Olympic timing), while also being the toughest, most responsive, simplistic case possible. The driPhone case provides the answer to all of the shortcomings of all other ‘protective’ cases.

 Summary of the driPhone top10 features:

  • Rapid-Release unique 3-Clip system – you can open the case and release your phone in less than 5 seconds, with one hand if necessary 
  • Fully waterproof to 6m (19.6 ft. to be precise) for up to 12 hours 
  • Dual protection - a shockproof case and a waterproof case combined 
  • Ultra responsive touch screen technology - text, email and make calls 
  • Three layers of protection 
  • Hinge that holds it all together, and eliminates fiddly bits 
  • Hidden credit card / card security key-slot – to keep your cards dri, safe and secure 
  • Access to volume, standby and home buttons  
  • Unlimited usage - No limit to how many times you can open and close the case  
  • Lanyard attachment

These features are described in more detail in the ‘key features’ section below.


I have destroyed many phones in my time (luckily most before they started costing me $1000+/-). It has been said that insurance companies have paid out over $ 3 billion dollars to replace damaged iPhones alone. These insurance claims are apparently 60% Water damage, 25%-30% Dropping/Impact and 5-10% Theft/Lost/Other. The driPhone case is designed to eliminate 85 % of these claims. 

Yes there are other cases out there that “claim” to be “water-proof, “sand-proof”, “shock-proof” blah, blah, blah.....then they quickly begin to fail and simply don’t live up to their claims. It seems that other designers and manufacturers have focused more on creating cases that are thinner, smaller and lighter, at the cost of the protection offered. 

My key objectives were to create a project/product that delivers maximum protection, functionality, and desirability. My biggest challenge was to do all of this without making the case heavy and bulky. The driPhone case is lightweight and delivers rugged protection.

You will all know that you can’t have a great product design without great material. I’m no materials expert so I elected to talk to the experts and we have chosen to use Bayer Material Science for the driPhone cases. After careful consultation and flow analysis with the Bayer team it was decided that the best materials are Desmopan® and Makrolon®. These are the key ingredients in the creation of bulletproof glass. I’m excited to have had Bayer material science and technology incorporated into this project.

Our driPhone Project is for the production of two cases

The first case is for the iPhone 4 & 4s and the second case is for the iPhone 5 & 5s (not the 5c)

I plan to use my design to create cases for other smart technology devices soon after finishing this project. 

I have not forgotten that there are millions of smart phone users that are still locked into plans just like me, or have other priorities and simply cannot justify upgrading every time a new phone is released. Many people have hand me down iPhones and they also deserve quality protection for their phone and data.

 The driPhone case has three layers of protection.

The first layer is Desmopan®, which prevents the case from getting ugly rim-rash (indentations, damage to edges of the case etc.) if it’s dropped. This keeps your case looking better for longer, even after it’s been dropped and is the first element of the design that reduces the shock from impact/drop.

The second layer is Makrolon®; this gives the case its innate strength and form.

The third and most critical ingredient is another layer of Desmopan®; this protects the phone from any remaining shocks.

The Makrolon® and Desmopan® combination maximizes durability and gives you the confidence that your case is as tough and durable as you are. These high tech quality materials are combined to provide the shockproof and waterproof properties of the case.

 A unique feature of the driPhone case is its revolutionary 3-clip system (Patent Pending), allowing rapid access to your phone. The driPhone case can be opened and closed as easily as 1-2-3.This unique design feature allows you to rapidly protect your phone or release it from your case. Transitioning from the sporting playground to the office, couldn’t be easier.

The case has a sturdy hinge that keeps it all together - no fiddly bits to lose, no bits to screw or unscrew and no pieces to drop. Your phone is completely enclosed and protected, instantly. When you hear the 3-clips click, you’re sorted and good to go.

This hassle-free system means that you don’t have to waste your time just to keep your phone protected when needed.

 The driPhone case allows you to have access to your:

  • Camera and Video
  • Touch Screen
  • Home Button
  • Standby Button
  • Volume Keys

You can still make telephone calls, texts and emails, and take photographs as you normally would.

The only two areas you don’t have access to are the headphone jack and the power supply jack point.  Water and power simply don’t mix and we’ve identified these jack points as the primary chinks in waterproof-ability, hence why we don’t allow access to them. 

However, unlike other cases, the driPhone isn’t a prison cell for your iPhone and doesn’t force you to keep your case on all the time. With our simple 3-clip system, the driPhone case can be opened and closed in less than 5 seconds. And you can take the case on and off as often as you like without compromising the product. Because access to your phone is so quick and easy, recharging simply means going to a dry, safe location, popping the case open and charging your phone.

I love hanging at the beach and by the swimming pool, but hiding my credit card or room key was always a worry for me, so I created an internal slot to safely store a credit card, hotel room key, security access card or driver’s license etc. No need to worry where every item is. 

Your credit card will still work with contact-less payment systems such as ‘wave to pay’, Visa PayWave and express pay without needing to remove it from the case. This is another unique internal feature not available in other protective/waterproof cases.

The ladies have got excited by this feature, no need to take a hand bag when they are on the go, and keeps the phone safe especially from those dangerous toilet drops – you would be amazed how often that happens!

 Grabbing your phone could be the difference between survival or tragedy, so why leave that to chance? The driPhone case has a slot for attaching a lanyard, bungee or karabiner. This allows you to carry it securely or attach it to a life jacket, tool belt, around your neck etc. when you’re working at heights or on a boat. The lanyard will prevent you from dropping or losing your iPhone or being separated from it in an emergency when it is most needed.

When out boating, the coast guard and marine industry recommend having a second means of communication, so do we. Everyone on the boat should have their iPhone in a driPhone case and attached to them. You never know who you may need to call for help, especially if you end up overboard or capsizing. It could be a potential lifesaver. Stay alive with a driPhone.

Tip:  With the right App, your iPhone in a driPhone case can become a waterproof torch or strobe light for signaling in emergencies...and so much more

Once your phone is in a driPhone protective case it can go pretty well anywhere. This means boats, kayaks, pools, beaches, surfing, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, bushwalking, caving, running, cycling, down mines, on construction sites, around the farm, in workshops, out gardening, in the kitchen etc. Studies in the U.K reported that 'Half of all water-damaged mobile phones in the UK have been dropped in the toilet' and after asking a number of people during my design process it seems to be a very common event and cause for a few laughs.

The Ultra Case is designed to be ultra-fast to take on and off when your phone is not in the driPhone case. The 'Ultra' gives you basic protection without hiding the sleek design of your iPhone. I wanted a case that was almost invisible so designed the 'Ultra'. The 'Ultra' is super thin and will not affect your screen protector as other gel type cases do. The front edge that wraps around the front of the iPhone is very slim and grips on to the edge of the iPhone, not the screen. The 'Ultra' will not sag and lose its shape as other gel type cases do. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to bulky case on their iPhone, but would like something to stop any minor dents and scratching. That is what the 'Ultra' is designed to do.

Because I wanted the driPhone case to do things that no other case could do, my product design process wasn’t based on trying to make it as cheaply as possible – functionality, usability and extreme toughness were paramount.

The technical challenges of developing the driPhone case are huge which means we have to use a leading tooling maker and injection moulder and the best materials.

We need five tools to create a driPhone case, per model, i.e. five for the iPhone 4 and another five for the iPhone 5, or 10 tools in all.

While I’d love to be able to, we can’t just push a button and create six cases at a time. In fact our commitment to product integrity means the tools can make only one case at a time and as noted above, each case goes through each of the five tools. 

We’d been designing and working on the tool design for over a year before the current toolmaker actually started cutting steel. Prototypes have been made, but they can only prove and show a limited amount of information. They can’t prove material bonding strength (stick-ability) waterproof-sealing, keypad functions or audio quality. The only way to test these is to make it and to start cutting some serious steel. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

The size and weight of these tools is impressive and the processes that go into creating each case requires parts of the tool to slide in after the main tool is closed – it’s not just a stamp-it-out process.

The case shown in the video and in the still photography are from our tool and are still test versions so the surface is still unfinished.

The final surface will be a matte finish, with a slight stipple feel to it. The soft Desmopan® layers (layers 1 & 3) feel great in the hand and the quality of the materials is obvious when you feel the case.

 It was very important to me that the company making driPhones were not only excellent toolmakers and injection-molders, but they needed to be ethical and treat their staff well. To make sure of this, I went and inspected a number of factories, organizations and checked out their working environments, safety conditions as well as staff pay-rates and working hours. I’m proud that our driPhone cases are made in an ethical business that treats its staff with respect. I have since visited them many times and interact closely with staff – from the factory floor up. The business meets the highest standards and can prove it. This facility has also been inspected and is used by some major and ethical USA brands.

 We are working with Clariant, a world-leading plastics colouring company, and by using different coloured Makrolon® and Desmopan®, it will be possible to create a huge range of colour options. Here are some possible versions, which are also our pledge/rewards colour options. But please note these are images of the test product only and the final colours will be more vibrant and exciting than these photos show.

A great thing about our production process is that the materials can be coloured to match any pantone colour and will therefore be ideal for production runs for sports team/club or corporate colours.

The above image shows the colours being offered as rewards to backers.

2012 – Initial R&D, concepts and market testing with prototype on display

  • Initial prototype showcased at the Volvo Ocean Race, Auckland, July 2012
  • Market validation confirmed for driPhone

2013 – Material investigation, engineering and production partner review

2013 – Tooling design process started and production of driPhone Alpha versions

  • Tool cutting initiated in November 2013 for iPhone 4 & 5.
  • Alpha versions produced.
  • Pressure testing, three clip design, audio, screen, lanyard and material bonding tested.

2014 – Usability testing with Beta testers

  • Working across multiple industries including marine, mining, adventure, lifestyle and corporate 
  • User experience fed into product refinement (ongoing)

Your support and pledge will enable us to complete the tooling and create packaging, testing for waterproof standards.

This is an expensive process but vital for a successful outcome for the project.

As you can see the tools that are used are very big and our project requires five sets per case model. 

Risks and challenges

I’ve chosen to present the driPhone protective case project late in the creation process because I wanted to make sure that we could deliver. We now KNOW that we can deliver.

We’ve had significant experience in creating prototypes and have learnt a lot about the difficulties involved in manufacturing the tools.
This is a highly technical process but all the major and riskier elements of the project have been overcome and conquered.

Production of the tooling has started and been tested. We have continuous updates from our tool developers, and all challenges are being met as they arise. And I regularly travel to the production company to oversee progress and my latest visit was in March 2014.

I am very confident that with your help we can finish this project.

We plan the delivery date of the rewards to be within 6-8 weeks of our project being successfully funded

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