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iStrike Shuttle-  iOS controlled drone's video poster

Send messages across & deliver real-life emoticons! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 23, 2012.

Send messages across & deliver real-life emoticons!

About this project

The iStrike Shuttle was designed with the iOS in mind. We wanted to create something that was unique and unlike anything else out there. The iStrike Shuttle’s sleek vertical body gives it an almost human-like characteristic in its flight pattern and makes use of built-in balancing gyro technology which results in a more steady flight.

For greater ease of use, we have developed an app with multiple operation modes that will suite right and left handed people. In each mode, different operations are done by sliding your fingers over the controls on the screen of your iOS device. You can also use the G-Sensor swivel motions to make the iStrike Shuttle move. After a bit of practice you will be able to hover over your targets with a simple touch of a button you can drop the ball wherever you want.

The iStrike Shuttle connects directly to your iOS device via Bluetooth so there is no need for external hardware such as a radio transmitter. This makes it more responsive to your commands resulting in a smoother flight pattern.

One of the reasons behind the vertical built of the iStrike Shuttle is to serve a purpose, if not a mission: carrying and delivering ping-pong balls. Armed with a wipable marker, send messages across or deliver real-life emoticons onto your unsuspected targets - forget the old school text messages!

We have included in the package, a bright orange training wheel that attaches to the iStrike Shuttle’s legs and guides you for landing. After a few trials and errors, you’ll be happy to put it back in the box... Rookie or veteran, find out which one of the many controls suits you the best and take over the skies!

We like things that stay simple; re-using existing assets being one of them. For instance, although the iStrike Shuttle comes with its own charger, you can power-up its light weight lithium battery using your existing iDevice power supply. And travel light.

The motivation that drives us to produce the iStrike Sthuttle pushes us also forward: now we’re airborne, what’s next? As the potential seems huge, we’re already exited by exploring new possibilities and turn them into projects; so what’s going to be the next cheeky companion?

  • ball messaging system
  • on-board camera
  • augmented reality games
  • light-weight cargo freight container 
  • bringing BeerPong to new heights 
  • smart pick-up claw

We would love to have your feedback and suggestions for the development of the iStrike Shuttle, so don’t hesitate to send us crazy ideas. We will be more than happy to work on them!

Dream Cheeky will share the developer’s kit with anyone who is interested in developing their own app for this product! We can support you if you are new to making an app controller for a physical device. The possibilities for this product are endless; we are excited to see what you can come up with!

It’s been a long journey so far and we have a few more hurdles to pass before we can get the iStrike Shuttle to market, however, we have accomplished so much already!

The Dream Cheeky team has devoted their resources to this project for the last 18 months. We wanted to create a product unlike any other, something that would put and instant smile on your face.

After many brainstorming meetings and quite a lot of renderings back and forth with our designers, the iStrike Shuttle was created.

When our first prototype was made, we knew instantly that the item was going to be big. Apart from the initial major selling feature of the dropping bomb, we had managed to create a flying apparatus with almost human-like characteristics in its flight pattern.

first flying prototype
first flying prototype

With our first prototype came some problems. However, since this was our first flying item, we were prepared for the trial and error. The design was modified to accommodate the necessary changes and a new prototype was made.

tooling sample
tooling sample

We have tested many models in many stages of completion but the latest modifications made it surprisingly easy for the iStrike Shuttle dance through the sky.

The first iStrike controller app is now in the itunes store. This was the final stage of getting our project approved by apple. You can view it from the link below;

A new update will be available in the next 2 weeks and then we will start working on the augmented reality and BeerPong games!

We need your help!

We are here on kickstarter because we need your help. Your backings will help us:

1. Complete our Utility Patent Application (we only have 5 more months left to submit our final search) to ensure all of our hard work and efforts are protected.
2. Pay the balance on the purchase of long lead time components and MOQ to make this product a reality.
3. Do further app development to make this the ultimate app accessory.
4. Get quality feedback from you, our supporters out there, to ensure this is the best product it can possibly be.
Our goal is to be able to release this product to the market before the holidays
so everyone can enjoy this amazing gadget at an affordable price!

A special thanks to all who helped make this a reality, we could not have done it without you;

  • Gregory MacPherson
  • Kate Baumgartner
  • Simon Colas
  • Edward Chan
  • Michael Petris
  • Julie Petris
  • Ente Breed
  • Janice Tse
  • Cary Baumgartner
  • Ronald Cheung
  • Aerofeel5
  • Jeorge Petris
  • Star

Risks and challenges

Our Team has spent well over 18 months designing, developing and executing the iStrike Shuttle. It's the most expensive and most technical product we have ever made. We have taken the plunge, already placing the order and put a deposit down for critical components and we have completed the initial stages of the patent application.

One of the biggest challenges we will be facing is completing the final stages of the patent application on time. Without this, our concept is at risk to be copied, which will dilute our presence and all our hard work up to this point. The application has been processed and a patent pending number has been issued, however it takes 5 more months to finalize the filing with a detailed search. Time is of essence.

Our goal is to make the iStrike Shuttle a reality because we have invested so much into it already with the help of our friends and family.

The MOQ on the iStrike shuttle is 10K pieces, which is what our initial deposit went towards for units going out before the holidays. As there are many components with availability, anywhere between 60 to 90 days, we have had to limit the number of units in the initial reward levels. Particularly, as product replenishment will take over 3 months, which takes us to February 2013, and so we risk the opportunity of keeping momentum and missing maximizing the holiday season sales.

Thank you for your support!

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    A high five goes to you! The most unique feature of the iStrike Shuttle is the ping pong ball release mechanism. We have a patent pending on this concept and what better way to share this with you, than by sending you your very own ball! (worldwide shipping included)

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    Get involved. With this pledge you can vote for what the next ping pong ball graphics are going to be. You will be the first to receive a set of three ping pong balls with the winning design. (worldwide shipping included)

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    Early Bird Special- Be one of the first to own an iStrike Shuttle! With this pledge, you will receive your device (we hope to retail this at $129.99) just in time for the Holidays! (worldwide shipping included)

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    With this pledge, you will receive one iStrike Shuttle and 3 spare ping pong balls in the new graphics that were chosen by our backers (because you will need them!) just in time for the Holidays! (worldwide shipping included)

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    For all you tech geeks out there, Dream Cheeky will release a clear version of the iStrike Shuttle. With this pledge you will receive this limited edition and become one of the few that get’s to see how these flying machines really work! (worldwide shipping included)

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    We were told there was a need for two... Why not, you cant play that ultimate game of BeerPong without a partner! With this pledge you can get two iStrike Shuttles Plus an extra repair kit for each unit. (worldwide shipping included)

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    Hackers beware! We were approached by a school who would like to do a swarming study using the iStrike shuttle so we thought we would open a reward category for others who would like to try. With this backing you can receive 5 iStrike shuttles with extra repair kits and 3 additional balls each. (worldwide shipping included)

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    Get more involved! With this backing we are giving up to 5 people the opportunity to come and visit the Factory and see how the production process works. This will include your airfare to Hong Kong, Visa into china, hotel for 4 nights and a first class tour of the factory.

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