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An electric spinning wheel for knitters, crochets, and anyone wanting to make their own yarn.
An electric spinning wheel for knitters, crochets, and anyone wanting to make their own yarn.
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Electric Eel Wheel Assembly Update

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

Here's some of the assembled wheels!

 Everything is looking good and we are now increasing our assembly output.  Currently we hope to assemble around 40 per week and we'll start shipping them in July.  If everything goes according to plan the last batch will be mailed in August.

It's now time for us to get shipping address information from all our backers.  We will be sending out a survey to all our backers to collect your shipping information immediately after this update so keep an eye out for that.


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    1. Gypsy Traveler on

      I am sooooo excited! I just had to come look at the page again! LOL!

    2. Missing avatar


      Just completed my survey! I am beyond excited!

    3. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Everyone should have gotten the email. If you don't see it log into kickstarter like Jan did.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      And, now I just saw the request for me to fill out the survey at the top of the kickstarter. Thanks, Jan

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Oh hooray! I just came for a look to see how things are going and I see you're a little ahead of schedule. That's wonderful. I've checked my email, and I can't find an email with a survey. Are they being sent out in batches? Thanks, Jan

    6. Teri Plemel on

      Thanks for the update. I'm very excited as it looks like I might be able to bring it with me on my vacation in a couple of months!

    7. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Glad to see all the excitement. We are excited too!

      Kurt, I can't tell people when they are in the queue. It will be randomized in an effort to be fair except for a few cases where people have special shipping requirements (usually that they want the shipment delayed so they know when it will get there since their shipping address is changing).

      Shipping in the US will be done with USPS priority mail. International shipping will be done with USPS first class international mail which then gets contracted out to different shippers once it gets to the destination country.

      We will make another update here when we start shipping, and the people who's wheels are shipped will get an email when their wheel ships to them.

    8. Anna Pinkham on

      So excited, been counting down since the start!!!!

    9. Ann Vyce on

      ...must leave restaurant before starting crazy happy dance...

      Thanks for the update!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kurt Siegel on

      Thanks for the update, Maurice.

      Please let me know when my wheel might be queued for shipping, and I'll let you know whether it will be easier for me to drive out to the Worcester area, than to sit and wait for the UPS truck to get here. (g)


    11. Missing avatar

      sandie o'day on

      I have sold my Ashford wheel. So looking forward to using the electric spinner.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robin Evick on

      SQUEAL!!!! I am so excited!!! This puts a smile on my face after such a rainy weekend.

    13. Missing avatar

      Linda More on

      How exciting to see the first production run. You must be so delighted to see the fruition of this innovative project. Hope some of the early shipments will be to the UK.