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$2,161 pledged of $75,000 goal
By Dreamwagon Games
$2,161 pledged of $75,000 goal

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and straight on 'til morning.

Hello Kickstarter backers!

We have come to the somber realization that we are not going to meet our Kickstarter goal. We have maintained high hopes for a surge, but now with just 2% funding and less than five days to go, we know that barring a miracle, Haxel will not be funded. We have made great strides in our development over the last month, and we greatly appreciate all the feedback we have received.

Where do we go from here?

We want everyone to know that we will continue development in our spare time, as much as we can, in order to complete this project. We also have some major changes in store for the future. In the meantime we will forge ahead silently in our development effort over the next few months as we continue to enhance game-play, multi-player functionality and aesthetics. Once the game is ready to play we will open up an alpha version on a closed server to anyone who has pledged at any level.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us by registering on HaxelGame.com, following us on twitter @dreamwagon, or sending a message through Kickstarter with your email.

Thank you for supporting us!

-Dreamwagon Team

Prototype Update


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Windows Prototype

Some of you may have noticed that the Haxel Prototype for Windows might have been picked up by your virus protection as a potential threat. To avoid this we now are packaging the runnable Jar file in the Zip as opposed to the executable file.

The link in the previous update has the newest version of the prototype.

Thank you for your patience!

Dreamwagon Games

Prototype is ready to download

It has been one crazy weekend! We just put the finishing touches on the prototype, and have made it available to download. Please note that this is to show off the map editor NOT Haxel the game. There is a sandbox shooting mode, but this is only a small demo meant to show off what is possible with the editor, and to blast away at levels. We will be distributing keys through personal message here on Kickstarter. If you do not get your key within 24 hours, please contact us here.

The download for Windows Mac and Linux can be found here


Happy level building!

Prototype is coming your way

One of the most common things we are hearing, is that it is hard to imagine how the map editor works, and what all is possible as far as modding and customization. We feel the best way to show off the current state of the project is to open it up for download. We are currently working hard to add a user interface to the map editor so that we can make it available to you as a Prototype. We have decided that anyone who selects the early access reward or higher will get a copy of the Prototype sometime this weekend!

The Prototype we offer for download will be our latest development build and may contain imperfections, but the core of the editor and demo modes will be available. We will also be providing a live stream (TBD) to show off all the tools and functions. This is a pre-alpha Prototype of single player map editing and a shoot-em-up sand box mode. We will not be offering this anywhere else.

Looking forward to having some fun! See you then!

-Dreamwagon Team