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A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
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Major Spring Update & Early Access Launched!


Hi Everyone!

We have a major update, so take a deep breath and join us for big news about Dex’s development!

First Early Access Build Available

All backers eligible for early access to Dex should have received an email by now (or within an hour from this post) with instructions on how to download the Dex development build. If you are eligible for early access but haven’t received an email from us, please double-check your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, please send us a message! (Note: We use the contact email address provided here at Kickstarter or the payment email address if you backed us via PayPal.)

For those of you not in the early access group: we’ve attached some new artwork to give you a glimpse of our latest progress. Also – just so you know – we are not limiting the usage of early access builds in regards to taking videos, so if any fan-made footage from Dex pops up, we’ll post it here for all of you to enjoy!

Upcoming Shows: EGX Rezzed (UK) and IndieVelopment (NL)

In the weeks to come, we will be showcasing Dex to gamers, journalists, and fellow developers at two events: EGX Rezzed (28-30th March, Birmingham, United Kingdom) and IndieVelopment (7th April, Utrecht, Netherlands). For EGX, tickets are still available, so consider taking this opportunity to meet your favorite cyberpunk indie developers in person and discuss Dex/cyberpunk/RPGs – whatever! We will be at stand number 12 in Hall 1.

We will provide coverage of both events (join us on Facebook or Twitter for all the current news), including behind-the-scenes photos of our little trip beyond La Manche (or the English Channel, depending on which side of the Hundred Years War you throw down with).

New Team Members

Our team has been expanded to include two new developers who will help us improve the game and speed up progress a bit:

Alexandra Hetmerova (art portfolio) is a graduate of Czech Film Academy (FAMU) in the field of animation and will help us make all the animations smoother while reducing the workload on our lead artist Prokop Smetana. Cheers!

Jaroslav Meloun (game dev portfolio) is a fellow indie game developer and organizer of Game Jam in Prague as well as author of over thirty indie and experimental/game jam games (check his website above; there are some cool ideas and some of the games are free to download and play). Right now he is working with us full-time, taking the combat system and related mechanics on his shoulders.

Status Report

Now, the major news: We are somewhat behind our original schedule, and so we are officially announcing that we will not be hitting final release by this summer. That was our original expectation when we were preparing and running the Kickstarter campaign in November 2013; however, many things simply took much longer than we planned and expected.

We are sorry for this – especially since we know many of you are looking forward to playing Dex – but as we stated before, we’d rather postpone the release date than ship an unpolished and incomplete game. So, although it is a bit sad that there will be a longer wait time for the final version of Dex, please rest assured that we will use the development time to best of our abilities and that the final game will be better for the delay.

Right now, we would rather not give a definite official release date – until all major game systems are complete and working well, it is really hard to pinpoint. Internally as well as externally (in press materials etc.), we have changed the expected release date to Q4/2014; that is October, November, or December of 2014.

New Artwork

Since it’s been a long time since we’ve shown images from Dex, we decided to collect some of our artist’s creations and share them with you. Enjoy!

Cheers & Stay tuned!  

Your Dex Team

Indie Showcase

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

We’ve watched Festival of Magic for some time and it is certainly a piece not to overlook. It is an original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic. You can grow your own ammunition, build your homebase and explore the landscapes of a planet that has stopped spinning a thousand years ago. Playable early demo is available. The campaign has sixteen more days to go and has just crossed 50% of the required funding, so it can certainly use help with the funds and spreading the word.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Omar Lima on March 30, 2014

      I know that this is a early build, but is there any plans to add controller support? If so then I can add my $0.02 to the alpha build.

    2. suppafoxe on March 27, 2014

      Take your time, guys! The alpha build is a cool surprise :)

    3. Jessi on March 27, 2014

      Thanks for the update - I am absolutely loving the new artwork! And sorry to hear about the delay, but as others have mentioned, it's better to wait a little bit longer and have a great game than to publish something unfinished just to meet the deadline.

      Also thank you for showcasing Earthlock! It is looking to be a great game (with Wii U support!) and could definitely use some attention :)

    4. Adam Filandr on March 27, 2014

      Take as much time as you need to take... Just make it perfect :D

    5. Fabiano Ferramosca on March 27, 2014

      Pity it's not ready, I was counting to play in summer, since I'm not working at that time. Oh well, better a polished game that one full of bugs and half finished as it is usual nowadays.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Stasek on March 27, 2014

      If you deliver polished game for christmass, all will be happy :)

    7. Gearsoul Dragon
      on March 26, 2014

      Same, what Stewart said, it's kickstarter, it happens to many projects! ;3 Some more frequent updates, maybe once a fortnight, might be nice?

      Even just a few lines addressing what you've been working on and what about it you had success/difficulty with? Or that someone has been feeling sick, just keeping us in the loop.

      Heh. It's just comforting to hear from you guys but maybe you have more frequent updates somewhere else, where I don't check. 'x3

    8. Ber on March 26, 2014

      +1 What Stewart said!

    9. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer
      on March 26, 2014

      Kickstarter releases are regularly pushed back. As you say, far better to take longer and release a polished game than to release something that is unplayable and needs constant patching in the first few weeks, as far too many AAA titles do. While I'm very eager to play DEX (as you unrolled your updates more and more the more enthused I became) please do take your time. Anyone who's backed on Kickstarter before knows the drill - release dates are optimistic and not generally accurate :)