Dex - Cyberpunk 2D RPG

by Dreadlocks

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    1. DeafTard on

      No, THANK YOU DEX TEAM! Honestly, you and the team need to take a nice break! Since Christmas is coming up, why not relax and be with yer relatives/family/friends/etc until the start of the new year! I think it would do you and the team some good to take a nice break, relax, everyone minds/brains refresh and most of all just take alot of stress off because once you and the team return, it's going to be work, work, work, work, work, work, work, etc.

      So I hope everyone else who backed this project agree with me, it is not the end of the world if the game needs to be pushed back another month or two because honestly I would rather have a HEALTHY DEX TEAM working on the game than a TIRED/STRESSED out DEX TEAM working on the game, if ya know what I mean.

      So PLEASE, as a backer, support and the money that I have given to the Dex team, I really want the Dex Team to take a nice break and resume work during the start of the new year. Just think about it, the whole dex team returns full of energy, fresh minds, healthy, positive attitude, etc and all that jazz while working on the Dex game. It is MUCH better than having a corporate team of 100-200 plus employees working 80-120 hours a week just to get the game out by the release date.

    2. Kraken on

      I already pledge on kickstarter, but can I use paypal to upgrade my pledge?
      Can I buy addons with it? Can I upgrade to the physical edition (the one with slots left)?

    3. Shiru XIII on

      Congratulations !!!!!!!!!

    4. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      DeafTard: Thanks for the positive words! Actually, yes, for next week, we don't plan anything super-exhaustive (and definitelly not overtimes etc.), we just need to finalize a few issues after Kickstarter, discuss and prepare work for ourselves for January etc. So actually the main workload will start for us in January, just we can't turn off right now - yet. We'll enjoy the holidays more if we do some of the work next week, then we'll have a really sweet holiday time with no worries and postponed tasks.

      Kraken: Possibly. We already received several requests, so we will think it throught. If the possibility emerges, we will, as always, let you know for sure.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nils on

      Congratulations and thank you for your daily updates. It was entertainment at its best :)

    6. Saodhar

      Now that's a heartwarming "thank you" update. I'm glad this campaign was a success - and that I've backed this project.
      Good luck with further steps!

    7. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Just a note - don't hide the updates from non-backers. The updates and progress logs are a part of your pre-launch marketing and you may get new interested players through them.

      So keep them public.

      Otherwise congratulations on the successful campaign and good luck with finishing the game.

    8. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Congratulations again Dreadlocks. Much like Revisor, I recommend keeping all updates on KS open to everyone. Many people still swing past and check who didn't back and it's valuable PR. Of cause, if there's something particular to backers, then sure make it a backers only update, but otherwise, keep it all open - a backers only update really should be the exception not the norm. ;-) Have a great week or two, hope all the money comes in as promised, and enjoy the holidays. :D

    9. TheChosenOne on

      I'd keep the paypal open for 1-3 basic low tiers for slacker backers.

    10. Gearsoul Dragon

      I'm glad you guys are taking a break and picking up again in January~ n__n Enjoy the holidays!

      As RSF and Revisor have said, it would be best to keep most updates public to generate interest and possibly get Paypal support from new people or keep them coming back for more info/release.

      Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing -- NOTHING -- more infuriating on KS than checking out the updates of an interesting project you missed to find 90% of them are Backer only and is a sure-fire way make people *not* return because what's the damn point if they can't see anything?

      And then maybe they forget about the release date, maybe they get caught up in other projects and forget about it completely. Customer/Consumer, lost.

    11. Missing avatar

      Anthony Reulbach on

      So I will pitch in 2000 usd on paypal before it closes if certain content can be added if not then that's ok, but in all seriousness beyond that I would like to donate if possible 10000 usd if it would be possible to make a ps3 version or android version of dex, again if not that's perfectly cool with me