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$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal
$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal

Last 18 Hours


Hello Graywalkers! We are now on our last 18 hours. 

Let's make the most of that time by going nuts on promoting the game now. This is our chance to get this game made Graywalkers so I ask you guys to make the effort now. Just 18 hours of effort can make the difference between failure and success. In the past few days, we've practically doubled our current pledge. Now is another challenge, to double it again within the hours left. 

Tell everybody on your facebook, twitter, other social networks and forums. Let's rock the internet and go out with a bang. 

Tell them that it's worth it to pledge now, not only do they get to help have a game made, they also get our Veteran Rewards if they do. Tell them that if they pledge now, they get these great rewards in addition to their current reward tier if we make our goal. If we don't they can still get the veteran tier when they pledge again when we relaunch the game in February. 

Also, before the campaign ends, we definitely need your support with the following online options. 

Steam Greenlight: please Vote YES for us on Steam Greenlight and get your friends to support us. The faster we get greenlit, the bigger our chances of getting more support from that community, as well as solidifying our position with potential investors. 

Official Steam Graywalkers Group: We've also created a Steam Graywalkers Group. We hope you guys who have steam will join us there to discuss more things about the game. This is also a good place for us to get feedback until our official forums go up. 

Graywalkers Facebook Page: Please do visit and like our Facebook page. It's the easiest way for us to keep you guys posted on all things Graywalkers. 

Graywalkers Twitter Page: Please also follow our Graywalkers twitter page to get up to date news and rants. You can also follow me personally if you guys aren't tired of my chatter @Wyldekarde

Graywalkers Mobile App: We've released our Graywalkers Kickstarter App for Android. We didn't release our iOS version anymore but now that the campaign is close to done, we will be releasing that soon with updated content as well in the next 2 weeks. Through the app, you will get graywalkers info, news reports and a look at all the new stuff we have in the next coming months as we update it.

Official Graywalkers Website: Lastly, please bookmark our official website where all things Graywalkers will reside. We'll try to update that as regularly as we can so do keep a watch on the site. 


We would like to make one final shoutout for all those we've worked with in the past few weeks. These studios and their games are all great and have been instrumental to where we are now so as a sign of our gratitude, this is for you guys! Good luck and best wishes with your campaign. 

Please do check out and support all these games, either pledge through kickstarter or support them via their paypal options. 

  • Trials of Ascencion - unfortunately they cancelled their KS but do watch out for their return
  • Lords of Xulima - they are on their last few hours as well and need your support to reach their next tier. 
  • Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore - another deserving game that needs to get made. Help them out
  • You are not the Hero - a successful KS but having a bit more help through their paypal wouldn't hurt
  • Astral Terra - a unique game that needs our support
  • Jagged Alliance Flashback - my favorite game. they were successful but would appreciate more love through their paypal
  • Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight - it's their second time around, let's help them make it this time
  • Liege - another successful game that we can support through paypal
  • Festival of Magic - i just love the art style of this game. they are on a good track so let's help them keep up their good pace till the finish line
  • Stasis - love the atmosphere on this one. They are almost at their goal. let's help them cross the finish line. 
  • Astrobase Command - definitely a game for sci-fi gamers
  • The Diviner - definitely an interesting game worth supporting

Again, thanks to all of you for your support to us within the past 35 days. 


Thanks again Graywalkers and I'll see you in our last update in about 17 hours from now.


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    1. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on November 27, 2013

      Thanks for letting us know of the steam banner. It actually was working the past few weeks but i think i broke the link last night when i updated the page. My bad. :)

    2. NG on November 27, 2013

      *ahem* double post, I noticed you don't have a Steam Greenlight banner on your front page! Well you do have one, but it's not clickable! Try putting a clickable greenlight banner just below your front video, it's done wonders for us.

      All the best

    3. NG on November 27, 2013

      Way to go guys. If you can reach around 50k, I'll be really thrilled for you. And this game not being Greenlighted yet is a sin! C'mon peops!