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An electric spinning wheel for knitters, crochets, and anyone wanting to make their own yarn.
An electric spinning wheel for knitters, crochets, and anyone wanting to make their own yarn.
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Open Source Files and a Lazy Kate

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

First, for those new to spinning a lazy kate is used to hold extra bobbins while plying yarn together.  There are lots of DIY solutions if you just google for something like "diy lazy kate".  Some people want a nicer lazy kate and below is a first pass at one.

 We noticed a few issues with this prototype that would need to be addressed in a final version, but overall we are quite pleased.  One nice feature of this version is a tension band.  This is that black band that passes over the bobbins in the front.  This prevents the bobbins from spinning out of control and causing tangles.

Anyways, we aren't sure if there would be demand for this lazy kate considering when we priced it out the selling price turned out to be $75.  So we decided to ask you guys if you'd be interested in this before we finalize the design.

In other news the open source files for the EEW wheel are now available here.

No more shipments of the EEW have gone out since last week because we're waiting for more bobbin parts, but once we get those bobbins made another shipment will go out.

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    1. Jennie Giannone Coble on

      I would be very interested in a kate for me eel!

    2. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Yes, it is tensioned.

    3. Missing avatar

      sandie o'day on

      I would be interested in a lazy kate. Is it tensioned? Regards, Sandie O'Day

    4. Missing avatar

      David Ryan on

      Would like to purchase one.

    5. Richard Hyde

      My current lazy kate has long been a lesson in why I wish I owned a tensioned one--my bobbins live the freewheeling lifestyle at that stage. I am definitely interested in buying yours to reel them in.

      --Alison Hyde

    6. Missing avatar

      Valerie T on

      Looks gorgeous -- but I will not be ordering at a $75 price point without a bobbin or two included in the price. Appreciate the opportunity for feedback, though.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      I am interested.

    8. Cordula Heckert on

      I am interested too and also for the options to add more bobbins to the order !

    9. Frances Rooke on

      Hi, I am keen for one! Would be great to have a matching one to my Eel.
      Maybe the order could have the option of extra bobbins? To make the most out of postage for us overseas buyers. :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke Sinden

      A quick search on Amazon reveals that prices for a Lazy Kate range from $25-175. I'm backing the project as a gift to my wife, and I would definitely back an additional campaign, or if it were offered as an add-on project, I'd happily buy a Lazy Kate that matches the Electric Eel Wheel.

    11. Missing avatar

      VariegatedKnits on

      I'm hoping my angled universal kates will work with the EEW bobbins. I prefer those to tensioned kates.

    12. Missing avatar

      Linda Fitzwater on

      Yes - I would be interested in purchasing a lazy kate.

    13. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Thanks for all the input so far. The price would not include bobbins and I understand it's seems a little pricey which is the main reason we asked. We priced it just like I do all my other products which is to take the cost to make it and multiple by x. There is a lot of debate over what the right value of x is, but generally we feel the right range is between 2.6 and 3. There is no way our small operation could compete with the pricing of giant companies that can leverage manufacturing in larger scales. This is why we find niche markets like the Electric Eel Wheel where this is a gap and fill it.

      There has been some interest though so we'll probably proceed with a small run. Keep filling out the comments if you are interested. We'll probably be looking for a few volunteers to send a free unit to for testing.

    14. Jay Duckworth on

      In my experience Kates that are on an angle work a lot better for plying. I also think that $75 is a bit steep even with the bobbins.

    15. Anna Pinkham on

      I would love it! I like how these are horizontal and not vertical. Count me in!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dawn A Cruz-Bengtsson on

      I would be interested. If you are shipping it after September will you be able to ship it to Sweden?

    17. Jac Zifos on

      I love this idea! Unfortunately, it's not within my budget to add this now. I think it's a fair price though, something I could add to my collection at a later date.

    18. Χριστίνα Αμπαρτζάκη on

      Hi guys! I Think this add is helpefull. I don' t know if i can pay something more now with the capital controls here in Greece.

    19. Missing avatar

      Valerie Aharoni on

      $75 is a bit steep since there are many others for less. If the price includes the bobbins it may compete.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sue Burton on

      Thanks for asking, but at $75 I wouldn't be interested.