Dex - Cyberpunk 2D RPG

by Dreadlocks

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matseb2611 on

      Looking great. Love the atmosphere in those screenshots.

    2. Datayum on

      Thank you for the update.
      Sorry I'm not fond of the new cover, mostly because of the lack of details in the background and the lighting on the character which makes him/her look unnaturally grey.

    3. DeafTard on

      Yeah I dig the old cover as well but this is still a good update and I can't wait to play the finished version!

    4. gandalf.nho

      Looking good

    5. Michael on

      I am with Datayum. The new cover may need a bit more time to finetune.

      Like your Update thou.

      Since your onlineshop for upgrading is not live yet, i am asking myself if it possible to swing by your office in Prague and pay the upgrade from DIGITAL EDITION to DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION + EARLY ACCESS?

    6. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Michael: Yeah, sure, in case you are in Prague, you can just invite us for a beer! ;). Otherwise, we are looking into the upgrading issue - we now have a programming intern (student) here, who takes care of non-game related programming tasks and she already has it on schedule, the internal backer section for upgrading and other related tasks (blog + forum mainly). Still, we can't give any more precise time estimate, since the priorities of the core development team are different at the moment, but sooner or later we'll open up for upgrading pledges as we said earlier.

      As for the cover art - Thanks for the opinions! For now, we'll leave it as it is, but prior to final launch we'll consider improving it based on the feedback.

    7. choux0304 on

      Hej Guys :)
      Thank you for the update, the Animations looking very good. But Im with the Guys before me the Background of the new cover isn't so pretty.

    8. Adam Filandr on

      Nice update :)
      For the cover art, I'm also for polishing it a little bit. Her pose is nice, but her face is really sad/unwilling/tired... She kind of remind me someone, who haven't had her favorite drug for a while :D The old one, that was similar to this one was better.
      But those animations are awesome! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      RainPally on

      Thanks for the status update! Is there a way for KS'ers to upgrade their backing yet so we can toss you more $$ and get into the early access stuff please?

    10. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      RainPally: We plan to open up for upgrades, however, our priorities are different at the moment. Probably around/after the release of next Early Access version, we'll allow for others to purchase the Early Access or upgrade the pledge to be eligible for it.

      Adam: Thanks (and as to the artwork - yes, we plan to iterate on it prior to the final release, based on the feedback we received)!