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$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal
$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal


As you all know, we are now half-way through our campaign. Unfortunately, we are still at 18%. Though we know the difficulty to reach the goal is now much higher, we also know that is still very possible to reach it. It has been proven that pledges can reach $100K in a day in the right situation. For us, we just need to find those right situations and make it happen. 

We won’t be giving up no matter what. To succeed though, we will need each and everyone’s help seriously. We believe you want this game to happen as much as we do, and if you do, we ask that you “take up arms” and actively fight alongside us till the end of this campaign and try to achieve victory. Because in reality, it only through working together that we can do this. So please, help us get the word out and get as many people to pledge. There is still time and let's make the most of it. 

In the meantime, lets move forward to today's topic.



Since we’re talking about taking up arms, today’s update we will be about equipment such as weapons, armor.


The current technology level of Graywalkers Purgatory is equivalent to 21st century tech that we have today. This includes prototype technology that exists but may not yet be commercially available. What we don’t have in the game are technologies that are still clearly in the realms of science fiction. Of course nowadays, even those lines are starting to blur as jet packs and controlling technology with your mind is a reality. 

Take note though that though the technology exists, the ability to manufacture these technologies are now greatly limited due to lack of power, facilities, materials and needed skill sets. 


All items to be found in the world will have various levels of quality. Each quality level denotes how tough and effective an item is in doing what it’s supposed to do. In the case of weapons, it affects accuracy and damage. For Armor, it affects encumbrance and how much damage it can take effectively. 

  • Destroyed 
  • Very Rusty / Badly Damaged 
  • Rusty / Damaged 
  • Normal / Undamaged 
  • Fine Quality 
  • Very Fine Quality 
  • Pristine

As items are used, their current state degrades. A normal weapon after many uses will find itself “damaged” if not maintained. It is continued, it may eventually become “badly damaged” and eventually “destroyed”. Characters with the right skill sets and tools may be able to repair and improve these items. However, once an item is totally destroyed, it can only be used as crafting materials and not be brought back to a functional state. 

Archaic / Medieval Style Weapons 

In the Graywalkers world right now, the popularity of archaic weaponry is at its peak. For one, it’s easy to make with modern knowledge and there’s enough raw materials around to make them. Also, many items in the modern world can be converted easily into some sort of archaic weapon. Archaic weapons include swords (all kinds), maces, morningstars, spears, knives, hammers, polearms , bows, crossbows, slings and others. 
The beauty of archaic weapons are their usefulness in these times. When going up against supernatural creatures, archaic weapons seem to be effective against them. This is mostly due to the properties of the raw materials used for making these types of weapons to be the bane of many supernatural creatures such as wood, silver and iron. 
Archaic weapons will have upgrade slots. These are meant to improve features like damage, accuracy, action point cost, reload time and others. These come in the form of accessories or weapon crafting upgrades. The number of available upgrade slots differ on every weapon. 


Firearms are very common in the Graywalkers world. They are easy to find and there are probably more firearms spread around the than the existing current population. What is hard to find is ammunition. Early on, there we’re lots of ammo to be found as well but eventually, through the years, the supplies eventually dried up. Now ammo is one of the most important resources in the world and is valued greatly. 

Many firearms will be available in the game such as pistols, sub-machine guns, machine pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, battle rifles, advanced combat rifles, and many others. There will be at least a minimum of 50 firearms in the game, though we’re targeting a number much higher than that. 

Firearms will also have upgrade slots. These slots can be filled with accessories which may improve the performance of the weapon in many ways. These upgrades may include improvement in accuracy, range, damage, ammo capacity, reload time or even add “Special Abilities”. 

These accessories can either be found, bought or made in the game. Some will be relatively easy to find while some maybe extremely rare. 

Man-Portable Heavy Weapons 

Heavy weapons in general are not very common. With these mostly being limited to military personnel only, their availability is hard to come by, and their ammo even more so. Their use is very effective however. With heavy weapons, even if they were not designed to work specifically against the supernatural, the sheer potential damage they bring to the table more than makes up for it. 

Heavy weapons that will be available are machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and man-portable missile launchers. 
Like firearms, they can also be modified with accessories and will have upgrade slots as well. 

Improvised Weapons 

Aside from existing weapons, many improvised weapons have also been made. Nothing like pushing man’s creativity when it comes to making dangerous weapons of out ordinary things to survive. 

These can be something as mundane as Nail-Spiked Baseball Bats to something as exotic as solar-powered pneumatic nail-guns. Whatever the case, we are trying to keep the library of improvised weapon available within the realm of probable reality. 

These items can normally be found as salvage from other people, or bought at shops or you can create them with the needed blueprint and skill. 

Anti-Supernatural Weapons 

Many weapons have been converted to be more functional against supernatural creatures. This normally includes changing the material used in the creation of the weapon or by simply utilizing ammo designed to hurt the specific supernatural creature. Example of these might be silver bullets, wooden bolts, cold iron arrow heads, wooden bullets, ultraviolet lamps, and many others. 

Magic Weapons 

The most effective weapons against the supernatural is of course using weapons considered supernatural themselves. In the past 2 decades, many ancient relics that have lost their magic power through the generations have been rekindled. Many museum pieces now have their magic restored, and are now fully functional mystical weapons, with each one bearing its own unique set of traits and abilities. Of course these are very rare and are eagerly sought for by many.

With the return of magic, also came the return of the magic crafters. These are the people who can create magical items. However, these magical items will never truly be as powerful as those created in ancient times, simply because of the lack of knowledge of how to create them. Still, a magical weapon is still something that would be good to keep in hand when fighting creatures immune to conventional attacks. 

The most powerful of these of course are the ancient and unique artifacts of legend such as the Spear of Longinus, Excalibur, Mjolnir and others. These items were normally wielded by equally powerful individuals who often were themselves Graywalkers. 


As a character, you will have several kinds of armor available to you. 
There are archaic armor available such as leather, chain mail, scale mail, plate armor and the like. Though very effective against melee attacks, these provide very little protection against firearms. 

There are modern armor such as bullet proof vests and personal body armor that protect very well against firearms but are less effective against melee and archaic weapons. 
There are some armors that are extremely effective at stopping a particular kind of attack. For example, an asbestos suit will give you almost complete protection against flame but minimal protection from everything else. 

Like weapons, these come in various levels of quality which also affects their ability to resist damage and how cumbersome they are when using them. This encumbrance can lessen a character’s available action points when it goes beyond a person’s encumbrance limit. Take note that this does not denote weight alone but bulk as well. Some armors are very bulky despite not being as heavy as some other armor sets.


Of all arms and armor, these are among the rarest of them all. There have been rumors of magically imbuing technological based items with supernatural properties, going beyond simple anti-supernatural upgrades. No one truly knows where these come from, what they can do or how they are made but some have sworn to have seen it in action deep in the wastelands of Purgatory. Only time will tell if these things do exist. 


Hope you like the topic for today. If you have any questions or comments, please just let us know. We are always eager to hear from you.

Again, don't forget to check out Lords of Xulima and Deathfire. They are the most exciting and visually appealing RPGs to have graced Kickstarter in quite a long time. These beautiful classic style games deserve to be made.

Now, for some more art from the last update that we promised. As usual more to come in the next few days.

"Sniper Bunny"
"Sniper Bunny"

Longinus, the last Graywalker
Longinus, the last Graywalker


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    1. Thomas Lichte on November 12, 2013

      Great Update. I've backed for graywalkers an hope you'll make it. I'm lookin' forward to play the game!

      And thank you for supporting two other Games I've backed. Especially Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore can use that kind of support. <3

    2. Duane Crago "Skyrek"
      on November 11, 2013

      Awesome array of weapon choices :)

    3. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on November 11, 2013

      We almost forgot to add, Armor will also have upgrade slots as well. The upgrades can improve encumbrance, weight, and armor protection. These upgrades come in the form of accessories, or material improvements.