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Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box?
DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box? DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
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Backers Challenges: UNLOCKED! & Last Hours Left!

Posted by Shvoong Games (Creator)

Right at the last moment - The Backers Challenges are UNLOCKED! Woohoooo!
2 challenges we’ll choose out of your comments will be designed and added for ALL BACKERS!

There are still a few hours to go, so keep suggesting wacky ideas in the campaign’s comments (Go crazy, we love crazy).

Let’s make it a glorious end and bring the most extreme drinking game of the year to life with maximum power! Tell your drunk buddies to join this hell of a party!

Thank you all!

Shots Sensei & The Creator Of Drinkill   

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      Victor Matchkov on

      Would just like to note that the Court Jester sounds fun.
      Would just add that "if nobody laughs you drink 5x"
      Or something like this "if you laugh at your own joke or at someones comment on it you drink 5x"

    2. Shvoong Games Creator on

      Asger, Rostam & Kameron, thank you guys for the awesome ideas!! We will soon post an update with the chosen challenges. :D

      Shots Sensei & The Creator Of Drinkill

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      Asger Lind Kahr on

      Duel - Challenge an opponent to see who can drink a beer (or other 33 cl drink) quickest. The loser must take a shot. If the player who drew the card wins, he/she can keep challenging other players until he/she loses. The same player can't be challenged twice.

      Sacrifice - Drink as much as you want/can, then choose another player to drink the same (E.g you take 3 shots yourself, then choose another player to drink 3 shots)

      All for one, one for all - Choose a player, then spin a bottle. If the bottle points to the player you choose, everybody takes 2 shots. (If you are a large group, consider selecting more than 1 player)

      50/50 - The player who draws the card, makes up a consequence. Then chooses another player. Then a coin toss decides who has to do the consequence, either the player who drew the card or the player that was selected.

      Brand game - You select at product category. Then players take turn mentioning a brand in that category. The first player who can't say a new brand or mentions a brand that has already been said, takes a shot. (E.g choose cars, then people has to say car brands)

      Catch up - The least drunk person (this is gets decided by majority vote) has to take 2 shots. If you are a large group, perhaps the 2 least drunk players. The non-drinking role can't be chosen for this challenge.

      IT'S OVER 9000!!! - Any who does not understand the reference has to drink a "Dragonball" The player who drew the card gets to mix a drink for them. The player could be nice and make an actual drink, like tequila sunrise, or they could be mean and mix all kinds of stuff, vodka with jägermeister and rum. The drink must minimum have the alcohol equivalent of 1 shot, and maximum 2 shots. Of cause the player cant mix a 5 L drink, with 1 shot alcohol in as well, and expect the other player to drink 5 L fluids.

      Waterfall - Everybody has to drink 50 cl water. If this card is drawn within the first couple rounds, everybody instead takes a shot.

      I love you - For the rest of the game, if anyone say "I love you" to someone, they have to answer with "Thank you" (friends reference). If they don't, they have to drink. Also, people who doesn't understand the reference must drink.

      3 in 1 - Draw 3 challenges and do them all.

      1 in 3 - Draw 3 challenges and choose which one you want to do.

      God - Draw 3 challenges, then you choose which players has to do which challenge (only choose one player per challenge)

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      Rostam on

      I don't know where the campaign's comment section is :(

      Wait a minute I forgot my keys - you say 'wait a minute, I forgot my keys' and go back to the person who is placed behind you and say 'I forgot my keys' then drink his/her shot and stay there. If you're last, you go to the person in front of you and do the same, except that you say 'where are my keys, Frank?' (or an other name that is not his/her)

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      Kameron Long on

      Balancing Act- Take a shot balancing on one leg with one arm raised in the air.

      Bomb Shelter- Last one under the table must take a shot

      Whirly Dirly- Pick an opponent then both spin around 10 times and race to the front door. Whoever loses has a shot.

      Court Jester- You must tell a joke. Anyone that laughs or cracks a smile has to drink 5x.

      Born to be Wild- Anytime the person to your left drinks you have to drink too and howl at the moon.

      Age Before Beauty- Guess the individual ages of everyone playing. Get it right, they drink. Get it wrong,you drink.