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Creating 8-bit Pixel Portraits for Kickstarter Backers, and bringing them all together into a beautiful Limited Edition Art Print! ♥
Creating 8-bit Pixel Portraits for Kickstarter Backers, and bringing them all together into a beautiful Limited Edition Art Print! ♥
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    1. Dreweyes Creator on

      Sent out a batch of prints last week, keep an eye out for them!

    2. NTCH on

      same here, no 5x5 till now!

    3. Jeffrey DrBeats DiabloSung on

      Hey @Dreweyes I still havent gotten my 5x5s either

    4. Dreweyes Creator on

      Yeah I've got a list of a few people who haven't gotten their 5x5's yet for some reason (seems to be just a few international backers only) so I'm printing off a new prints and mailing out this week. Thanks for your patience, sorry for the delay! ♥

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Carver on

      Dude, I've tried e-mail and PM on here and still no response, I've still not received the 5x5 print, just let me know what's going on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Fehse on

      Hi Drew, i didnt receive my prints yet.

    7. Dreweyes Creator on

      Hey Jordan, send me a PM. No clue what's goin on with the post office, you're the third person to say they didn't get theirs.

    8. Jordan Blitzstein on

      Hey Drew! Just wondering if you have any update on the 5x5s. I originally got these as a Christmas present last year and my girlfriend is starting to think I just made it up... Hope to hear from you soon!

    9. Dreweyes Creator on

      Send me a PM, James.

    10. Missing avatar

      James Andrews on

      Has everyone go their posters? I havent got anything yet :-(

    11. Maximillian on

      So psyched for my 5x5!! Thanks for the hard work Drew!!

    12. Zack Bates on

      No problem, Drew - just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something in the mail! Thanks for the update (and for having them recut the right way)!

    13. Dreweyes Creator on

      Received the 5x5's from the printers, but they were cut wrong, so they redid them, and are in the mail as I type. :) Sorry for the delay! ♥

    14. Zack Bates on

      Any updates on a shipping estimate for the 5x5s?

    15. Dreweyes Creator on

      Hey Jeremy!
      That's very strange, your poster should be signed and numbered, you must of accidentally received one of the unsigned extra's. PM me and I can get you a signed one. 5x5's are going out very soon, didnt want to bend them shipping them in the cardboard tubes, going out out flat in protective envelopes! :)
      Also, 300 dpi file was posted in a recent backer update:…
      Cheers! Drew

    16. Jeremy Schillaci on

      Ok so I received the full poster which wasn't numbered nor signed, didn't receive the 5" signed snd numbered individual prints of both and didn't receive the 300dpi file for each

    17. Dreweyes Creator on

      First batch of posters mailed out last week, mailing out the rest this week! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Indigoglass on

      Hi Drew,

      Any updates ?


    19. NTCH on

      how about some updates drew?

      it has been awhile since your last.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Fehse on

      Hi Drew, still waiting for my poster....did you already send all out?
      Cheers, Michael

    21. Dreweyes Creator on

      Michael: Yup you may alter & print your portraits as you like. :)
      Sascha: E-mail sent.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sascha on

      Hi there!
      Im still waiting for you to correct my portrait like promised...


    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Fehse on

      Nice work Drew.
      Btw, do i own the rights of my portrait?

      Happy New Year, michael

    24. Gabe A. on

      The second portrait is absolutely amazing and Drew thank you for responding to all my queries in a prompt, professional manner. A lot of Kickstarters could learn a thing or two from you. Cheers!

    25. Dreweyes Creator on

      Thanks everyone! Beyond stoked that everyone's loving their portraits!

      Gabe: Check your e-mail, buddy! ;)

    26. Gabe A. on

      I hate having to chase people down for stuff :( Please respond to email with an update

    27. Gabe A. on

      Still waiting on that second portrait

    28. Simon Koch on

      Awesome, thanks.

      My first Kickstarter project delivered on time ;)

    29. Wromthrax on

      Excellent work Drew, thanks!

    30. Kelvin Mui on

      Ok just received mine! Thanks Drew!

      P.S Its really easy to edit by yourself to!

    31. Rune Vikøren on

      Yes, I hope we can get them before Christmas.

    32. Ken Bauer on

      Fingers crossed that the portraits are coming soon :)

    33. Kelvin Mui on

      ETA on digital portraits Drew? XD

    34. Dreweyes Creator on

      You got it! :)

    35. Kelvin Mui on

      Can we at least have a TEXT update please Drew? Thanks

    36. Zack Bates on

      Hey! Should backers still be expecting our portraits in December? I'm hoping to give mine as a gift, and would love to know if that's a possibility. Thanks!

    37. Kert Gartner on

      Hey Hey! Just wondering if there's a place we can go to check to see if our portrait has been completed? Really looking forward to seeing mine and how the poster turns out :)

    38. Nathaniel Huff on

      @Dreweyes, I am excited to see update and potentially how many pictures you have left to do!

    39. Dreweyes Creator on

      Excellent sending more emails out now. :)

    40. Greg Cornford on

      @Jacob Wang, thanks for the advice, cheers!

      @Dreweyes, I just resent my photo now. If you don't receive let me know.

    41. Jacob Wang on

      @Greg Cornford, you should probably resend it on the safe side, as on September 14 in the comments section of update 4 Drew said that if you have not received a reply it be best to resend that picture of yours.

      Hope this helps a little.

    42. Greg Cornford on

      Just wondering if you received my picture. I believe I sent it in early September, but I didn't get a response to my email.

    43. Dreweyes Creator on

      Great idea, Kelvin!

      Gabe your portrait was completed and sent over. :)

    44. Gabe A. on

      Sent the pics twice but no email confirmation yet. Im hoping thats just because your swamped in portraits and not because your spam folder got it

    45. Kelvin Mui on

      Just a suggestion Drew, it might be easier if you also had a list of portraits already received in your next update, since everyone here gets an automatic email to each update :)

    46. Dreweyes Creator on

      Yeah if you didn't get a confirmation email please resend! Thanks a bunch!

    47. Ken Bauer on

      Is there any way to confirm if you got my pic? Should I just re-send it?

    48. Dreweyes Creator on

      I making a big video update for ya guys! :)
      Thanks for your patience!

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