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A soccer ball unlike any other – use the app to gamify your training, then kick the ball into a game.
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: The Smart Soccer Ball has new updates and different pricing since this Kickstarter campaign ended, please click the button below to go to our website.
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: The Smart Soccer Ball has new updates and different pricing since this Kickstarter campaign ended, please click the button below to go to our website.
490 backers pledged $26,771 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Angelo Sinicco Scali on

      Hi, it's been many months now but I have not yet received the Smart Soccer Ball through Kickstarter can you help me?

    2. Missing avatar

      Harry Burd on

      It’s great to see that you’re ecommerce sight is up an running. I however find it a shame that you are ignoring your backers. We have tried to connect numerous times to educate you Ben that we have still not received our ball, even after your promise we would have it by Christmas.
      Please respond to or emails and confirm when we will receive our product. My seven year old son is awaiting your answer. The soccer ball was a gift for him.
      Thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Guys, this really isn't on. Please contact me asap as it's getting ridiculous now. Where have you gone with the product that I ordered?

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I and the others who have been contacting you about not having a ball would definitely appreciate a reply, please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hey, I've not received a ball, or any communication from you. Please let me know what's going on!

    6. Neel Mehta on

      I still have not received my order its been 2 months now!!!

    7. Jeff Nason on

      Having problems with the scanner reading the ball and getting the drills started. It's gonna sit on my shelf until this gets updated. Too bad as this is perfect for inside winter training.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christine Schrom on

      Backed this project many months ago have not heard of anything about the ball. Hoping to give to daughter for Christmas. Let me know


    9. Missing avatar

      Karl Sedgwick on

      We’re in to December - just beginning to worry that the ball wont be here in time for Christmas! It’s a gift for my son. Any reassuring news would be gratefully received :)

    10. Neel Mehta on

      Received an email regarding delay in shipment on the 31st October. Still nothing. Kindly reciprocate.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      Just got the ball. Shipped with no instructions. Trying to hold the ball to the phone but getting nothing from the app acknowledging it is synced

    12. Missing avatar

      felipe on

      I received an email saying that the ball going to shipping on October 17 then I received another email saying the have a delay and be shipping on October 25 and still no shipping yet.

    13. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Andrew Sazama: glad your kids are loving it!! Reaching out to you via email about your ball �

    14. Andrew Sazama on

      Hello, received our ball and excited to use. Wondering if there should be something inside the ball. When it’s shaken there sounds to be something that sounds like a broken needle bouncing around inside. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen, however wanted to confirm. Kids are enjoying the coaching and it works great! Thanks

    15. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Martha Sperry: happy to help figure that out! can you shoot me an email at

    16. Missing avatar

      Martha Sperry on

      Got the ball. App is a little buggy and dumps out. Any suggestions?

    17. Missing avatar

      asa shelton on

      I do not wish to keep postin on here because it just looks bad, but I still have not received shipping info.

    18. DribbleUp Creator on

      @asa shelton: yes! you will have an email with your shipping info by tomorrow morning

    19. Missing avatar

      asa shelton on

      Are we still on track to ship soon?

    20. DribbleUp Creator on

      @asa shelton: One of our favorite thing about the smart ball is it can be used inside! When you're inside, you can actually hook your phone up to a TV which is a really fun way to use it.

      The logo and all of the other markings on the ball are super durable. The balls are extensively tested to make sure they'll last as well as, if not better than, comparable soccer balls ($60-$150 range balls). Like any soccer ball, it'll wear out over time, especially if it's left outside or very heavily used. Anecdotally, our primary DribbleUp ball has been kicked around the office all day and used in games for months – it's still in perfect condition, no scuffs or deterioration of any of the markings. The thing gets put to the test, it's a rough life as a soccer ball.

      Can't wait for your daughter to get her ball!

    21. Missing avatar

      asa shelton on

      We don't have access to a lot of flat grassy areas close to our house so we have to do a lot of our practicing and drills in the street. That being said, my concern is that logo you have to scan on the ball will get scuffed and or come off over time and can't be detected. Do you have any thoughts on that? Really excited two weeks to go. My daughter can't hardly stand it.

    22. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Janice: Size 5 is the regulation size ball and yes, he'll be able to add whatever email he wants!

    23. Missing avatar


      I am looking at this as a gift for a nephew. Unfortunately, I am clueless -- what do the different numbers mean for the ball size? I would like a regulation size ball. Also will it be possible to change the email address to his when he receives the ball?
      Thank you!

    24. DribbleUp Creator on

      @David Robbins: Just select either option, it won't affect any functionality for you and both an iPhone and Android app will be available when your smart ball is delivered!

    25. Missing avatar

      David Robbins on

      I ordered 2 Soccer Balls - one for 2 different grandsons. One has ANDROID phone other has IPHONE.....How do I indicate that? Survey defaults to only ONE choice.

    26. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Cynthia Mansbridge: Gotcha, I see that now! I'll make a note on your order. Thanks for letting us know.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Mansbridge on

      I received the survey but can only select one ball size and my pledge was for 2 balls

    28. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Cynthia Mansbridge: You should have just received an email from Kickstarter asking you to fill out some more info. The email's subject is "Response Needed! Get your reward for backing DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball."

    29. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Mansbridge on

      I ordered 2 for my pledge and I want one size 4 and one size 5. How do I do that?

    30. DribbleUp Creator on

      @asa shelton: We expect your smart ball will ship on October 15th. When it does ship, you'll get an email with a tracking number. I'm happy your daughter is so excited, we can't wait to hear how she likes it!

    31. Missing avatar

      asa shelton on

      Will we receive an e-mail containing shipping information? Also, you mentioned that your expected date of delivery is October 2017. My daughter is asking me daily when to expect it in. Will we have a more precise delivery date soon?

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Arnold on

      My daughter super excited to get started. I will look for the email regarding ball size.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jean Vernau Zyglowicz on

      Super excited freestyler ready to use this ball in his videos! Can't wait.

    34. DribbleUp Creator on

      @marcus: we replied to your message from yesterday, sorry for the delay!!

    35. Missing avatar

      marcus on

      i received the ball but there was no type of paperwork or instructions in the box. am i missing something? i
      also emailed asking how to access the app and videos but haven't received a reply.

    36. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Jeff Nason: We're working on Chromecast integration, it definitely is the ideal way to do it. If you have an Apple TV, you could use the mirroring feature to wirelessly cast to the TV.

      You don't need your phone or tablet to have an HDMI port, you can just get a cable to connect your device to the TV. Here's one for iPhone -

    37. Jeff Nason on

      How can I see the app on the TV? Is it Chromecast enabled. Which would be great. Or would I use a tablet to see it larger that has a HDMI output?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      How does it work with the kicks at goal? Does it auto detect any size goal? Can't wait!

    39. DribbleUp Creator on

      @Maxime Paré: yes you're right! When the Kickstarter ends (just a few more days) we'll send you an email asking for more information like ball size.

    40. Missing avatar

      Maxime Paré on

      When I pledge there was no way to choose the size of the ball(unless I missed it?) Will you send an e-mail before shipping it, so we can choose?

    41. Robotbase on

      Big fans of what you've done here! Congrats on reaching your goal, no pun intended. We're a startup with a big kickstarter launching in just a week. Do you have any advice on how you've made your goal?

    42. Damion Blackburn on

      Would love to hear more details on the team and club level benefits. Please contact me to discuss.