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$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal

Strategic Management


Welcome to Update #18. We are nearing the end of the campaign and with 5 days more to go, we want bring you as much info as we can. Today will be a long one and we will be talking about the strategic aspects of the game.  After that we will have some announcements as well as some shout-outs for some friends of ours. 



Concept Overview 

To succeed in your role as the leader of the Graywalkers, you have to manage a lot of things such as your personnel, resources, factions, technology, magic, equipment, research, manufacturing and others. How you manage all of these can lead you to success or failure down the road.  

Also, you have to adapt your strategies to the changes happening in the world. As we said, the game will be emergent so all your actions (or inactions) will have long reaching effects in this mostly unscripted dynamic world. Just remember that as you do your thing with your team, the world will continue to move forward, doing actions based on its own set of motivations and objectives, as well as reacting to the things you do.

Game Views

The game is separated into several game views. Each view represents a certain scale of the game from where to manage your strategy. These are the: Purgatory Map, Regionscape, and Areascape.

Purgatory Map / Globalscape

This is shows the entire map of Purgatory, the Bermuda Triangle and the surrounding territories. From here, one can see the map of Purgatory divided into several regions. At the start of the game, you will only see 1 region active and the rest of the area covered by a fog of war. As you visit more areas and expand your influence, you will start seeing more of the map of Purgatory.

From this map, you will see icons of your active teams and which regions they are in, as well as locations that are currently under your control. It will also show major cities that have been visited or those who’s locations have been revealed to you.

As the game expands later on, this map will eventually become a globalscape, meaning that we will begin to show the rest of the world and all the areas that you can visit and explore. For now though, all your adventures will be on Purgatory, but there will be a references to what lies beyond.

In addition to your units, you can also see movements of other factions that you can detect. Take note that you won’t see units that are covered by the fog of war. The ability to detect other units depends also on your influence in the area. Let’s say a unit from a neutral or enemy faction goes within the range of a faction you are friendly with or one of your units, then you will be able to detect them on the map until they are out of range.

From here, there are several things you actively can control:

  • Time Control: this control feature is similar to the timer controls on Jagged Alliance and XCom. You have the option to let time flow in in real time or speed it up (1 minute per second, 10 minutes per second, 30 minutes per second or pause it completely)
  • Team Control: from here you can access all the teams on Purgatory. By default, it shows each team’s symbol or avatar and when you click on it, it will show a menu of each member in that team. You can then click on the avatar and click on a specific location on the map and your team will travel there.

To manage things more in detail, you need to choose a specific region that you want to check out. You can do this by clicking on the region, or simply clicking on a team in that region and click the option to switch to the regionscape view.


The Regionscape map is a detailed map of the entire region. From here you can have a simple overhead map like in Jagged Alliance or toggle to a 3d perspective view similar to Mount and Blade. Here you will see the region and all the settlements and key locations within the region. It will also show all movements of all key units moving out around the region. Take note that you can only see as far as you’ve discovered. Undiscovered areas will have a fog of war over them.

The map size of a region varies from one to the next, as well as the density of locations in that region. Some areas will be more dense in population and some regions will simply be wide expanses of wilderness, ruins and secret locations waiting to be discovered.

Like in the Purgatory Map , you will have access to the time control in this map as well as control of team members within the region. Team’s not in the region will not be accessible from this map. You will need to switch to the Purgatory map to see other teams in other regions.  Also, you will see all the movements of all the different units moving in the region that you can detect. 

From here, you can zoom in even further to certain locations. When you click on a key location, you will switch to the Areascape View.

Areascape View

Once you enter an area location, you now enter the “RPG” aspect of the game where your team and the characters can be viewed as a 3d fixed isometric view or you can move what you look around all angles of the battlefield using the 3D perspective view. While in this view mode, you control your characters in real time. Select the team as a whole or individuals and move them around freely on the map. From here you can do detailed actions like perform skills, interact with NPCs, Search for items, Explore and many other options. 

If you encounter combat in this view, you will then switch to the tunr-based control of the Combatscape view. As we mentioned before, this is similar to the Areascape view but now all actions are in turns and requires action points. Once you are not in combat, you can then choose to switch out of Combatscape view and revert back to Areascape View.

Things to Manage

There are many things to manage in the game. By default, you will have to manually manage all these aspects of the game. However, we have considered putting an auto-manage system that will assist you in performing management tasks automatically based on parameters. This feature will be for those who want to focus more on the tactical and RPG aspect of the game without being bogged down by the strategic aspect of it. For the hardcore players, this is where your strategic and tactical mettle will be tested to the max.

  • Personnel: You will have to manage every member of your team. As you already know, you can have up to a total of 36 members, your avatar included. Part of the strategic aspect is actually choosing among the over 50+ potential members that you will recruit. Once you have recruited a member, he is a permanent member of your team until he dies. You cannot recruit have more than 36 active members for your team so this is why a strategic plan of getting the people you need and want the most will be very critical. 
  • Money/Barter Credits: How you spend your money or barter credits is extremely crucial. You will have to where to best sell and buy certain items. Though there is a standard value to everything, some merchants will pay a little extra or a little less for specific items that you will be selling them. Just remember that everything you find has value. In a world where everything is scarce, one man's junk is definitely another man's treasure.
  • Equipment: You are what you have. How good your gear is will be very important resource to manage. You have to figure out which to keep, which to sell and which to upgrade. You have to know what items are best to be created with the limited manufacturing resources you have. Also, you have to ensure that all your equipment is properly maintained, or else leave them to get damaged and eventually destroyed. Most importantly, knowing who to give the right equipment to in your team can make a big difference. 
  • Knowledge (Technology & Magic): You start the game with limited knowledge of magic and technology. In the game, there are ways to acquire more of either. You can research for them or you can find blueprints and mystical formulas that will provide the answer you seek. Your choice of whether to focus on magic or technology will be an important choice as well. Getting these hidden knowledge is a race, as several other factions may also be trying to get a hold of it. 
  • Missions: Choosing which missions is part of the strategic choices you will have to make. Though you can try to do all the missions you encounter, all of them take time and resources and with a dynamic world in play, every choice matters.  
  • Factions:  One of the most difficult decisions to contend with is choosing who to align yourself with. The factions you choose to be friends with, will definitely make you less attractive to their sworn enemies. This almost always means gaining a friend means making an enemy. 
  • Strategic Locations: As we mentioned, there are strategic locations that you can control and make your temporary base of operations. These locations often have benefits which you can utilize. Of course this also means, some other factions may want that strategic location for themselves. The choice of whether to defend one or letting it be can make the difference between success and failure. 


Before we move to announcements, we would like everybody to check out the following kickstarter projects. Each one is a great game, delivering an exciting new gaming experience that we believe many of you will enjoy.

First up is Festival of Magic. It is an original adventure role-playing game where the players must fight and farm their way to glory. This JRPG is simply one of the most beautiful ones I've seen so far in kickstarter. So do check them out.

Festival of Magic
Festival of Magic

Next up is Stasis, this classic point & click adventure game is played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D. The level of detail on the game is fantastic and the mood it wants to achieve is dead on. This is definitely a very exciting and interesting adventure game that everybody should support.


Another game we would like to promote today is Astrobase Command. This sandbox base-building RPG in a low-tech science fiction universe is incredible. You can Explore the stars with the computing power of the Atari Age! This character-driven survival and building simulation set in a 70's sci-fi setting is definitely one for those who love the sci-fi genre. 

Astrobase Command
Astrobase Command

And last but not least is Diviner.  This text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations is a game we can relate to very well. It  incorporates the gameplay and nostalgia of old school games while bringing modern aesthetics to the fore. Definitely worth backing for those who love classic RPGs.

The Diviner
The Diviner


As we mentioned, we are on the last 5 days of the campaign. We're now at 26% and I know some of you may be losing hope. We personally have not and though we still have a lot to go, 5 days is also still a lot of time. With this in mind, we do have a few announcements:

  • Let's Work Together: We would like to now ask each and every Graywalker here to help us spread the word. We definitely now need an active community that would really want to see this game made. We know many of you are busy but we hope you could all spare a little time to try and get backers to the game. Tell your friends in the other KS campaigns, invite your buddies who love playing RPGs and share our campaign on your FB and Twitter by simply clicking on the buttons underneath the main video. These simple efforts can make the difference for success and failure. I know we can still do it if we all pitch in. 
  • Forum: We are currently building a new forum for all the members here. Whatever the result of the campaign, we will be creating a place where we can all continue to discuss the game. We will announce the location for the forum before the campaign ends.
  • Answer Update: Tomorrow's update will be a "random answer" update. What we are planning to do is answer many random questions that we've come across the past 35 days and answer them in the update so that everyone will know. If you have any questions you would like answered, now is the time to do it. Please message us or leave the question as a comment and we will try to answer it as best we can. It can be anything about the game. 
  • More Rewards: we will be announcing some bonus rewards tomorrow so be sure to watch out for those. 

That's it for today's updates. Thank you everybody and hope you like it. We look forward to all you Graywalkers lending us a hand in reaching our goal. You all have a nice weekend ahead of you.  

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