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A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
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EEW Mini Parts Ordered

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

Hello to all my wonderful supporters!

Earlier this week I got the funds from Kickstarter deposited into my bank account. Ahead of getting these funds I had worked with all my suppliers to get purchase orders for all the custom parts. So even though I've only had the funds for a few days I have already placed orders for all the parts I need. I'm currently targeting getting all the parts by mid-February. That sounds like a lot of time, but if you include shipping times and the fact that many of the custom parts need to be made in a factory that is quick.

So far things are going more smoothly than past products I've made. However, there are still a few things I need to iron out. As an example, the company I want to order motor pulleys from only has 500 in stock and the rest are on backorder (I'm using an off the shelf part for these). I'm having trouble getting an estimate on when the rest will ship so that means I need to watch this closely. If things don't get resolved I might need to make a custom part for these instead. The good news is none of the issues I know about will slow down assembly. Assembly for this many EEWs will take a while so my top goal is to get that assembly started as soon as possible.

I expect I'll be sending out updates every few weeks, and will give people an update on where we are towards the final goal of shipping the EEW Minis to all you Kickstarter backers. If people have any other requests for something they'd like to see in one of these updates let me know.

Just as a side note in this update, my wife has been raising two fiber llamas for years. One of our llamas recently died from kidney disease and our other llama (Alfred) was lonely so we went looking to find him a friend. Here's an image where we're introducing two older llamas we found that needed a new home (Jet-Lee and Dido).  The fiber on these new llamas isn't the best because the previous owners didn't give them yearly cuts, but we'll sheer them this spring and they should be pretty after that.  Dido and Alfred have already become really good friends. 

(Left) Alfred, (Middle)Jet-Lee, (Right)Dido
(Left) Alfred, (Middle)Jet-Lee, (Right)Dido


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    1. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Joy, I'll try to do another update soon. I've been waiting on parts to be delivered so I can make a meaningful update.

    2. Missing avatar

      JOY on

      I would Love a new update on the mini’s and the llamas😃

    3. Missing avatar

      Marion Giroux on

      Lovely LLamas...does your daughter have the book "Is your Mama a LLama?" ...personal favorite! Sent you an email message in response to yours, which I missed when you sent it...did you receive my untimely response?

    4. Darla Cohn -Gay on

      I love that you have adopted . Blessings and the 2nd shearimg will be fun to see.
      Good luck.
      #89 very excited and am glad eew mini is not that far away from
      It's new home..!
      Take care

    5. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      I'm glad everyone liked the update on our newly adopted llama :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      The Boys are absolutely adorable! :-) So glad you could provide them a new home, that is most awesome! :-) The Three Musketeers! 🐪 🐪 🐪

    7. Missing avatar

      Tracy Salazar on

      Love your updates and I am proud to help you achieve your goals! Thanks for the opportunity!

    8. Missing avatar

      Traligill on

      Thanks so much for the update on the exciting project. The positive news about your new llamas after the sad loss threatens to outshine the product news. So pleased your new additions are getting together with your remaining boy.

    9. Missing avatar

      Barbara on

      So happy to hear that you were able to give 2 senior llamas a new and loving home. And now Alfred has a new friend! Win-win!!