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Need an affordable logic analyzer? Or a wireless oscilloscope? Maybe all-in-one! Let's make more cool stuff with DSLogic.
Need an affordable logic analyzer? Or a wireless oscilloscope? Maybe all-in-one! Let's make more cool stuff with DSLogic.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Serge Tremblay on

      filippo if you want to follow the project watch the forum, not here anymore.

    2. filippo sartori on

      Nobody here?
      What is the state of development of the software?

    3. filippo sartori on

      Just to let you know that I have just sent 15$ to your paypal for the new cable bundle.

    4. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      I've ordered and have now received the new shielded cable bundle. The quality is much better than the original cable. The large plug now has a small PCB attached where each of the shielded cables attach. The other end of the shielded cables has a little lump where it is split out into a signal socket and a ground socket. The 5V, TO and both ground leads are plain unshielded cables as it isn't necessary. They are shorter though for some reason.

    5. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Dimitar,
      Those have been fixed in current v0.4 version.

      Dear Peter,
      The mac version of v0.4 has been uploaded on our website.

      Dear Chris,
      libsigrokdecode should be installed with step three before DSLogic-gui
      $ git clone git://
      $ cd libsigrokdecode
      $ ./
      $ ./configure
      $ make
      $ sudo make install

    6. Chris Bruner on

      As also reported in the Forum

      In going through the steps I get hung up on DSLogic-gui because it wants
      package 'libsigrokdecode>=0.3.0' not found

      As that was installed with step two, did the version number not get updated, or the software or ....?

      the libraries installed are
      /usr/local/lib $ ls
      libsigrok4DSLogic.a libusb-1.0.a pkgconfig python2.7 python3.4 site_ruby

    7. Missing avatar

      peter on

      when will the mac version of V0.4 be uploaded?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dimitar Penev on


      I have tried the preliminary 0.4 software
      1. It looks better and more solid than 0.3
      2. I tried to search for a rising and falling edge in a pattern but search seems doesn't work.
      I think it was working fine in 0.3
      3. I still get some high frequency ringing at the edges with new probe and the 1 sample filter set. What does this feature actually do?
      4. I got a crash after I selected DAQ, OSC and then back to LA. I don't have oscilloscope extension.

      I will be very curious if someone tested the decoders in v0.4?

      When we will see dslogic integrated/merged in sigrok. It doesn't make much sense to me to develop dslogic in parallel not fully gain from common efforts.


    9. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      v0.4 version will be released recently.
      Please help to test the previous version:…

    10. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Paul,

      It's must a mistake of our shipping partner. Really sorry for this. We will resend you the shielded one.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Kourany on

      I paid for a new shielded cable set and received a regular non - shielded one. Can you please send the correct one!

    12. Marek on

      PS: I hope that the new update with fixed decoders (and hopefully sigrok support) will be released soon so I can finally say that this product is great :)

    13. Marek on

      I have received my shielded cable today - Haven't tried yet, but the first impression is great and the the build quality seems to be much much better than the original cable.
      Thanks for this upgrade!

    14. Missing avatar

      Skappy on

      Dear Sir, I would like to benefit of the new wire bundle (15$).
      May I ask you how i should process please ?
      Thank you very much

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Piette on

      @creator - please let us know when a new version of the software is available. THX

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Piette on

      @creator - the problem I am experiencing is not a configuration issue. It is more of the way the software interacts under OSX. The scope inputs see a signal, but I can't setup the display to view the signal. I get a green light so I know the DSLogic hardware is working, and the signal is being read. Its the control of the time and voltage scales that are unusable. I already had posted my comments here -…

      There has been no response to my comments.

    17. Missing avatar

      blackbeard on

      Everything works for me running on windows and ubuntu 14.01 on x200s and x220 only issues so far is the scope function the way it bunches up when zooming out and some noise. I dont have any other instruments to measure accuracy but used the data analyser to look at two spi connections today and determine one no talkie make tft no workie. Had a crack with decoding but not alot to read when one channel is empty and the other connected to a touch screen. What I was going to ask is re: sigrok support? I assume that for the sigrok devs to take an interest they would require a device to play with? I do recall there being mention of sigrok support was that going to be as a collaboration between DSLogic and sigrok or DSlogic upsteaming and managing software?


    18. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Scott,

      Is your problem the same as the configuration issue posted on our forum?…
      It's a platform related issue. few backers report this issue, and we are fixing it.
      If not, please post your issue on our forum, so we can know where is the problem.

      Dear Joseph,

      Except the protocol decoders(will be greatly improved in the next version) and noise(can be fixed by the new wire bundle) issues, We really don't know there are other critical issues about our logic analyzer software. Nobody report related issues and feedback to us. We need your help to tell us the detail. So we can know is it a common issue or individual one, and how to fix it.


    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lane on


      My extensive experience with the logic analyzer is much the same. It sits in a box next to my OBLS. I can not trust anything that comes out of the DSLogic (software visualization), but not because the hardware is bad exactly... I have done my best to compare the two device's hardware but with the current software it's not quite possible to determine WHY it's not useable. Sure the protocol decoders are useless and noise is a problem but that isn't exactly the problem at hand. The DSLogic samples I've taken actually sent me in all the wrong directions in a number of situations; I've since retired it until software catches up. There is little explanation for any of this considering everything... Sure it's open source... But!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Piette on

      Curious about people's experience with the logic analyzer. I have both the oscilloscope and logic analyzer. Because of my poor experience with the oscilloscope I hesitate to invest any more money on the upgraded shielded cable.

      The oscilloscope does not work at all. Maybe with updated software it will be more useful but for now it's unusable.

      Does the logic analyzer work? What are you able to do with it?


    21. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Spam, ugg (pun intended), when is the world going to be freed of this curse?

    22. Missing avatar

      Charles Cooper on

      Some spam in that forum that needs some cleaning out. I'm not that interested in buying Uggs in bulk.... ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Just payed for the shielded cable.

    24. Amir Soltani on

      Many thanks, received the improved cable set in UK, thanks again for the fast shipping!

    25. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Ingmar,

      It's free shipping.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      What about the shipment of the wire bundle? Free? or do we have to include something extra?

    27. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Scott,

      About the document, please refer to our wiki site:
      Any feedback, please post on our forum:

    28. Osman EL-BABA

      just posted on the forum under the same post Charles created... awaiting your feedback ... thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Scott Piette on

      Where can we post feedback on the user experience with the software? For example on a Mac you can't really control the time scale or signal scale. When you click on the rotary, you select it. But two fingers on the trackpad up and down seem to be the only way to adjust and it is extremely difficult to make any changes, any movement sends the setting to either max or min.

    30. Osman EL-BABA

      @Creator just got the same problem as Charles Cooper I tried the full Oscilloscope on a win 7 Toshiba i7 Ultrabook it turned both LED red than activated the software the LED on the main unit turned off ( no green light but Logo on software is green ) and Scope Module light stayed red ( did not turn off ) I tried taking out the scope module and working on Logic Analyzer internal test ( Main unit gave me once the green light and test passed .... unplug all replug again to test a second time this time the Red Light on main unit turns off and no green light and internal test is not working :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Scott Piette on

      Hi, I'm having trouble with the oscilloscope. I can't seem to get it to display waveforms. Is there any documentation? The light is green and it appears to be collecting data. There is no documentation on how to change the time scale, I can change the time/div but the screen scale is way off, for example I have 1ms/div but the screen goes from 704us to 9935.15us. Is there any documentation ?

    32. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Rinaldo,

      Just send $15 to our paypal account:, and tell us your kickstarter account.


    33. Missing avatar

      Rinaldo Santos Jr on


      How to buy the new wire bundle with $10 discount?


    34. Missing avatar

      Charles Cooper on

      Have entered info on forum as requested.

    35. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Charles,

      It seems your DSLogic is not configured well by software. Please tell us your system information(operation system, usb controller, etc) in our forum(, so we can track and fix your issue.


    36. Missing avatar

      Charles Cooper on

      So far, it's a bit of a disappointment.

      Installed the SW, plugged in the DSL (with scope attached).
      DSL clicks, LED is red.
      Started SW, selected scope (as per instructions on WIKI), LED goes off, DSL logo remained green in interface

      That's it...

      No response to controls, green LED stays off, readings not possible.
      If I unplug the USB cable, the DSL logo in the UI goes white, indicating that the SW and the DSL were communicating to _some_ extent.

      Will have to do some troubleshooting later, but for now, looks like I'll be sticking with my current scope.

      Case looks nice, though...

    37. Missing avatar

      Bert Vermeulen on


      It's not a new forum, been there for months. It just was only ever used for one topic -- the DreamSource Lab copyright violations -- and they censored responses on it. They've now deleted that entire topic, which is why that forum appears so empty.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Duhamel on

      Hi guys, it looks like DSlab have installed a new forum here :

    39. Stephan Electronics on

      (follow-up) the update the team sent me managed to solve my problem!

    40. Missing avatar

      Uwe Bonnes on

      There has been no change on since some time. With an ETA for the next changes end of august, it seems again that git will not see incremental changes but only one big batch. That will miss opportunities as it make harder to follow development, hunt bugs by bisecting and make own contributions.

    41. Stephan Electronics on

      Hey guys,

      As requested, a close-up on one frame:

    42. DreamSource Lab Creator on

      Dear Marek,

      Except the software development, We are working on updating our website now, including wiki and forum. The next version software will include most of the suggestions on github, and the most important thing, new protocol decoders. The ETA would be the end of Aug.


    43. Marek on

      @DS, guys what are you currently working on now? what is on the roadmap and when we can expect a new version and what changes will be included there? As there are no commits on the github, its hard to guess how is the development going...


    44. Stephan Electronics on

      Hey guys,

      I'm trying to sniff a 8MHz SPI bus and have extremely odd measurements with your device:

      You can see on the left the dslogic sniffing the nS / CLK / MOSI / MISO signals and on the right a normal oscilloscope sniffing a frame.

      Anything I can do to have a clean measurement?

    45. Missing avatar

      Serge Tremblay on

      @Marek You should power the probe with 5 volts and use a 0-5V signal input. Only the nRF24L01 is powered at 3.3V but it is only used for wireless comm.

    46. Marek on

      Guys, the wiki lacks the voltage tolerance specification of the wireless probe... - is that 5v or 3.3v as limited by the atmel chip?

    47. Missing avatar

      blackbeard on

      Hi DSL,

      Just wanted to say that the wiki is looking great so far and that I am so far impressed with the hardware and software you have created. Im glad that I got the machined aluminum cases as my package took some serious punishment in the mail. I have had no malfunctions from my initial playing, though I am going to run through some self tests now the wiki outlines procedures.

      I noticed Uwe mentions a forum but I am unable to find it, also google does not return the wiki address and while I know it is out of our sphere of influence to change I just wanted to complain, I should have done a first world problems meme in retrospect but apathy prevents me for now.

      So ends my general feedback, pat on the back, great job, keep up the great work and words of encouragement post. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Uwe Hermann on

      Hi DreamSourceLab folks,

      I think we have some misunderstanding or communication issue here indeed,
      let me try to explain this better.

      First of all, congratulations on deciding to get rid of the Keil- and
      EZUBS.lib-based, proprietary project in favor of a fully open-source solution
      that is also based on other open-source code/libs and an open-source toolchain.
      That was certainly a good decision.

      Please check my last post again though, I was *not* saying or implying that
      all of DSLogic-fw is "just simply copied from fx2lafw". I'm fully aware that
      DSLogic-fw has a (partly) changed implementation of fx2lafw features, and
      that it also has additional features that are not present in fx2lafw at all
      (FPGA reconfiguration etc).

      However, it is also true that some of the files that are in DSLogic-fw (and
      some individual code chunks) *do* indeed originate from fx2lafw, even if they
      were modified in some (though not all) cases.

      What I was trying to say in my last post was that in those cases (fx2lafw
      files were used with or without modifications) the copyright lines of
      the fx2lafw authors (for those files) should remain in the DSLogic-fw files
      (in *addition* to the DreamSourceLabs copyright lines, *if* DreamSourceLabs
      made modifications or added code in the respective files).

      Maybe the concept of multiple copyright owners for a single file sounds
      a bit strange at first, but rest assured that is a totally normal thing
      to encounter, especially in open-source projects. Here's a few random examples:

      But maybe I wasn't very successful at explaining what I meant last time,
      so let me try it again with a patch (and github pull request) instead,
      hopefully that makes things a bit clearer:

      Please merge that patch if you think it's OK, and/or let me know if you
      see any specific changes in there you don't agree with, so we can discuss
      this further.

      In general I totally agree that some more cooperation would be great (as do
      the other sigrok developers and users, as well as the DSLogic backers, I'm sure).
      We're an open-source project after all and we always welcome suggestions for
      improvements, bug reports, feature requests, and so on. Most importantly
      though we're always happy to get code contributions (in form of patches or
      pull requests) for any of the sigrok subprojects.

      There are various opportunities where it would be nice to merge some of the
      improvements from DreamSourceLabs back into the upstream libsigrok, Pulseview,
      fx2lafw and other sigrok sub-projects. For example, it would be awesome to
      have a libsigrok DSLogic driver that builds in the current upstream git tree,
      or to port some of the PulseView/GUI improvements back into upstream PulseView,
      and so on. We'd be happy to help if you have any questions about how to best
      get those changes integrated upstream. You can always join us on the
      sigrok-devel mailing list or on IRC (#sigrok on FreeNode).

      By the way, I cross-posted my last post to your forum as well, but it seems
      it never appeared there. I guess it's still hanging in the manual moderation
      queue or maybe there's a bug in the forum software that prevented the post
      to appear(?)

      Cheers, Uwe.

    49. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      Thanks for starting the work on the wiki, for the DSLogic-fw copyright issue they did not say it was copied from fx2lafw as far as my reading skills go ;)
      They just asked for the original copyright lines to be restored on the files aside of yours, I have not looked at any of the project but since you based your work on this project (there is nothing wrong with that, I love open source) you shouldn't have removed their copyright lines.

      This looks more like a mistake/misunderstanding that a major issue and I am sure this can be resolved peacefully :)

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