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Drinking Quest is a light Tabletop RPG & a light Drinking Game. "Liquor Before Honor" is perfect for both new and returning players!
Drinking Quest is a light Tabletop RPG & a light Drinking Game. "Liquor Before Honor" is perfect for both new and returning players!
Drinking Quest is a light Tabletop RPG & a light Drinking Game. "Liquor Before Honor" is perfect for both new and returning players!
1,119 backers pledged CA$ 62,795 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jon Maness on November 8

      Curious about the PnP stuff, too. Got a convention in January that I'm gonna need some Drinking Quest for �

    2. Mel Mah on October 23

      I'm going to assume the the PnP stuff would be released before the main game proper is shipped out as usual. For the previous games though, I dunno.

    3. Missing avatar

      Thiago Meyer on October 22

      Anyone knows anything about the PnP PDFs? I'm willing to give the game a try with my drinking, I mean, gaming fellas... xD

    4. Michael Salata on October 19

      Well we all know Cthulu will be the most fought over character....

    5. Frank Bloom
      on October 14

      Dang! No Kraken rum! Now I'm trying to fit this into a Pathfinder campaign where the characters/players have to play.

    6. F Enderica on October 12

      Hope it arrives sooner!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan on October 12

      Oops. Never mind, I'm an idiot. July 2018.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan on October 12

      Congrats on a successful campaign, I'm looking forward to playing this game!

      I couldn't find an estimated delivery date anywhere. Anyone know when we can expect it?

    9. Missing avatar

      CK on October 12

      wooden planks for some...

    10. Missing avatar

      CK on October 12

      Congrats on funding! :) BellowAle's for all!!!

    11. George
      on October 12

      Well we didn't get those last SG's but it was a great race. Congrats on a successful campaign.

    12. Mel Mah on October 12

      Final 3 hours...!

    13. F Enderica on October 12

      @George I would love a metal coin

    14. F Enderica on October 12

      @Mathieu you have to send a message to Jason to ask how much to add to your pledge, after you add the money send a message again so he puts a note in your order

    15. Mathieu Leblanc Cartier on October 11

      I already have Journey into Draught and pledged for the 80$ tier to get the trilogy edition+the new game. Is there a way to customize the order so I can get the premium sleeve and the dice tower on the samr tier?

    16. George
      on October 11

      Hopefully with this last 24 hrs we can get that last SG

    17. F Enderica on October 11

      Just 24 hours left

    18. Missing avatar

      CK on October 4

      @F Enderica that's going to be one long quest. Dependent upon how many players, but good luck.

    19. F Enderica on October 4

      @CK I will, I pledge for the 5 games and I want to play them all in one night

    20. Missing avatar

      CK on October 3

      @F Enderica that's pretty funny... let's just say planks of wood are not our friends... also, if you haven't gotten around to DQ 2 or 3, or 4... you should, they are equally as great.

    21. F Enderica on October 3

      @CK I aleays play DQ1 chugging all the beer, and it actually happens ehat you say, when someone gets the booze hounds, he gets them all

    22. Missing avatar

      CK on October 2

      @Christopher Lavery all though our group does play with drinks and we absolutely chug the remainder of our drinks when we die, you can just opt not to drink at all and count the amount of "chugs" you would on your character pad, just like everyone would each time they die. However, if you want, you could just substitute for said person's favorite drink, or just do pure lemon juice for their but yeh, you play the game as normal you just don't drink. You can also play by sipping drinks I think it's about 3 sips per death and not actually chugging your drink all the way. These guys do encourage responsible drinking in their games and it can be played with alcohol or without. It is pretty fun still and the story moments are actually pretty funny and if lucky enough running gags can end up hitting the same person which is definitely hilarious.

    23. Missing avatar

      Terrell Tovar on October 1

      Is there any word on when the PDFs will be released?

    24. Rod Freund
      on September 30

      Since all of the new characters are all unlocked does that mean this can be played as a 2-8 player game, or is it still 2-4?

    25. George
      on September 30

      WOOT 500% funded another SG down

    26. F Enderica on September 30

      Just finish a Game of DQ1, hope to keep going

    27. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lavery
      on September 29

      I've never played Drinking Quest, how do the non-drinking mechanics differ? I have a teetotaller friend I still want to include on the fun.

    28. F Enderica on September 28

      Has anyone tried a marathon of all Drinking quest?(chugging all the beers of course)

    29. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 28

      @Toby I took that into account. Since Pretending had launched there were changes in the UK that led to higher fees. It is a different company this time that's promised EU friendly shipping and I set up that relationship basically JUST to make things easier for UK backers. So it's a one time shipping rate (as listed on the reward tier) and then should you be incorrectly charged for duty later, Ship Naked's policy is that they'll refund it hassle free.

      @F Enderica You mean using the new characters for older games? It hasn't been tested but it should work!

      @George I have the thumbmail for Sexy Cthulhu now, he'll be standing by a fireplace in a bath robe drinking Cognac.

    30. George
      on September 28

      @Toby not sure if you already saw but they use Ship Naked

    31. Missing avatar

      Toby Hamilton on September 21

      As a UK backer will I be getting stung with customs fees like I did on pretending to grown up or will ship naked be ballsing it up again? The last drinking quest arrived with no worries

    32. F Enderica on September 20

      Can we play with the new pc in DQ 1-4?

    33. George
      on September 20

      That is an awesome update. I think more will flock here as they see that they will get the sexy Cthulhu. Everyone wants him lol

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean Ballantyne on September 19

      Come on people, we can do it - Sexy Cthulhu awaits! =)

    35. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 19

      @Pat & Jeffrey Aw, thanks guys! I'm glad you're digging the series!

      @joltanddestroy Thanks for backing Pretending to Grownup! Yes, I should be doing an update there tomorrow actually.

    36. joltanddestroy on September 18

      I played drinking quest: journey into draught last fall when my buddy got his in the mail and I'm really excited for this! Such a fun game! I'm kinda drunk right now so f*** it! @Jason, you should post on pretending to let people know this has launched. I was a backer for that and had to find this randomly. Drinking Quest is so fun!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Pat Gallagher on September 16

      Just played a game of journey into draught. Great game.

    38. Jeffrey Lewis on September 15

      I was excited this was announced, and even more so when the trilogy edition tier was added. Journey into drought is a game my friends and I play a lot. Couldn't pledge fast enough to get all the other drinking quests!

    39. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 14

      @Grant Go to "Manage Pledge" It's a green button in the top right corner and there should be an option to message me there.

      @Nick That was added! It's the $80 tier, I figured I'd better put it in there or I'd be managing A Lot more custom orders!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nick on September 14

      Is there any way to make a new pledge tier that includes the new game and the original drinking quest trilogy edition?? I back the last Kickstarter and already have the 2 boxed game. Or could you make the trilogy edition an add on???? I just can't justify the 84 bucks when I have one of the games offered

    41. Missing avatar

      Grant Michalski on September 14

      @Jason - Interested in a custom order. How do I message you through Kickstarter? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

    42. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 13

      @Sean Yes, they're all totally stand-alone!

      @Ck & Mel & Pat @ Jonathan I'm super excited for this too!

    43. Missing avatar

      sean craten on September 13

      so this game is stand alone correct? I can play without any of the other ones?

    44. Missing avatar

      CK on September 13

      wow im glad I found this. :)

    45. Mel Mah on September 13

      Congratulations on the Day 1 funding - glad to see you're doing the delivery processing yourself for Canadians - I watched the weird ride that was PtG with Goldenbell and some overly sour/salty backers...

    46. Missing avatar

      Pat Gallagher on September 12

      Hell yea these games got me into kickstarter. I'm super excited for the new one.

    47. Jonathan Rawlings on September 12

      Can't wait to get drunk with some neckbeards

    48. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 12

      @40+ Wargamer Aw, thanks! I really appreciate that! Happy to send games to Britain (and have a duty friendly campaign for the first time)

    49. Jonathan Peace on September 12

      Love these games! A perfect British pub drinking game or a fun filled adventure between bigger games on a games night. Can't wait!

    50. Jason Anarchy 5-time creator
      on September 12

      @ Nerds to the Rescue: Msg me if you want to set up a custom order! Making the box big enough to accommodate sleeves, it's tricky I do try and keep them as small as possible so they're easy to bring to a pub. I honestly haven't tested out a size for the purpose of accommodating sleeve size but maybe they'll be a super duper deluxe edition some day that will have room for them.

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