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Today’s topic will be one of my favorites, and I think many people’s favorite as well, Combat! Though there are ways to resolve encounters in Graywalkers Purgatory without using violence, sometimes there is no option but to fight.


Normally, combat happens in 2 situations. It can happen while you are in the Regionscape View or the Areascape view.

Regionscape View 

For those who are not familiar with each, the Regionscape view is an overhead 3d map showing the region where your active team is. From here you can manage their actions and where you want them to go. Normally your team is represented by an Icon (top view) or an avatar (isometric view). Combat happens when your Icon’s area of influence intersects with an enemy’s area of influence. For example, you detect a team heading towards a village, you can intercept them (assuming you’re fast enough) and engage combat with them. We will talk more about the Regionscape in a future Update.  

"Areascape" - Real Time Movement
"Areascape" - Real Time Movement

 The Areascape is the 3d isometric view when you zoom into specific locations in the region. This is normally automatic when entering settlements and special locations. In this view, your characters move in real-time.


Quick Combat

In the game, there are 2 types of combat you can engage in. The first is Strategic Quick Combat. This type only happens when you are in the Regionscape. Let’s say you see a group of enemies heading your way, and you encounter them. A pop up screen will appear showing you an estimate of what you are fighting. For example it will say 5-7 Bandits. You will have the option to choose quick combat or tactical combat then.

If you choose Quick Combat, it will automatically resolve the combat based simply on your characters stats, power levels, weapons, armor and other relevant combat factors. Before you start, you can also choose your combat stance: Offensive, Normal, Defensive. Each one will have its own advantage and disadvantage. The offensive stance will allow your side to deal more damage but may also take more damage. For defensive stance, you deal less damage as well as take less damage. Your choice will affect the result of the quick combat. You may also have an option to try and retreat though sometimes, it’s not guaranteed that you will succeed in fleeing. This is very similar to the quick combat found in JA2.

Tactical Turn-Based Combat  

If you choose tactical then you go turn based and your screen changes to the Combatscape Screen or basically your combat view. While in Areascape, you can also go into Combat mode by choice or when an encounter is started. This changes the view from real time to turn-based.


Action Point Based Resolution

To do anything in turn-based combat uses up Action Points. Each character will have a specific amount of Action points and this limits what actions can be done. Each type of action, from movement to attacks to casting spells and others all have Action Points cost. You don’t have enough AP, you can’t do the action. Right now, our action point numbers are closer to XCom though we’re contemplating to simplify this. A character can have an average of 50 Action points. If we simplify it, 50 action points will translate to about 10 action points with (5 per 1 conversion) This isn’t final and the community’s thoughts on this will be helpful.

"Combatscape" Map

Our Combat map uses a grid based system. However, you can move diagonally in this system, though movement diagonally uses up more action points. Each box you move in will have a corresponding cost depending on the type of terrain. There will be normal terrain, difficult terrain and very difficult terrain. 

When highlighting a character, a grid map of how far he can move with his action points will show. As the action points reduce, so will the grids that he can move into. When moving your cursor around, you control a series of brown box which signifies the path that your character goes. Click on the desired location and your character will move to that location based on the path you created. 

Character Box GUI

The Character Box is where the stats of your character is displayed. This includes your health, energy, action points and a few other relevant info. It also shows some quick buttons to several actions like inventory, your info tablet, your character, map and End Turn. It also includes quick stance buttons to help you change stance with just one click. 

Quick Item Box GUI

Your Quick Item Box is where you equipped weapon is displayed. From here you can switch to another weapon equipped by clicking on the 1 or 2 button on the left hand side. The 6 boxes to the right of the weapon is your quick pouches. These are the items readily available and usable with one click. For example click on the grenade and your character will get ready to throw a grenade, you simply have to point where. If you click on the magazine, then it will reload the weapon shown. This assumes you have the right ammo for the gun. You can move items from the inventory to this quick item box at any time but doing it in combat will cost action points. 

Ability Box GUI

The Ability Box is where your abilities will be displayed. For now you can only have up to 6  readily available abilities at one time, though we are contemplating a system similar to MMOs wherein a Shift or Cntrl plus the number will reveal the next groups of 6. This is not yet final and is still being discussed. Take not that using abilities use up action points and energy points as well. 

Target Box GUI

The Target Box simply shows the target highlighted by your cursor or your target. Basic info is shown such as hit points and energy, as well as the name of the target. 

Team Box GUI

The Team Box displays all members of the team.  Pressing F1 to F6 chooses the character. 

Combat Actions

There are many combat actions available to each character such as walk, run, throw, cast spell, fire weapon, use item, change stance, get items, reload, aim, use ability and many others. 

Combat Resolution

Combat results are determined by an opposed combat system. This means your "roll" will be compared against the "roll" of your target. For example, shooting someone will be determined by comparing his Attack Bonus + other combat modifiers VS Defense Bonus + Combat modifiers. If the attacker equals or goes over the defensive roll then the target is hit.

Combat Modifiers

There are several core things that determine combat modifiers:

  • Weapon Range - all weapons have a range rating and you get penalties the farther the target is
  • Weapon Accuracy -  every weapon has an accuracy rating that is determined by quality of the weapon and what type of specific weapon. 
  • Aim Actions - you can spend additional action points to improve your aim
  • Cover - Being beside cover will add defensive bonus as well as damage resistance bonus
  • Visibility - how well you see your target can impose plus or minus
  • Recoil - with weapons that fire full auto, recoil lessens accuracy though there are ways to minimize this
  • Movement - you moving and your target moving affects your attack rating
There are however other combat modifiers that we are considering for this list. 

Combat Damage

Each weapon has a damage code which is then affected by your skills, attributes and abilities. If a target takes more damage than his Life Points, he becomes dying. If takes additional damage equal to negative his Body, then he dies. Every round that passes will make his health level deteriorate unless healed or stabilized. 

So far this is our update for Combat. If you have any specific questions, please ask them and we will try to answer them as best we can. We might have missed something in the combat so ask away.


Before we go, some announcements:

1. As you all know, we only have 20 days left and our number is barely moving. Again, we ask you guys for your participation. Any kind of help is always welcome.  I know we can still do this. Yes, many of you are probably thinking that we might not make it with 20 days to go, but you have to realize that a campaign jumps really high during the latter part. Of course we will not wait for it to get that close before we move. Luckily we've been getting more Press Coverage but somehow we need a  big name to cover us to make a big difference fast. If any of you know the email address of somebody, please forward them to us and we will try and contact them. 

2. We've created some Graywalkers Avatar to use here in KS if you guys want to do so. You can get them here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/egm9sr83ifeb5jy/D-O7AmTWV2

3. We are announcing some improved rewards. We're hoping the new reward tiers and upgrade to existing tiers will encourage some to increase their pledges. If not, please don't forget that we also have Add-Ons at the bottom of the rewards section. We will announce the final list very soon. Also, if you have suggestions as to what type of rewards you think would be of interest to you, let us know. We prefer them to be digital though so we can afford to put them at the lower tiers.

4. We've reached 200 Backers today. Not a bad number but we can do better. Lets make that 2000 backers. I know we can do it guys.  

5. Please continue to vote for us in Steam Greenlight if you still haven't. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=191653077

I guess that's it for today. See you folks again in a day. Thanks to all

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