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Investigate real haunted places in a first-person adventure horror game for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.
Investigate real haunted places in a first-person adventure horror game for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.
Investigate real haunted places in a first-person adventure horror game for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.
2,243 backers pledged £56,931 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Strong on November 27

      Thumbs up! Great news. Thanks! Hope the flu has subsided!

    2. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on November 27

      Almost there. It would have been out last week but a flu was against it. The new update will be out on this Wednesday the latest.

    3. John Strong on November 24

      Dreadlocks... definitely being patient but we’ve supposedly had an update coming for almost a month now. Can we hear what’s up?

    4. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on November 14

      @Sterling Treadwell - Awesome and excellent post and points! :)

      "Whereas I'd prefer a full on well fleshed out game.. i'd enjoy a first fright to at least get a feel for what all they're trying to accomplish."

      I agree with you 100% on this! Even if they don't get to the part where the backers who get to add assets (like voices and pictures) just yet, I would be happy to see something like this emerge as a "look what we can do" type of thing. :)

    5. Sterling Treadwell
      on November 13

      well i am glad they popped in and spoke a bit about things. going silent for a bit during a move is understandable. Running other projects to fund this one is also going to make sense to me. I backed a few different campaigns that are doing this and are LONG overdue but are well on their way and showing they refuse to abandon it. The fact these guys haven't thrown their hands in the air and told us to go fudge ourselves is actually a good sign. Most campaigns where it fell into 'the dead zone' feel very different from this. I suspect this game will be made, if in the least as a "first Fright' episode to draw interest, money, and hopes of continuing. Whereas I'd prefer a full on well fleshed out game.. i'd enjoy a first fright to at least get a feel for what all they're trying to accomplish.
      that said, i am NOT a fan of unnecessary radio silence or responses. I am ok if they periodically address stuff in the comments. full on updates are always the best, but mini ones are ok too.
      I wouldn't call anyone naive for backing projects, be it for $5 or $500. it is a choice and folk will back as they feel comfortable or confident. I have some in this (around a hundred i think) so I want this to succeed, for sure, but I know others have WAY more than me. I want it to succeed for them too. I also want them to make the game they, and we, envision and want, and not just crank something out to satisfy their end of the deal and walk away. If this game releases around the same quality as "Project Scissors: Nightcry" I'll be really really pissed. Seriously.. has anyone checked that one? I backed it for a physical copy and it was soup-to-nuts a terrible effort on every level.
      So take that as a bar to pass and succeed GT dev's. :) shouldnt be hard

    6. Savvy on November 9

      @Dylyan, I had asked about that earlier, check update 16 near the bottom right before the gif.

    7. Savvy on November 9

      Also I don’t think anyone thinks you ran with the money, I am sure everyone thinks the money ran out on you.

    8. Savvy on November 9

      @dreadlocks you misunderstood me, I was not saying “make more free dex dlc” I was questioning why they were not just updates.

    9. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on November 9

      Dear backers,

      we are back to answer your questions and comments as promised. We can confirm that (as we mentioned in our last comment here) the new update is coming soon.

      We apologize for late response. We have been moving the whole studio to a new address, which kept us offline and away of our computers. We assure you that no one will get banned from GT forums just for sharing his concerns or constructive critique. We realize it's your money you've put in this.

      @Stuard_Wood: Our designers needs to focus on other projects that will secure future income soon, so as we can keep funding GT's development. If we had everyone in team working on just GT after the KS, regardless the situation we would not exist any more. It's just not so simple. We know that even smaller indie teams are able to put together few scenes quite fast but we never wanted GT to be a clone of P.T.. It's size and nature is different. Ask around how much time and money is needed to create a single hi-quality 3D character, make it move, talk, make faces and obey designer's commands - and you'll get the idea. We must plan all the works according to our available budget, which changes from month to month. Smaller projects we're developing were always helping us to keep the GT's development running.

      @Savvy: We don't have available resources for making another DLC to Dex. It would be a long run. The update with new translations didn't require too much work but it helped us to reach new regions with Dex. Worked as a charm. Next up, Japan.

      @Dylyan: We'll bring more information about GT AR App in the following update. The app was available on stores only during Gamescom.

      @all: for those who think we fled away with your money and we're now eating caviar on our luxurious boats in Caribbean, rubbing our hands and laughing, and for everyone else who lost patiency with this project (which is understandable), send us a private message via Kickstarter. We'll do our best to refund everyone who asks for it in the shortest possible time.

    10. Missing avatar

      on November 9

      Just stumbled over the following video on YouTube (2 months old):…
      Why didnt we get any news about that here on KS?!?

      And in case any of you are wondering:
      "Ghost Theory AR": "Welcome to the exclusive, time-limited ghost hunting contest only for the bravest visitors to Gamescom 2017."

    11. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on November 8

      I'm one of those several hundred dollar backers, and I take a bit of offense to being called naïve. Take a look at my backed projects, and find a few more that are severely late, like this one (Visage, No Honor Among Thieves, OSSIC X, Cake Duel, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, (m)uPeek, and Edible Cutlery to name a few). Look at the differences in my responses between creators that hide like scared puppies and keep backers in the dark, and those that provide useful information in the updates they do post. I've been burned, and I've had projects deliver late, but successfully. Hell, I was a late backer for the Card Caddy Double Decker (hence why it's not on my backed projects list), and he just today updated that he'd finally gotten all rewards out. He went "radio silent" for a while, and backers got (understandably) mean. I even sent him some direct messages. He made a blog post several months after the campaign had ended, and at least a month or two after "going dark" about his experience pitching to Wal-Mart. He lamented that they'd said they'd get in touch with him at some point, but never did. He lamented that they didn't return his messages or calls and didn't answer his questions. He called them unprofessional and disrespectful. I made a moderate length comment on the blog with the basic point of "You mean kind of how you're treating your backers?" Within days he made an update on KS, admitted to being unprofessional and disrespectful to his backers, provided useful information, and his plan to move forward. He also apologized profusely, and asserted that he'd learned his lesson. The backers welcomed him back instantly with open arms.

      What I see here is Dreadlocks taking some of us vocal commenters at our words when we said we didn't mind that they didn't update often, as long as there was useful information in the updates. While it may not be information that is "good news", they aren't hiding, they aren't lying, and they're still working. Yes, it's slow. Would I like it to be faster? Yes, I would. I'm absolutely sure that they would too. This is a pet project that has shown measurable interest. You don't just throw that away.

      Yes, the news is kinda bad news toward the ultimate goal of game release and reward fulfillment. But am I naïve for continuing to support them in the face of their fully disclosed hardships? Absolutely not!

      I get that many of you will give up on this project well before it ever is released. However, I put a lot of money and hope into this, and while my support reserve may be larger than yours proportional to our donations, I do not concede that it is composed of naivety.

    12. Savvy on November 8

      Due to the incorporeal nature of ghosts Dreadlocks is unable to use a computer. But we may get a book knocked off a shelf in the future.

    13. John Strong on November 8

      When they said end of next week for update, I’m thinking they meant this week. So hopefully in the next few days the update will appear

    14. Missing avatar

      on November 8

      Yeah, an update would be nice - whats the status of the game? Will it ever see the light of the day?
      Maybe we should report the project to kickstarter for not communicating with us anymore... real shame - was looking forward to it.

    15. Trey Lansford on November 7

      Well, it's disconcerting that they missed their own suggested timeline for the next update.

    16. Trey Lansford on November 3

      Like Chris, I didn't spent a lot of money on this one. (I've got an early bird Spook pledge.) However, I'm still disappointed to see how this has gone. We've mentioned here in the comments a while back a list of things we wanted updates on (including the reason for the engine change). Those requests have, thus far, been ignored.

      Last Saturday, the creator logged in to comment here that they were working on an update that would come at the end of the next week. So, does that mean we've got an update imminently coming in the next 36-48 hours? I sure hope so.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris abele on November 3

      @ savvy, I think you're right. I can't imagine youd be banned for saying what you said. You were very respectful in stating that you feel that the way this project has been handled is pretty unacceptable. I don't know if you're also a Visage backer, but that's coming along slowly as well. The difference is that they're keeping their backers in the loop, apologizing a ton, and truly seem to be making progress even though its slow going. From what I've seen from these guys so far, they seem to almost get annoyed that the backers, the investors, are asking where the heck the product is. I personally only dropped like 10 bucks on this, so I don't really care that much. But if I was one of the backers who spent hundreds or even thousands on it, I'd start demanding real answers. Hopefully this game does come out eventually and Dreadlocks makes me eat my words, but I highly doubt it at this point.

    18. Savvy on November 3

      @Stuart Wood, Yes I agree!
      I have the sneaking suspicion that this game was shelved awhile back as Dreadlocks tried to avoid self imploding.
      The remaining artists and animators are probably all one guy and I think we should call him Slim.
      Would not be surprised if Dreadlocks made another barebones concept of a game to kickstart, because that engine shift killed any progress GT had.
      Unity was fine, the trailers and the prototype build looked good the switch only wasted time, money and the sanity of everyone who did work in unity just to have it canned.

      Now I know that this comment will probably get me banned from the GT forums (not that it isn't a ghost town) and I know that this comment will royally piss off a majority of 8 people who haven't forgotten that this game was almost a thing.
      Honesty though, this was the second kickstarter for GT, and I still don't know why they didn't just update dex instead of adding the content as free DLC (A translation really?).

    19. Stuart Wood on November 2

      Why do you only have artists and animators assigned? Where are your actual game designers?

      If you were as serious about making this game as you claim, you'd be working to put together one playable area or level as an example to gather more buzz or more funding.

      There are indie developers smaller than you working for nothing to put out games on Steam. This goes for every creative industry - not everybody gets the funding up front - and yet you have some and still excuses.

      I think the 'supportive' backers are being naive, because taking a load of money from crowdfunding and only getting a few scraps of art concept makes me doubt everything we're being told.

    20. laracroft on October 31

      @Dreadlocks: After reading your comment below, I'm eagerly awaiting the next update, keep up the great work!

    21. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on October 30

      I've not lost patience yet. You've done a great job of letting us know both where you stand, and why you stand there. I still get excited whenever I see a new update notice from this project, because you've been consistent with providing useful information.

      Even with the delays, I'm still excited and patient for this game!

    22. John Strong on October 30

      Looking forward to the update!

    23. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on October 28

      Hi Patrons and Backers,

      we have a few messages from you in the last few days. Please, be patient and give us time to the end of next week for all answers. We are just in moving process to the new office. Yes again. We working on a new huge update with a lot of information about the situation and everything. We will back on end of next week with answers and soon with the update.

      Your Dreadlocks

    24. John Strong on October 24

      I’m still looking forward to this... my wife is too! Especially as it was a birthday gift for her so she could get her voice and image in the game! Just keep hoping for big news in the near future

    25. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on October 19

      @Dreadlocks - Hey... Heeeeey... Psssssst... I still love you guys! :)

    26. Savvy on October 2

      So this game's ETA is like what now? 2019? I don't want to sound greedy, but the game looks really cool and I would like to know when I can expect to sink my teeth into it, even if it is the most ruff of estimates.

    27. Robb N on September 24

      Sending you guys best wishes. Hope you can make this game a reality! Thanks for not giving up, your tenacity tells me that this will happen one way or another!

    28. Night1505 - Certifiable Merc For Hire
      on September 22

      @Dreadlocks - "...we currently can't [...] assign more than 2 graphic artists and 1 animator working fulltime on GT."

      To me, this is good news rather than bad. I mean, yeah, we all want you to be able to work on GT full time (that's why we gave you the monies... lol), but since you can't, it makes me happy to see even 3 people still dedicated. I do have a question though... no programmers at this time? I mean, I realize it's necessary to have assets in order to program them, but are we not to that development stage yet? Let's assume for a moment that the current situation continues for some time. Will one of the current dedicated employees be replaced with a dedicated programmer when it's time for code to be written?

    29. Missing avatar

      liam on September 15

      I have seen many games lately do a kick starter and THEN a indiegogo campaign (both successful), could this be a option for Ghost Theory?

      i just really want to see this game made :)

    30. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on September 13

      @Trey Lansford: Your hunger for updates makes us feel warm inside :) but there isn't really anything new to tell at this moment. For reasons we've explain here many times (both in updates and then in comments individually) the project is delayed and we currently can't afford to assign more than 2 graphic artists and 1 animator working fulltime on GT. We won't post a new update with a list of graphical assets we made in the last month and half. And then there's another team of people on the business side trying to get the project funded so as we can finally switch to full production. But we can't share news with you on that front yet, as we mentioned in our last comment. The rest of us needs to work on other small projects to keep the studio (and GT) alive. Once we have any news we'll post a new update. Until then, let's stay in comments...

    31. Trey Lansford on September 12

      @Dreadlocks - I respectfully disagree. Seeing as September 2017 was the original estimated delivery/release date, this is certainly the time for an update/project check-in. Not all backers read the comment section. Based on the last update (which was mid-July), no backer expects delivery of the game this month, but an "update" entry detailing how we've gotten to this point I think would be appreciated. The updates have focused on the funding issues, and if there is nothing new there but what you just said below, fine. (I'd add in the info on Gamescom Expo in the update for those that don't read the comments.) However, there are development steps and issues that I think can and should be discussed. Kickstarter is supposed to be a platform where backers and interact with creators during the process of development. Include information such as why it was decided to change the game engine during development. Show us the progress you've made on the game in the last month and half. That type of stuff.

    32. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on September 12

      Not the right time for an update yet. We are still processing data from Gamescom Expo and we are in talks with new possible business partners that we met there.When all of this is sorted we will surely post a new update.

    33. Trey Lansford on September 11

      I think they ought to change the header graphic. "Crowdfunding continues to attack stretch goals" isn't really accurate. To the contrary, it's rather misleading.

    34. Mike Madigan
      on September 9

      Just checking in, any update planned for September?

    35. Savvy on September 3

      @DreadLocks, ops! I missed that part of the update, sorry!

      Could have sworn that I had read it throughly though.

    36. laracroft on September 2

      Hi Dreadlocks, Hopefully all your efforts to find a suitable publisher/investor for GT will pay off and you update us all with some good news. The episodic approach as @Sami Mannila describes below does sound like a good fit for the game so glad you are thinking about it.

    37. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on August 29

      @Savvy: We announced Ghost Theory AR in our last update, here on Kickstarter. Regarding the publishers, we're looking for one that will be happy with our vision. We would never collect the game's whole budget here. Your pledges helped us to kickstart this, which is why the project exists and we're investing all we can to keep it running. The episodic business model is in discussion.

    38. Savvy on August 28

      @Dreadlocks, why wasn't the Ghost Theory AR hinted at or announced on the kickstarter page or the forums? The only things I could find on it were one tweet and a youtube video?

      Side note: isn't the propose of kickstarter crowdfunding so that small studios and creators don't need publishers?

      I was quite looking forward to this game but now have have my doubts as if it will ever become a reality and if it does escape development hell the entire game will be less than 6 hours long.
      Short games CAN be good games, for example Portal is one of the best games I have ever played and I have been able to beat it twice in one evening. My point is: you can make your game short, but you will have to make the game replayable as hell.

    39. Richard Schultz on August 20

      That formula seems to be working well for Telltale Games

    40. Savvy on August 18

      @Sami Mannila, That is a really good idea.

      I think the length of the chapters should be 5+ hours each so that each new chapter is not extremely short.

      You should add this to the suggestions on the GT forum.

    41. Sami Mannila on August 17

      In a worst case scenario, the funding problem could be approached by making the game modular/splitting it up. So Instead of compromising many of the features, you could focus on making a solid base game with as many of the features included as possible, but with just a couple of locations and enough content to make people want more.

      Then put that on sale for whatever you think people are willing to pay for the amount of content included. It would be important to clearly communicate the amount of content included and that more locations will be paid DLC. Hopefully, cash starts flowing in (assuming the game is well received) and you could afford developing and releasing additional locations as DLC.

      For backers/pre-orders, DLC would have to be provided for free for as many locations you think amounts to the original envisioned game (otherwise people would likely be upset).

      I understand that gamers, in general, prefer games not split into episodes or DLC. But it is better than not getting anything. There have been indie games where the developers took this approach because funds were running out, and it all worked out well in the end.

    42. William Little on August 4

      Can't wait to hear/see more! Hope all's well!

    43. Savvy on July 25

      Well that was vaguely exciting for a moment.

    44. BlackGauntlet
      on July 21

      I'd have asked you if you have approached TinyBuild Games since they're ardent supporters of quality indie games but I think GT might be too big for them.

    45. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on July 20

      @Stuart Wood
      Hi, I apologize, but you have an old information. Please, check the March update, where we announced the delay.
      We invest everything into the development of Ghost Theory, except a small percent, what we invest into small mobile games for safe the incomes to the future. More information in the discussion under the last update.

    46. Stuart Wood on July 20

      Yeah... this game is not happening. Kind of annoying to see the team blagging like it's even a possibility at this point given they're basically 0% into development little over a month from delivery date.
      Projects like this are why KS should have a refund system.

    47. Richard Schultz on July 20

      Thanks for the up front update. I am really excited to get my hands on the game, so I am disappointed on the delays. That being said, I would much rather wait for an awesome product than have a half-assed, half-finished game today. Keep up the great work, guys.

    48. David Tortorici on July 12

      @savvy nope I run out of bullets too often using guns I normally just punch enemies to death. Haven't beat the game yet

    49. Savvy on July 12

      @David Tortorici, Do you use the guns much?
      I found that stealth choking was the easiest way to go for most enemies.
      Also have you beaten it? It's only 14-18 hours long.

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