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Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box?
DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
Tired of playing beer-pong? Looking for an adventure in a box? DRINKILL - A night to remember, a day to forget.
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Posted by Shvoong Games (Creator)

It was a great start for us! We reached over 115% already and we’re getting close to unlocking the first stretch goal: The Grandma Character!

What are Stretch Goals? For those of you who don’t know, stretch goals are funding goals that us creators hope to reach, and in exchange for your unconditional love, we reward you with FREE game features and other cool stuff!

The first Stretch Goal is a new character for all backers: THE GRANDMA.
Slightly old but she’s the most hardcore granny around, she developed her drinking habits for a whole millennium and now she’s ready to kick your asses! What the Grandma doesn’t have yet is a special ability and we wanna get you guys involved in our game, so hit us up with ideas for a special ability for the Grandma in the comments! The special ability should include a title and an effect, for example:

Special Ability: Wheelchair Of Fortune
The Grandma can play an extra turn when she lands on a shot space.


Special Ability: Oldie But Goldie
The Grandma can discard an item card to advance 10 spaces.

Be original… and it’s a known fact originality comes with a few drinks!

We’ve also added some glorious titles in our backers Hall Of Fame (We're updating it on the go so it might take some time but all of you guys are gonna be there soon)! Go check it out:

Also, honestly speaking, we didn’t get many questions regarding the campaign so either we did a really magnificent job in our list (hopefully :D) or you guys are really shy. We want to fill up our FAQ section, so please ask us anything you want to know regarding the game / campaign / logistics / etc, through comments, messages and email via:

Technical notes:

* We’ve added a reward level for retailers: 8 Copies of Drinkill + 8 Copies of the “Drunk in Space” game expansion. It’s also a good time to mention we’re open to discuss special orders of larger quantities / custom orders, but only if it’s within the campaign, so it will contribute towards our backer’s chances of hitting more stretch goals, and us creating a more complete and unique game.

* We’re currently in a press-run for Drinkill. Drinkill is already getting some surprisingly solid press items (to be announced & released soon). We invite you all to send us press ideas / requests - we’ve built a nice Electronic Press Kit, so it should be no hustle for you to join in the buzz.

For business inquiries catch up with Nir at:

For press / marketing related inquiries, talk to Razi at:

That’s it for now fellow liquor warriors!
Share this game with people so we can reach the first stretch goal.

Shots Sensei & The Creator Of Drinkill 

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    1. Shvoong Games Creator on

      Erez, sounds like a tea party from hell! Nice one! 💀

    2. Missing avatar

      Erez Goldman on

      Tea party - Everyone except the grandma has to take 3 steps backwards, if one lands on a shot, he has to take 3. (Exploding combos incoming)

    3. Shvoong Games Creator on

      Miles we're updating it on the go, sending you now your title of glory :D

    4. Miles on

      Im not in the early bird HOF either!!!!

    5. Shvoong Games Creator on

      foxlife, we're updating it on the go! You're gonna be there soon :)

    6. foxlife on

      I'm not in the HOF