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Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box?
DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box? DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
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The Grandma Stretch Goal: UNLOCKED!

Posted by Shvoong Games (Creator)

Woohoo! The grumpy old hag is here! A new character for ALL BACKERS: The Grandma!
And we’ve chosen Austin’s (Also known as “The Charmer From Boozeapalooza”) submission for the Grandma’s special ability - "Cane Gang": All other players must join The Grandma in partaking in a card's effect.

Annnnddd now, straight out of Vegas, let’s welcome our next Stretch Goal: The Gambler Character & the exclusive “Vegas Extreme” Item card! For those of you who love taking risks..

The Gambler's special ability is: "All In" - The Gambler can discard all of his item cards and draw the same amount of new items from the deck. It's a powerful skill that will help you when you run out of Shot Bazookas!  

The Vegas Extreme is a unique gambling item card. When used, the player rolls the dice and if the dice toss amounts to 6 or higher then the player can steal as many cards as the dice indicate. If the dice toss amounts to 5 or below the player has to go back the amount of spaces the dice indicate. 

We want to thank all you crazy booze lovers for supporting us!
We also realized that the gap between our stretch goals are too big, so we decided to unlock The Gambler when we reach the 25K mark Instead of the 30k mark goal, and will possibly add other cool stuff later on :)

More Updates (MORE POWER!!~!):

Our good friends from “Where’s My Challenge” channel uploaded a cool footage of themselves playing the Drinkill prototype and doing some awkward challenges, check it out:

And also!! The cool guys from Geek Eire loved the prototype we sent them and confirmed that they’re gonna present and play Drinkill in the Akumakon convention in Ireland, which means footage of awesome cosplaying people playing the most killer drinking game is headed your way.

Share Drinkill with your friends so we can reach the stretch goals faster and give you awesome new ways to get wasted! We’re gonna reach the sta...oops. I meant hit the floor.

Shots Sensei & The Creator Of Drinkill 

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