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Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box?
DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box? DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
718 backers pledged $37,661 to help bring this project to life.

The campaign just ended, but the journey just started!

Posted by Shvoong Games (Creator)

Hi Drinkillers! 

I’m proud and extremely happy that this campaign turned out so well and we can finally start the production of this epic game and start this drunk journey for real!

It’s never easy to put something of your own out there, you’re afraid of every step but you also know that it is a crucial part of the adventure. I won’t dive into emotional drunk texts but i just want you all to know how glad and thankful I am.

So thank you. We’ll do our best to deliver you the best game our wasted minds can create!

A few updates:

1. The backers challenges were unlocked at the last moment and we received some crazy ideas from you guys! I was surprised to read so many brave suggestions, something is really wrong with some of you and I love it. :D

I chose:

Vince Neil - Attempt to sing part of a song with a full mouth of beer, the audience has to guess what song, if they can't, take a shot. (Suggested by GotwoodXIII)

Rule Master - Make a rule that everyone must follow for the rest of the game. (Suggested by Jonathan Mirley)

2. We got a lot of messages from people who followed the campaign and wanted to contribute but missed the campaign, so we added a “Last Minute Pledge” button to our campaign for a limited time.

3. We contacted the manufacturers and Drinkill will start production soon! We’re finishing up some tasks we need to complete before production (Like putting all the remaining names in the Hall Of Fame and adding some game features etc) and we’ll update you as soon as the pledge manager kicks in so you can manage your pledge and get the game. :)


Shots Sensei & The Creator Of Drinkill

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Murphy on

      Did you get my comment asking for ’Carly Murphy’ to be acknowledged in your printed game, in accordance with my package?

      Can't seem to find it or a response anywhere.


    2. Shvoong Games Creator on

      Hi Cory ! Yea, you'll be able to add the Drinkiller Card and the Grim Reaper feature at the pledge manager if you pledged for the Early Bird package, and for a friendly price :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Cory magee on

      Hey, so we will be able to add the extra card on the pledge manager for a special price or how is that working? Also congrats on filling!! Cant wait to play