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1ms 2.4GHz Wireless · Bluetooth 4.0 · 4000 mAh · Cloud Software · On-Board Memory · Aluminum Upper Cover · Mac & PC · 9 Layouts
1ms 2.4GHz Wireless · Bluetooth 4.0 · 4000 mAh · Cloud Software · On-Board Memory · Aluminum Upper Cover · Mac & PC · 9 Layouts
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Pick the best switch for your BladeMaster keyboard

Posted by DREVO Keyboard (Creator)


We will send you two messages to confirm your decision about the layout and switch. The first message will be sent at the beginning of June, and the second will be sent before shipping. You can change your decision before shipping. If you have any other question, please send the message to me, and I will be glad to help you.

A lot of backers suggested us to provide more information about how to choose switch. Each mechanical key hides an actual physical switch under it, unlike the membrane keyboards. Typing on these mechanical switches is a very different experience from typing on regular ones. After researching online and discussing with coworkers and friends who use mechanical keyboards in their daily life, I organized all the information as follows. Hope can give you some help.


Two kinds of switch brand 

  • Cherry MX RGB switches

::: Manufactured in Germany with low bouncing time

::: Designed for SMD LED ( Cherry MX series designed for four-pin RGB through-hole LEDs ).

::: Guaranteed over 50 million keystrokes per switch 


  • Gateron KS-9 RGB switches 

::: One of the best Cherry clone switches is also designed for the SMD LED ( Gateron KS-8 series used four-pin RGB through-hole LEDs ).

::: Gateron KS-9 series have a lifetime up to 50 million keystrokes per switch, same as Cherry MX RGB series, but much cheaper than them.

::: Compared to other Cherry clone brands, this one can ensure that both your typing and gaming experiences will be much smoother than ever before. 


The switch's characteristics of each color 

  • RGB Brown switch:

 (Both Cherry and Gateron switches are applicable)

The RGB brown switch is a light, tactile-style switch. Tactile means that when you press the key down, there is a noticeable bump letting you know that your key press has been registered. It is a balance between the blue switch and the red switch in terms of the audio feedback provided and the force needed to register a keypress. DREVO has sold over 30,000 mechanical keyboards since last year, over 40% customers chose the brown switch. 

If you spend much more time on typing or programming than gaming, brown is a good choice for you. If it is your first time to try the mechanical keyboard, I definitely recommend the brown switch to you. It is an ideal switch for typing in the office, the typing will not disturb others.  


  • RGB Blue switch: 

(Both Cherry and Gateron switches are applicable)

The blue switch is a tactile, clicky switch. It has the louder “click” sound to the existing tactile bump, allowing for a greater typing feedback. It is a typical switch of the mechanical switch. It is less suitable for gaming and a little bit harder to double tap. If you used the keyboard for typing and programming, you can choose blue switch. As Cherry said, it is an ideal switch for people who like to hear and feel a click when they press a key. 

I think if you love the blue switch you will really enjoy typing, because you will get a strong feedback of blue switches, but you also need to consider the blue switch can be a bit disruptive in close working condition.  

P.s. supporters who want the Cherry MX RG BLUE switch will have to wait until September. We did not have the Cherry blue switch in our project at the very beginning. Since increasing number of backers love Cherry MX RGB blue switch, we plan to add this blue switch in next batch, which is by September. If you love Cherry MX RGB blue switch, please tell me when I send the message to gather your choice and we will guarantee you get your favorite switch on time.


  • RGB Red switch:

(Both Cherry and Gateron switches are applicable) 

Red switch is a light, linear, non-clicky switch, the travel path doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. linear switch means the simplest operation moving straight up and down without any additional tactile feedback or loud clicking noise. It has the incredible response times and smooth operation. So when you need to rapidly double-tap or triple-tap, it is a good choice for you. 

If you spend much more time gaming than typing, it is a good choice for you.  


  • RGB Black switch:

(Both Cherry and Gateron switches are applicable)  

Black switch is a medium stiff, linear, non-clicky mechanical switch. linear switch means the simplest operation moving straight up and down without any additional tactile feedback or loud clicking noise. The black switch is the stiffest of the five type of switches, and the high weighting can prevent accidental key presses that occur on less stiff switches. You need to give the switch enough force, sometimes you may find fatigue becomes more of a factor than with other switches.  


  • Cherry MX RGB speed silver switch: 

(Only for Cherry MX RGB switch)

Cherry MX RGB speed silver switch is a linear actuation switch. It has the lowest operating force in those five cherry MX RGB switches. The big difference between the Sliver and the Red is the distance the key travels before it triggers a press. The actuation point for red is 2mm, with a total travel distance of 4mm, for silver the actuation point is only 1.2mm, with a total travel distance is 3.4mm. This makes for a much faster keypress, it is designed for gamers. Cherry’s description calls out “extremely fast gaming key switch.” 


This article only represents the personal opinion. Every supporter needs to choose switch based on their using habits. If you still don’t know which switch is the best for you, please comments below or send the message to me, I am very glad to help you. We offer English/French/Japanese/Spanish/Italian/Korean/Chinese customer support. 



2. An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches

3. Deskthority wiki

Official website:


Twitter: @DREVO_US

Youtube: DREVO


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    1. RogerM on

      Help, you want me to pick a switch choice and i read your descriptions of them but confused on one to pick. I game and only type when needed. Can you please suggest which one is best choice for me

    2. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @Horace: The silent red is only available for the PRO wireless version keyboard, and it is quieter than the red switch. The wireless version uses the cherry switch and has 3 connection modes(USB/BlueTooth/2.4GHz), it also has the USB wired mode and will automatically charging when you using the wired mode. The wired version uses the Gateron switch. Hope this helped you.

    3. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @David: Yes, the blue is noisy. If you using the keyboard for gaming you can choose silver switch. If you using it both typing and gaming, I recommend the red or brown. Hope this helped you.

    4. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @Roeezz: Hi, I recommend the brown switch to you. It has the tactile feeling

    5. Missing avatar

      Horace on

      Is the silent red switch only available for the wireless keyboard or for both, and is the red silent switch where you can feel the click but just can't hear it? Also, what's the major difference between the wired and wireless (apart from one being wireless and needing to be charged?) Thanks, deciding whether I want to stay with my TE pledge or get the pro

    6. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hi, looking between red and silver, or even brown since blue is probably too noisy. Home usage, mixed of typing and gaming.

    7. Missing avatar

      Roeezz on

      Hi, it's my first time using a mechanical keyboard and I would probably use it about equally for gaming and typing. what switch would be best?

    8. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @Jardras: Hi, I recommend the red switch to you. If we reach the $200K stretch goal, we will add the silent red switch, it is more silent than red switch. Hope it can help you.Thanks for your support.

    9. Jardras

      Which switch to choose if I want a rather silent keyboard? :D

    10. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @J.van Eys: The IBM model M keyboard used the buckling spring switch. If you like the tactile feedback and clicky switch, I recommend the blue switch. The noise is less than buckling spring switch but louder than other color switches.

    11. J. van Eys on

      How does the clicky sound compare to the IBM model M keyboards?
      I really like the tactile feedback of those keyboards, but they are loud.
      Anything less noisy would be good.

    12. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @Pau: No, everyone can choose the switch they love, based on the TE/PRO version they have chosen. Would you mind tell me your using habit? I will help you choose the switch you like.

    13. DREVO Keyboard Creator on

      @Jeff Neely: Thanks for your support!

    14. Missing avatar

      Pau on

      I have a question. Does the price increase depending on the choosen switch type? Thanks in advance.

    15. Jeff N

      Very helpful overview of the common switch types - thanks for such a detailed explanation!