Electric Eel Wheel Mini

by Maurice Ribble

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      This looks awesome, Maurice! :-) Thanks for including the design improvement, much appreciated! :-)

    2. Tina Broderson on

      Is there an option for a travel case or bag?

    3. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Tina, there is not an option for a travel case or bag. That said, I'm sure people will come up with many solutions for this on the Ravelry forums. On past versions of my spinning wheels people had lots of solutions they found online and at local stores.

    4. Missing avatar

      a levgard on

      I bet this little guy will fit into a small cooler bag (or hard-sided cooler) with room for extra padding.

    5. Darla Cohn -Gay on

      Maurice, I can't wait to teach myself to spin. Thank you for making this possible.
      One question please. Do l need to upgrade to the $80 pledge for mor than the 3 bobbins with the $60 ?
      Also will we be able to purchase others from your store eventually??
      Again thank you

    6. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Darla, if you want more bobbins through this Kickstarter campaign then yes you need to change your backer level from the $60 to the $80 one.

      Yes, I plan to make bobbins available for purchase from my store, but those will probably have to be purchased after the Kickstarter packages ship.

    7. Darla Cohn -Gay on

      I am assuming I will have the same #89 after upgrading.
      Thank you for answering so quickly..
      Going to chg. my pledge ...thank you

    8. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Darla, yes you will keep your backer number.

    9. Darla Cohn -Gay on

      Thank you Maurice. I am just so excited to start a
      New craft that is aftually very old.
      Thank you again so much.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michelle Mansfield on

      Happy New Year to you and your family!