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A game with PLANETS, STARS, BLACK HOLES, and no scientific accuracy whatsoever. ALL FOR JUST $1 DOLLAR!
A game with PLANETS, STARS, BLACK HOLES, and no scientific accuracy whatsoever. ALL FOR JUST $1 DOLLAR!
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From the creative mind that has brought you not one but TWO failed Kickstarter projects comes Accretion, Kickstarter’s BEST and MOST INTERESTING paper based board game centered around scientifically inaccurate manipulation of black holes. DAYS of planning and HOURS of play-testing have gone into creating a game that some are calling “the” “best” “game” “in the universe” (see footnote below).  But don’t just take it from people with the same last name as me, pitch in a dollar and buy your very own PDF, which includes a fully SPELLCHECKED rule book, and PRINTER FRIENDLY versions of the game board and pieces all which have been pasted throughout this descripti….. Uh… hmmm… And then, marvel (rage) at the fact that you will still not be able to play the game until you cannibalize three dice from other more successful board games.  

Do you love science? Have you ever heard of a star? Did you ever wonder if spaghettification was as delicious as it sounds? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you likely know the TERMINOLOGY used in Accretion. Move BLACK HOLES, STARS, and PLANETS around two-dimensional space in a pathetic attempt at a space theme tie in, which would have worked just as well with... I don't know... a VENUS FLYTRAP theme. Successfully outplay your soon to be ex-friends as impossible dice rolls and blind luck make the difference between being ripped apart by a rampaging black hole or not. 

The rules are simple.

There is one black hole.
There is one black hole.


Two stars.
Two stars.


And nine planets.
And nine planets.

One player is trying to get the black hole to devour a majority of the planets.

The other player is trying to save a majority of the planets by moving them beyond this black hole’s region of space. 

By moving them in this direction
By moving them in this direction

Each player rolls three dice per turn.  

A 12 sided die. The planet die.  

A 6 sided die. The star die.  

And a 4 sided die. The black hole die.  

The player may choose to move any one object the number of spaces shown on that object's die. So on any given turn you may be moving your opponents pieces to gain an advantage. This is what makes this game so exciting! 

Tri-fold Rule Book
Tri-fold Rule Book


Tri-fold Rule Book (interior)
Tri-fold Rule Book (interior)

All this is poorly explained in this gameplay video edited with WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER

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Replay with sound
Play with

And that is it. If you are interested in making this game a reality drop a dollar on it now. Otherwise consider it next month when I rebrand the same game as VENUS FLYTRAP TROUBLES!


Vanilla Accretion - This is the basic setup of the board.

Extra Game Variant - Board setup for J. Walker's Universe of Destruction - Print off three blank game boards, and two pages of game pieces.


“Accretion is THE sort of game that only its creator could love.” -- Creator Stephen Bola 

 “BEST played once and never touched again.” -- Sara Bola (7 years old) 

 “Accretion is a GAME.” -- Rick Bola (5 years old)

 “I have never seen anything like this anywhere IN THE UNIVERSE.” -- Chiharu Tsukakura

Risks and challenges

No risks. The game has been created, but the finishing touches, including the game's booklet have not been created. If sufficient interest is shown in this game, I would like to expand upon it and develop special pieces and rules that may take extra time.

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