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A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
A $50 spinning wheel that makes spinning fiber into yarn easy. It is great for beginners or people who want a small spinning wheel.
1,057 backers pledged $85,353 to help bring this project to life.

Adding a Plying Switch and Weights to the EEW Mini

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

This week I have another video for you.  This one shows how you can add a switch that reverses the direction of the flyer (useful for plying), and an easy way to add hidden weights underneath if you don't like the book weight method used in the earlier videos.  These are great examples of how you customize your spinning wheel after getting it if you want.

Here is a link the switches I used in the video and here is a link to the weights.

This campaign is over halfway done.  The first week was awesome, but the number of new people finding this project has gone way down during the past week.  I could really use your help getting the word out about the EEW Mini.  Please tell your friends about this project.  Thanks!


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    1. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Hi Danielle. Sorry, I'm not going to add switches. I think that would add too much time and I'm going to focus on getting the EEW Minis shipped quickly.

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      Danielle Oudenhoven on

      @MauriceRibble After funding is complete, can we pay extra to have you add the switch?

    3. Missing avatar

      Marion Giroux on

      I will draw it out and post!

    4. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Marion, I can't follow exactly what you're describing. As you said these things are hard to describe in words :-)

      That said, if I were going to make something nice I'd probably go with some kind of "wooden nest" (I like those words). I might just go with a board with some fins that can screw into the side of the Mini.

      I'm hoping you and others will post pictures if you do some more elaborate solutions!

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      Marion Giroux on

      good ideas...I have been thinking about securing my mini when I get it ,lately and what I am thinking is a wooden "nest" (probably not the best description of what is in my head) ..simply a piece of wood that I can place on table, or tray that has a cut out of the footprint of the mini removed so I can simply place it in the rectangle for security and spin. It can be as simple as a front rectangular cut ( sort of leaving a Square "C" shape of wood around the mini "and I can slide the mini in and have something like two screws on either side at the front where I can draw a rubber band or other band across to secure the front to keep the mini in..OR I can use a drill to make a cut out with a jigsaw in the center of the wood...I can put rubber feet on the wood "nest" to prevent slipping... would just increase the surface and prevent it from tipping or sliding in case I do :)... pretty simple but hard to explain in words :)