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$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal
$42,769 pledged of $100,000 goal

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    1. Gearsoul Dragon

      *headdesk* That was supposed to go in a PM! x___X

    2. Gearsoul Dragon

      Aha! :D

      I'm not sure how easy this will be to use... But I went back through the old comments on the previous campaign and found a couple comments of mine:

      ":D Chucked you guys $30! Hope it helps~"

      "...In my case, I left my KS username in the note section of the Paypal donation."

      So, there should be a donation around 20th December, 2013 -- when I made the initial 'chucked you $30' comment -- for $30 with an included note informing you the donation is from KS user Orson Cream! :D Hope that helps!

    3. Gearsoul Dragon

      n__n' Didn't realise we were still getting posts in here~

    4. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Hi guys! New articles was released about Graywalkers Purgatory today. Thanks to The Gaming Ground for the article and coverage. Please check it out here:

    5. Blessed on

      I will look into thunderclap again. This is new to me :)

    6. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @Blessed: You don't actually donate money through Thunderclap, all you do is cast a vote for projects that interest you. It's kinda like signing an online petition but to raise awareness for crowdfunding campaigns and such. I think you can sign up on Thunderclap with any email address.

    7. Blessed on

      ok I just wiki Thunderclap ... not sure if I can donate there :) I am not on the usual social media. I shall support you guys here.
      Timing wise it is a bit too late for me, if you can have it start at 7PM EST will be nice, but it's no matter. I will back you guys again, just sooner or later is all.
      Is it possible to let me know what amount I had put in through PayPal already so I can see how much more I wish to put in? Thanks!

    8. Blessed on

      @Dreamlords - you will not be doing a Kickstarter for this? I am confused what is Thunderclap?

    9. Jamie Dutton on

      Marked it down on my calendar! The 24th should be a good day to set your sails. It's a Wednesday, no major holidays, or other big launches to interfere. Let's keep our fingers crossed and get ready to buckle down and spread the word :)

    10. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      We will be needing everybody's help. We will be doing a Thunderclap campaign for this launch. Hopefully you can just create an account there and support it. It will cost you guys no money, only a little effort and support. Will be posting more about that very soon. Thank you!

    11. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Ok, so far our relaunch seems to be a go for September 24. We're looking at 9PM EST. Will be posting an update this weekend for final announcements

    12. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      @Blessed No we are not unfortunately launching on a weekend.
      @Dave Yeah we do hope so too. I think we're in a better position now to get more press attention due to the demo. We have a slightly better one than the one we released here a few weeks back. We couldn't tap many of the youtube bloggers before but now we can. Of course having the demo also gives us a lot of credibility which will hopefully get us the coverage we need. As for the date, those are actually the final dates we are looking at. Right now, we are starting moving on the press already and hopefully by the launch, we should have more support.

    13. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      I think Sept. 24-26 is a good time to launch. Looking at upcoming PC releases, this week we have Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC on the 18th, Wasteland 2 on the 19th. Next weeks there's the Gauntlet reboot and Stronghold: Crusaders II on September 23rd. After that there's no other notable PC releases until October. And since AFAIK there aren't any high profile KS game projects launching in the near future Graywalkers should have a shot at getting some media coverage (I hope). Ultimately I think that is more important than which day of the week you launch... I know the first few days are often the biggest days but I think that has more to do with developers generating pre-launch hype (having pre-existing fans) than anything else.

    14. Blessed on

      Not going to start say on a Saturday or Sunday? The first few days is one of the hottest. If say you start on a Saturday, you get two days where people have more free time on their daily schedule to come on and pledge. Just my two cents :)

    15. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Hello everyone. We will be submitting our page to Kickstarter this weekend to get it approved. It normally takes 2-3 days for approval. Assuming there are no issues with the page and it gets approved, our target launch will be on September 24.

    16. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Hard West is looking like an awesome strategy / RPG. Another Western (and Steampunk) themed RPG I'm backing is "Age of Grit". Combat is turn-based and takes place in steam-powered airships.

    17. Blessed on

      *salutes your generous spirit*

    18. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      We just backed Hard West on t heir last 5 hours. Check them out. It's a cool western turn-based game.

    19. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Hi guys! We just backed cool turn-based post-apocalyptic game called Fallen: A2P Protocol. Hope you guys can check it out. They are in their last 24 hours and only $2K to go to making their goal. Here is the link:

    20. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      @Jamie Dutton @Blessed Looking forward to you guys being there. We have a date already for the launch. We will announce it in a few days.

    21. Blessed on

      I will try to be here :)

    22. Jamie Dutton on

      Yay! Very much looking forward to September!

    23. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      New backer's only update released. Let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Thank you!

    24. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Hello everybody! Please expect an update in the next 24 hours. Thank you!

    25. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      @PegasusOrgans We're really glad to hear that you are still excited. Yes, it has been a while and we apologize for that...and yes we are still hard at work on it. Good news is we will have a big update here in less than 2 weeks where we will tell you about the future of Graywalkers and show you a sneak peak on what we've built in the past few months.

    26. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      It has been a while, and I'm still as excited as ever. Your game world is actually unique and I love the character designs! Please say you're still at work.

    27. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Yeah, we definitely want to make it count and i agree that a good demo can determine our success more clearly. We're hoping you guys will like the demo. It's been an interesting few months for us but we will be announcing some good news when we next make our update. Thank you again to you and to everybody here for their continued support and understanding.

    28. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      You gotta make it count and people understand. Kickstarter is less forgiving and a good demo can mean a well funded project. We all wish you good luck and can't wait to play the demo and see the trailer!

    29. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Unfortunately to say, we will not launch on May 15. We are still debugging the demo before we release. However, we will be releasing an update in a few days and it will include a video and screenshots of the current demo. We have the demo, it's just not fit for public consumption yet. Our intention is to get everybody's feedback here on what they see so we can improve on it before we release. We're also taking the time for the next few weeks to start marketing the game before we relaunch. We apologize again for the delay. It couldn't be helped but do know that it is in the best interest of the game and for you guys, the community. Thank you. Hope you guys understand.

    30. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Still on track for the May 15 relaunch?

    31. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Yes, we are actually planning to do this. Thank you for bringing this up though. You guys will have the chance to see everything before it happens, from the demo to the new art to KS page itself to get feedback. As far as we're concerned, you guys are looking out for us and every feedback you give is something to help us move forward and be better. As you will see soon, majority of the most common feedbacks have been dealt with somehow. Thanks again!

    32. Morrandir on

      Hey guys!
      Have you thought about doing a Kickstarter project preview, e.g. for the backers of your first campaign? The feedback could help you.

    33. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      @Jamie Dutton
      We are glad to know you are excited. We're excited too but a bit nervous as well though. Just as an update, we're planning a May 15 Relaunch. We are planning to send you guys a link to the demo to get your immediate feedback so we can fix things before we send them to press and maybe even public release depending on how things are with the demo.

      @Orson Cream
      Yes it was definitely helping. Every dollar was important especially with the love and support that came with it. :)

    34. Gearsoul Dragon

      Same here! I'd planned on making a pile of donations to build up my pledge total but in the end I think I only managed one or two....

      Well, it still helped things along.. I guess... a little..?? xD Like, you got lunch and/or dinner for a day or two? That's helping!

    35. Jamie Dutton on

      Can't wait for the re-launch!

    36. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Thank you! As for GoG, we definitely want to be part of it. We mentioned this even from the beginning. We've looked at some of the options to get on there. Hopefully, when we deal with them directly, we will be accepted as one to be distributed on their market. Thanks again

    37. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Congrats on being Greenlit.

      Personally I would love to see Graywalkers distributed via GoG as well. With that in mind I have created a GoG wishlist page for it:

      If you have a GoG account please take a minute and vote for it. The more votes it gets, the more likely that GoG will approach Dreamlords Digitial to distribute Graywalkers.

    38. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      @MathieNG Thank you! Yes we are definitely looking at an early May re-launch. The demo is looking good. We changed gameplay and improved it. Hopefully people will like what we did with it.
      @Blessed Thanks for the patience.

    39. NG on

      Congratulations on greenlight & support for the game! Are we looking at an early May re-launch?

    40. Blessed on

      It is ok for me :)

    41. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      As for the relaunch, we will need to delay again for 1-2 weeks but this is the final push back. We're almost ready to go. The only thing that isn't finished is the demo and we wanted that when we relaunched, we would have the demo. Also, being greenlit changes a bit of our strategy. Hope you all understand.

    42. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Great news everyone! Graywalkers Purgatory has just been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you everybody for the support

    43. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Another piece of good news, GWP is now at #31 on Steam Greenlight. As long as we hold this pattern, just a matter of time now before being greenlit

    44. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Another piece of good news, GWP is now at #31 on Steam Greenlight. As long as we hold this pattern, just a matter of time now before being greenlit

    45. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      We will be probably doing an update 1 week before the 24th to remind people. See you then

    46. Blessed on

      Alright, I will be there! Might now be a good time to remind ppl to back early to get veteran perks?

    47. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Though this is not yet 100%, we are targeting to relaunch on April 23 or 24. This is the first time we've actually given a date and we hope we can stick to it.

    48. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      New interview on Graywalkers Purgatory by Redgaming Tech. Thanks again to them for the coverage:

    49. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      We're now at Rank #86 on Steam Greenlight and continuing to rise steadily. Please continue to spread the word. We're hoping that by the time we're ready to announce the KS, we would be greenlit already or at least be in the Top 50

    50. Dreamlords Digital 2-time creator on

      Yes, we're hoping it would. It also lends some credibility as well.
      @Dave-Celestian Tales
      We're glad you're excited. We're excited too and we hope we don't disappoint. We do have to apologize though for the delays. Talks and presentations with potential investors have eaten up some of our development time. We will announce our final schedule for the KS in about 2 weeks hopefully.

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