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Filling the gap between: Twitter, iChat & Tumblr. A new network for better communication. Read more

Carlsbad, CA Technology
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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 23, 2011.

Filling the gap between: Twitter, iChat & Tumblr. A new network for better communication.

Carlsbad, CA Technology
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About this project

A Better Communication Network

A new network for better communication. Filling the gap between: Twitter, iChat & Tumblr.

It is NOT a client for Twitter or any other network. It is it's own network. It's built from the ground up to be all about easily communicating with others. That means it's in realtime, you can invite others to join a group discussion, all posts are permanently saved and will have their own page, like Tumblr. You can have private discussions as well. Your posts can optionally be auto sent out to your Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. You can attach multiple photos, videos and code snippets to a post. You can follow and be followed. You can recommend users to your followers. You can browse users recommended to you by people you follow. You can publicly "mention" people in your posts or private message any user.

It's more than just status updates, and it's much more than a static blog with comments. It's the best of both world. It's realtime communication that is permanently stored and (optionally) publicly available. 

Any group discussion (called a "Dialogg") and any normal post can be made private. You can even limit a group discussion to certain users and create private brainstorming sessions. Or have an open discussion group with anyone to talk about something you saw on Twitter. You can even use group discussions to create a feed of catered content (like since each group discussion will have it's own unique page.

Dialoggs will be a free service for anyone to use without paying anything to sign up.

So.. what makes it different?

Dialoggs is not Twitter. Though it does have some of the same features, Dialoggs is about discussions with multiple people and therefore has a different vision and expanded feature set.

Dialoggs is not chat. Dialoggs is social and sharable. Picking up where chat left off.

Dialoggs is not Tumblr. Though each post can have media attached to it and it's own unique page, Dialoggs goes much further in communicating with others on the network.

Dialoggs is not Google Wave, It's closer to Twitter or Tumblr than it is to Wave.

An API for the Community

The value in Dialoggs is the "data". The web app I am building will just be an example of what is possible with the data. The public API will give 3rd party developers the ability to build Dialoggs clients. Much like people build unique Twitter clients. It is not in  Dialoggs vision to build a private network of apps and cut out 3rd part devs, like Twitter has started to do. Dialoggs is for the community, I WANT you guys to build even better things then I ever could with this new network. Dialoggs is YOUR network.

Why should you support Dialoggs?

Maybe you are tired of trying to have conversations on Twitter and being limited to 140 characters? Maybe you are tired of not being able to show others a chat dialog you had using iChat (or any other chat platform)? Or maybe you just think it's a rad idea :) 
Either way supporting Dialoggs will not only give you the means to communicate easier and share that communication easier, it will do the same for everyone else!

An Open Source Node.js API

Another benefit form developing Dialoggs will be that the API I build for it will also be released Open Source. The API I'm building is called Nixus. Nixus is a RESTful and Realtime Node.js API. It's super lightweight and has a bunch of awesome features. It is NOT a big bulky MVC framework. It will be posted on Github. The API I release will NOT have any of the Dialoggs app specific logic in it, but rather the base API "Nixus" is what will be open sourced. Allowing you to build apps that require RESTful & Realtime interactions :)



I'll be giving you my Pictos Icons as rewards. Pictos are amazing Vector & PNG interface icons for building websites and apps. Check out 3 sets & the font here:

I'll also be giving away the previous Dialoggs interface. I started working on Dialoggs over a year ago. I'll be giving away that interface. It comes with the original PSD file, and all the front-end source code: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript (hand coded with love by me). It works in all browsers and is a completely "ready to go" interface you can re-brand and use for your own project :) See what it looks like here

What's Left

There is about 2 months left of development time before Dialoggs will be ready. I still need to add a realtime component to the Node.js API, turn the design into working HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, and build in all the app specific logic into the server-side code.

The money raised will go directly to the development of Dialoggs. Paying for servers, any other development related 3rd party web services and my time as I work on this project so I can shift my focus to finishing Dialoggs.

Thanks SO much for checking out Dialoggs! I hope you join me in making it a reality!

Drew Wilson


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    A huge thank you for supporting a fantastic new communication tool + Access to exclusive project updates/progress reports.

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    All of the above + Pictos 3 Vector & PNG Packs! ($58 value - $243 total icon value) + get a copy of Screeny, my screen recording software for the Mac:

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    All of the above + All the HTML5/CSS3/Javascript source files & PSD from the previous Dialoggs interface. Hand coded by me, works in all browsers! A full front end interface ready to go!:

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