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A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
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Denizens and Social Groups of Harbor Prime

Posted by Dreadlocks (Creator)

Good day everyone!

In Dex, you can encounter a great many characters – some are important to the storyline, some are useful as quest givers or traders, and some are just window dressing for the city streets. And, of course, there are those bad-ass types who just want your wallet emptied or your organs prepped for donation!

Important for the storyline and the most fleshed out of all NPCs.

Mission givers or mission subjects, traders, etc.

Hookers, punks, squatters, hobos...

Followers of charismatic Ulysses Rios, these revolutionary types hide out in the slums and underground, struggling for freedom and striving for utopian dreams.

Hardboiled boys who follow The King, the one-eyed among the blind, the kingpin of the underground, the most honorable man among the dishonored. “Kings” are the high-society amongst punkers and embody everything they fight against in the corporations: power, greed, and lust.

The upper class members, living in the modern city center, working for one of the corporations, leading 9 to 5 lives, with little interest in social change and with contempt toward all of the above-mentioned groups.

The corporate top dogs, the most influential men on the planet. Many of them are experimenting with advanced technologies (remember, the year is 2040), including, but not limited to, bioengineering, cybernetic augmentations, null-gravity impacts on the human body, and other fun stuff. Imagine if you were a billionaire and one of the most influential people alive. What would you do with the technological sandbox at your disposal? Strive for physical immortality? Transfer your consciousness to a machine to become immortal? Clone yourself? Or…? (A nice and refreshing literary take on the topic is “Stone Lives” by Paul Di Filippo, one of the short stories in the Mirrorshades anthology – if you want a tip for a long winter’s evening!).

In some cases, this group overlaps with others (you talk to someone and – voilà – he attacks you), in other cases, these are the “combat-only” characters. You can see some of our currently planned enemy types below (and again, note that we are still adding, editing, and removing features and content, so this is not the final state).


Our lead artist, Prokop Smetana, has made over a hundred amazing “hand-drawing meets pixel-art” characters for Dex so far, with more yet to come! Below, you can see 72 samples (unsorted).

Indie Cyberpunk Showcase

For today, we decided to tell you about three cyberpunk projects out there, all ending soon. If you’re a hardcore fan of the genre, consider taking a look at these:

Read Only Memories – Snatcher-inspired Cyberpunk Adventure

Read Only Memories (ROM) is a new take on the cyberpunk adventure genre. Drawing inspiration from the 1988 Hideo Kojima game Snatcher, the story takes place in Neo San Francisco of 2064. ROM is made by the founders of the GaymerX community and features LGBTQ (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual/queer) characters who can come together in non-stereotypical interactions and situations. The gameplay is designed to provide a fast-paced mixture of adventure, dialogue, and puzzle solving. ROM has now three days left and is 85% of the way towards its initial goal, so if you like the concept, you can play a major role in helping this project reach its funding milestones and become a fully realized game!

Metal Made Flesh – Illustrated Cyberpunk Novella

Metal Made Flesh is a fully illustrated cyberpunk novella, a compilation of three stories. For a reasonable price, you can grab a digital PDF, a printed version, or a great-looking hardcover version. If you are into illustrated novellas and cyberpunk, this one is definitely a cool piece. The project already has over 300% of its sought funding, but you can still support the artists – and grab a piece for yourself! Metal Made Flesh is in its last three days, ending early Thursday.

Red - Cyberpunk Version of Little Red Riding Hood

Another nice cyberpunk graphic novel, with cool art by Daniel Velez and Sean Stephens. Red features 80 pages of dialogue and artwork, inspired by the classical Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but tweaked for a cyberpunk theme and setting. Red is a member of a private security firm who has to fight for survival in a violent word. You can grab a physical copy (signed by the authors!) for as low as $25! Red has a week to go, with over 72% of its funding in place and rising.

Check back with us again soon!


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