pledged of $500,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 27 2012
pledged of $500,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 27 2012

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    1. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Sorry just wanted to test something. I hope all has been well with you DreamQuest Games.
      |- - - - - - - - WE WANT COMMENTS! - - - - - - - -|
      |- - - - - - - AND MUST REACH $1.8M! - - - - - - - |
      |- - - - - - - AND AN IN-GAME BONUS - - - - - - - |
      | - - - - - FOR THE FORGOTTEN DUKES! - - - - -|
      | - - - - - AND A POOR LORDS TIER! :D - - - - - -|
      | - - - - - - - GIVE THEM TO US NOW! - - - - - - - |
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -
      - - - -|-|-|-| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|-|-|- - - -

    2. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      For those of you looking for our new Kickstarter, it can be found at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1547218311/alpha-colony-an-exploration-building-and-trading-g where we are in our final 5 days of fundraising

    3. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Royzig, I appreciate your points. We didn't hustle very well due to several reasons (some of which we had control over and some we didn't) which I very candidly shared in http://www.alphacolony.com/20_ways_to_screw_your_kickstarter/ I was the Lead Developer on Madagascar 2, a AAA title developed for Activision with DreamWorks that sold over a million units.

      I looked at the project you mentioned and it is a puzzle project that can be done by one person. We would require at least 2 developers, a designer, a 2D artist, a 3D artist, an animator, QA, not to mention dev kits and licensing for 6 different development platforms. I'm sorry, but there is no way a modern 3D video game can be made by one person for a couple of thousand dollars.

    4. Royzig on

      i backed you for a copy of this game. without really looking into your previous work. but all your previous games seem to be card games, and the two wildly divergent kcikstarter goals, half a mil and 175k, make it seem like your throwing random number out there. lots of indie games are made on shoes string budgets and turn out great, and many million dollar games are utter crap. i was hoping your would get funded for the 1/2 mil, but since i pledged you did so little it seemed like you guys shut down.

      on the other hand, the conjoyints project, had a single 17 year old kid huslte like crazy to fund his project and succeeded. compared to your goal of 1/2 mil he only wanted 4 k and he beat it, making tv appearances, talking to engineering departments in universities, getting on the local paper and pushing pushing pushing on all fronts, i heard about him on reddit and man, that kid deserved to succeed, he huslted for a project as though it was a million dollar idea, looking for 4k.

      I don't know everything you did in the background, but form this end it seemed like you put in minimal effort in an attempt to raise 1/2 million.

      from your first post, to the last it seemed like you expected the idea to fund the game. it makes me worry that you will expect mule + settles of canaan to make the game wihout any real effort on your end to make it good.

      i know i funded only enough to get a copy of it, but i've funded many projects in the past. there is a clear difference in those who succeed and those who did not. i'm sorry to say i saw this coming the day i funded you.

      it seems like a good idea, but a good idea and 2 bucks will get you a cup of coffee. i fear even if you get the 175 in the next go , the game will sink while you wait for the concepts it's built on to make it fly.

      even the fans you have seem to be fans of MULE, the old game. and they want you to succeed, but not many fans of dreamquest games are running around.
      i don't know dude.... good luck next time. huslte like it's a million dollars (or at least 175, which is many years salaries for many people, you must understand it is a lot of money, even at 175. most people make well elss than that. in a 40 day fund drive you should expect to put in a years worth of work minimum, you are trying to earn over a 2 years average salary after all. for 1/2 a mil. you should have put in 5 years worth of work, seriously. it is a LOT of money. people will not be throwing it at you.

      i hope more you guys prove me wrong man. good luck next go around

    5. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Thank you to all of our fans for helping us hit our $100k goal! We are not giving up! Per our latest update we are working on a scaled-down project and expect to have another Kickstarter up in August so stay tuned.

    6. Missing avatar


      Backer number 888~
      I feel lucky!

    7. RC on

      Sir! Survey filled out, Sir!

    8. Andrew Dieffenbach on

      @DreamQuest Games I'm saying that we all realize this kickstarter shot for too much funding. I, at least, also realize it was hard to gauge how much money a MULE revival would make in an online fundraiser. But, having attempted it already, you now have a good sense of how much you could successfully raise. The next kickstarter goal should not be any higher than $74k (the amount of money pledged when the new goal of $100k was made).

      I applaud your efforts at a very professional attempt at reviving MULE. I would like to see your interpretation come to the mobile platform. An asynchronous version of MULE is the only way it can be played under normal mobile constraints.

      I didn't want to say it, but Ralf did: it is unfortunate that DreamQuest Games did the hard work and heavy lifting while MULE Returns simply benefited from the exposure. This moment should be yours to shine.

    9. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      We already backed Ouya and are huge fans. We should be able to port our game to it as well since we are using Unity and I see Shadowrun is already running on it. Need to do a little more research, but I think it likely we will be able to commit to support for Ouya on our relaunch.

    10. S.D. on

      Backing to support the Linux port of Alpha Colony! Thanks for this effort to update M.U.L.E. for the modern era. Let's give it a good show of faith, and get our $100K and 1000 backers!!

    11. Mar-X-maN on

      Hello I have to admitt I only backed your project for the minimum pledge
      because I wanted to post here. You have propably already heard of OUYA,
      the new Android based video console. From a financing standpoint it
      is already considered a success. What it needs however to be successful
      is good games. So here is the idea, we back your project if agree to
      port your game over to OUYA or make a game for OUYA. Basically I am saying one
      hand washes the other.

      Possible Developers / Games for OUYA
      DIGITILUS / SKYJACKER - Space Combat Sim
      Sean Kauppinen / Legends of Aethereus - Action RPG

    12. Missing avatar

      Ralf on

      I have to say this Kickstarter lacks a little bit of passion. (And you listed that indirectly in your list of 20 mistakes by (if I may condense and exaggerate a little bit) putting up the Kickstarter and waiting for the money to roll in while you spend the time elsewhere).

      Look at these projects and you can see that they succeeded even though they seemed to fail. The creators of those Kickstarter showed passion and put a lot of effort into the Kickstarter to make it succeed even though for the longest time (actually up to the last day) it looked unlikely:
      They updated the Kickstarter every 2 days, putting up new material, including suggestions from backers, trying to get press coverage and using social media heavily. Their passion actually passed on to the backers who in turn became advocates for the projects (multiplying the effect). This paid then off big time in the last 72hours.

      Here is a non-game related project, which might actually also make it even though it looked bleak at the beginning of the week

      Another problem of this Kickstarter is that M.U.L.E. Returns will come, even if this Kickstarter fails. My guess is that most people who actually played M.U.L.E. back in the day are content with that, whereas as a new project Alpha Colony has not much to stand on it (compared to Wasteland or Shadowrun or DoubleFine). That is one of the reasons that Republique also had to struggle.

      Relaunching the Kickstarter with a goal of $175k can succeed (though it contradicts your statement in this Kickstarter on Why 500k: "There have been several attempts at remaking M.U.L.E. in the past and they have always been on the cheap.") if you follow your own advice. (Personally I expect some communication on what is different between the 175k and 500k projects before I pledge again though. If you can make the same game for 175k as for 500k then those numbers seem to be wild guesses what you can extract from Kickstarter and not based on any project calculation).

      Kickstarter allows you only to send surveys after successful completion of the project as far as I know.

    13. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Andrew, I would love to respond, but I don't honestly know what you are saying. We are aiming for $175k on the next Kickstarter and we hope to line up our current fans and media to make a strong start in the initial week and then have stretch goals to basically add back in the things we had to cut to bring the project costs down from our original goal.

    14. Andrew Dieffenbach on

      I'm not trying to sound negative here; just being realistic (along the lines of your self published 20 ways to screw your kickstarter) :

      saying that if this kickstarter makes 100k, a second kickstarter shooting for 140k will be initiated is generating perhaps a false sense of motivation. It's kind of cheating oneself. An individual wanting this project to succeed could see that 10k is needed to make 100k (the "goal"). That certainly says nothing about whether that same individual will actually pledge more than they were going to pledge initially.

      Again, not trying to be negative. Just don't want anyone to set themselves up for disappointment.

    15. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Xander, I am glad you liked it. Some felt we were too critical, but I think true leaders admit their own mistakes and then do their best not to repeat them. I am sure the lessons we learned will help other Kickstarters, including our own second effort.

    16. Xander Mol on

      BTW: Nice article with nice catchy title your '20 ways to screw your Kickstarter game project' story.

    17. Xander Mol on

      Ha. If we are talking Ouya, might I suggest Apple airplay support for playing via an Apple TV using an iDevice as second screen and controller ;-)

      But first let us get the mobile version to begin with.
      I am in for the mobile game, not as much for a big screen game, as I just do not have the time nor the oppurtunity anymore to do big screen gaming.

    18. Missing avatar

      deanit on

      +1 on the Ouya idea. Glad to hear you're looking into it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Nitros on

      Cory's idea is good. This game would be perfect for Ouya. Also would increase the size of your audience.

    20. Daniel Sobral on

      You know, 85k would be a dream for a lot of kickstarters out there.

    21. Andrew Dieffenbach on

      The ship will be back in 3 days.

    22. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      We are already speaking with the folks at Ouya... Thanks, Capt, I can't wait to play Skyjacker myself!

    23. Missing avatar

      Cory on

      This needs to be on the Ouya!!!!!!!!

    24. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Ok, I'm in it for the collectors edition! :D

    25. R5D4 on

      I'm just brainstorming out loud here but you know how in the original version of M.U.L.E. there is a little caption under each of the species describing where they are from and what they are good at (for example Packers being good farmers). What if DreamQuest Games were to expand on this idea a bit, make it more humorous, and animate it in sort of a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy style (circa the 1980s).

      You could keep the animation simple by making it really retro 80s style (black background, yellow/green text, C64/Atari sprites for the animation, etc…) and have a narrator reading the entry to the audience as the animation plays (think of the Vogon Grandmother bit from the 1980's version and you'll see what I mean). You could release the first short as part of the second Kickstarter launch and have targets for releasing more (say every 25,000 raised you release a new video).

      I don't think this would be prohibitively expensive to produce and it really could draw in a crowd if you can come up with some really funny (encyclopedia/hitchhikers-ish) entries about each of the species.

      Anyway it's just a thought, maybe this will help stimulate some more ideas.

    26. R5D4 on

      @Scott and Alydia Kardel
      Hi Alydia, there was an article on Kotaku back in June (link below) but unfortunately it didn't garner much attention from regular Kotaku readers. I think this may have been because there wasn't really anything catchy to grab the attention of a new audience (beyond the Kickstarter video). I think the recent M.U.L.E returns trailer would help with this if it was to be featured on Kotaku again but would it be enough...I'm not sure.


    27. Missing avatar

      Scott and Alydia Kardel on

      My husband and I are big MULE fans. We played often back in the day so I'm glad to see it's coming back in an updated version. I am worried that you're not going to make it though. DH commented that he hasn't seen a push for this on any of the "geek" sites he visits (Gizmodo for one) so don't keep it a secret! I'd up the ante if I thought it would help, but "we" only have 4 days to go!!

    28. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Stormfury, I understand your desire, but that team is only doing mobile at the moment. We are not giving up, we have gotten some great support and if we can just get to 1,000 backers and $100k, I am convinced that we can succeed with a second Kickstarter shortly after this one finishes. Please help us get over that $100k hump so we can get some VIPs onboard!

    29. Stormfury on

      I would pledge more and I'm sure others would too if we could get Mule returns for PC. Might want to float that idea over to the folks doing it.

    30. Xander Mol on

      I only just now found out about this great project. I am a big M.U.L.E. fan and a big Catan fan, so for me this is a must buy. So I am quite sad that if I see the present funding status, this project probably won't be funded?
      Pledged anyway (Collector's Edition) just to give support to retry for a hopefully succesful effort.

    31. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Yes, Dave and Dmitry, we do have a long way to go. We already are working on plans to scale back our project and do another Kickstarter on a smaller scale. Please do still pledge! You have nothing to lose by pledging since your card isn't even charged unless we DO reach our goal.

      If we can reach 1,500 backers and $100k in funding by the end of this Kickstarter, we will know there is enough demand for this game and we won't give up! If we aren't funded this time around, getting to that level of commitment and interest this time around will give us what we need to line up those VIPs in advance, renegotiate some costs, and give our next Kickstarter a really strong start the second time around. Please show us you really want to see this game be made by pledging!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave Counts on

      Don't look good. I think your asking for to much but i hope you get it cause i love this game.

    33. Anthony Sitko on

      Just saw this trailer on the MULE Returns website. Looks great! You should add it to attract more backers!

    34. Dmitry Paskal on

      BTW it will be really good if you'll translate it to Russian - you can contact me to help with it if you wish. I'm sure there will be no problem to localize it, lots of Russians around ready to help - just ask on forum or there.

    35. Dmitry Paskal on

      $500k is too much. But good luck, hope you'll make it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Death_Mule17 on

      Hello all, my name is tim hastings from toronto canada(live in BC) and i have been a huge mule fan since 1986, and have actively playing mule since then via my c64/emulator. I stumbled by chance upon a website called Planetmule.com when looking for a new mule rom mid dec 2009. To my surprise this game had online multiplayer so a 4human player game was finally possible for me!! And ive been playing there ever since its release. What I really dont understand is what took so long, and why to this day we have a lack of active mule players. On planetmule we NEED more active players!! Im really hoping that I can find some die hard mule fans here to join up. This game has been out for almost 3yrs and now and mule 2 (5player) is almost finished(hopefully this summer). If alpha colony/mule returns dont lift off we still got planetmule free online worldwide and soon to be mule 2!!! , Im known as MuleSizeMe on planetmule.com and rank #13 overall, Can wait to see some of you there soon, cuz it feels like were a dying breed as it stands.Please come play today!

      Ps, This is not a spam msg , Im just a big fan that knows im not really #13 in the world at mule. But someone out there somewhere is...

    37. Anthony Sitko on

      Just to clarify for the benefit of the MULE community... through my reading I understand that MULE Returns is moving ahead regardless and is not dependent on the Kickstarter campaign. That being said, I hope Alpha Colony succeeds so we can get both games!

    38. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Unfortunately, Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal. If we don't fund, nobody pays anything (except the personal money I used to get us this far) and the project will not go forward. That's why we really need the fans to help spread the word and consider increasing their pledge levels if they want to see us succeed in bringing M.U.L.E. back!

    39. Missing avatar

      Muttala on

      DreamQuest Games,

      Not to demotivate you, I am just saying "IF" we are still having a gap on the goal on July 15, will the remake possible? or other alternative, backers can help afterwards?

    40. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Nitros! Yes, Eve, we have had a good bit of interest in at least a German version which would be top on our list. It's probably too early to make a commitment beyond that. What language were you hoping to see it localized in?

    41. Missing avatar

      Nitros on

      You guys have been so active with your community and have show such a huge desire to make this game happen I decided that to increase my donation. Good luck with your campaign and I will continue to try to send people this way. Good luck DreamQuest Games!

    42. Eve on

      Have you considered localization into any other languages?

    43. David M. Williams on

      Yes, thanks, I have seen it now and converted it to AAC for use on my iPhone - all good :)

    44. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      David, we put the ringtone in with the wallpapers for Update #2. Didn't realize Kickstarter wouldn't make it downloadable on the 1st update. Download that link and grab the ringtone along with the wallpapers from the Zip file.

    45. David M. Williams on

      How do we get the ringtone? Also - so excited to see this project; I played M.U.L.E. on the Commodore 64 back in the '80's and have never forgotten it. It was up there with Elite and only a few other select games as groundbreaking and genre-defining.

    46. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      There is a chance, yes, that Alpha Colony might be able to support Blackberry Playbook since the engine we are using, Unity3D, does support Playbook via it's Union sponsorship.

    47. Some Guy on

      About time someone tried uo get this done, my brother and I actually got along while playing MULE against each other as kids. Great games need a refresh for the new gamers out there to know what the great ones were all about!

    48. haohmal on

      Any chance of a Blackberry Playbook version of Alpha Colony and or M.U.L.E. Returns?

    49. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Trip! That means a lot coming from someone who worked with Dani for almost 20 years at Electronic Arts!

    50. Missing avatar

      Trip Hawkins on

      This project is indeed a great tribute and should be backed if you care about the history and culture of games. Dani Bunten was one of my favorite developers and MULE an all-time fave game! -- Trip Hawkins

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