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A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
1,057 backers pledged $85,353 to help bring this project to life.

First Batch Shipping!

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

I have packaged and printed shipping labels for the first batch of EEW Minis.  The first 67 backers should have gotten an email and your package should get picked up by the shipping service (USPS) tomorrow.  There is a chance pickup will be delayed until Friday since we are supposed to get 12 inches of snow tonight.

I did have one mistake with shipping this first batch.  The recites will all just have a generic "Spinning Wheel" description and a price of $50 on the label instead of the correct price.  This is because I made a mistake when I imported the kickstarter info into my shipping software.  I will work on fixing that for the next batch so it lists the correct price and how many bobbins you are getting, but everyone should be getting the correct products shipped this time even though the email you got is wrong.

I'm excited to start getting feedback from these early backers!  Now it's back to work for me.  I want to keep focused so I can get the rest shipped out by the end of June.

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    1. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      For some reason the bobbin has to be spinning at the same speed as the flyer. Most likely it is either the yarn is hung up and can't proceed onto the bobbin, or you didn't sent enough tension. If you can't figure out why you can try posting your problem to

      Or you could use the email on my support page to send me a short video of your problem and I might be able to help.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Natasha on

      I can’t find any reason why the yarn won’t wind onto the bobbin. I’ve tried different fiber, different speeds etc. nothing is working.

    3. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      That's normal. The bobbin should turn in the same direction as the flyer. When tension is applied the bobbin should turn slightly slower, but still in the same direction. If the bobbin is always spinning the same speed maybe your yarn is caught on something.

    4. Natasha on

      It looks like everything is turning in the same direction and that’s why the yarn won’t catch onto the bobbin

    5. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Natasha, is the problem that the bobbin isn't spinning? If that's the case you can try slightly more tension and if that doesn't work most likely your yarn is getting hung up on something. Try and pull the yarn through manually and twisting it on the bobbin to see what's going wrong.

    6. Natasha on

      I’m having a similar issue getting the leader and spun fiber to wrap around the bobbin. I tried taping down the leader but so far nothing is working.

    7. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      levgard, that's a fair question and one I frequently re-evaluate. It would be helpful to my business to get people to pay for preorders, but it would be a lot of work to track and ship them in a time frame the customers expect. So currently I just ask people to sign up for an email list and they will be notified when it's in stock and can order it then. I know this causes me to loose out on a significant amount of sales, but this lets me to have a simpler system and lets me give better support to my customers. It is something I might change in the future, but right now I'm going to stay with what I've been doing.

    8. Missing avatar

      a levgard on

      People in the spinning groups are so excited with their shipping notices and actually receiving the wheels. Plenty of people are asking how to get one, is there a reason you can't open up advance orders for the post-kickstarter wheels yet?

    9. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Awesome! Hope it is useful in teaching lots of people about spinning.

      On a side note I'm sending out my 3rd batch tomorrow. I'll be over 20% of the them shipped at that point.

    10. Tamara Ell on

      Oh my gosh! My teachers pack just arrived, I’m so excited! I have a spinning class on Saturday. Perfect timing!

    11. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      More tension should help pull it on the bobbin. You can test the system just by using a piece of string and see if that gets pulled onto the bobbin. If not try running it at a slow speed and holding the bobbin in place from the back with one hand. In this case it will have to pull the string onto the bobbin. Then perhaps you can figure out why it isn't normally working.

      Another option is to contact me on this page:

      I can then give you a way to upload a video. If you can send me a video then I should be able to figure out what is wrong.

    12. Jessie Paulsen on

      Hi! I am so excited that I received mine today! I've watched the getting started video over and over and I can not get my thread to consistently wind onto my bobbin, even adjusting the tension, it continues to spin with the front drive so it just coils and coils. Any advice?

    13. Missing avatar

      Hofmann Veronika on

      Just a note
      You wrote "I did have one mistake with shipping this first batch. The recites will all just have a generic "Spinning Wheel" description and a price of $50 on the label.." this shouldn´t be a mistake in priniciple. If the wheel will come to Germany customs authority will calculate the fees from the price that is given.
      Either way I can´t wait to have my own eel!! :-D

    14. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      They picked up the packages today. I'd expect people in the US who got the shipping email will start receiving them next week.

    15. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Looks like the USPS didn't pick up the packages today. I guess they had too much to do due to the storm. They should be here tomorrow.

    16. Kesten Davis on

      So exciting!!! I cannot wait until my batch comes up!!!

    17. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Debra, yes I have your address. You filled out the survey on Feb 23rd.

    18. Missing avatar

      DEBRA ROCK on

      not certain i f you have DEB ROCK NOT know how to do it! sorry...

    19. Lisa Ferron on

      As backer #12 I was SO excited to get my shipping notification and can't wait to write a review of my new toy :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Traligill on

      Stay safe in all that snow.....

      Yippee, I'm likely to be in the next batch. Getting really excited now. Very much looking forward to what the first recipients think of their new toys.

    21. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Hi Elizabeth. The wood is unfinished so it should paint or stain well. If you prefer to take it apart and paint in pieces that is also possible since everything is just held together with screws (except the bobbins which are glued).

    22. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      Will it be possible to paint or stain these eventually, or are they finished in some way?