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A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
1,930 backers pledged £30,647 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Expanded & Rearranged! + PayPal

Posted by Dreadlocks (Creator)

Greetings everyone!

We heard you! We received and considered your comments and messages about our Stretch Goals, especially the lack of ones extending the game. Therefore, we have decided to add more Stretch Goals and rearrange the current ones.

The most notable change (and, we hope, the most welcome one) is the moving of the “Unique Armor Types + Game Extension” goal much earlier, to 31k GBP instead of 48k GBP!

The changelog:

  • Wii U is moved £2,000 earlier, from £28,000 to £26,000!
  • Unique Armor Types + Extended Game is moved to £31,000, right after the Wii U Stretch Goal!
  • Documentary is moved to £50,000 to give preference to extensions to the game itself.
  • NVidia Shield is moved to £32,000 instead of £21,000.
  • Major Consoles are moved to £67,000 instead of £60,000.

Now, the additions:

  • Avalon Mission - At £37,000 we will design and implement a whole new mission (called Avalon for now, since it takes place on a remote island, not in the city of Harbor Prime) to be added into the game.
  • Fighting Club - At £45,000 we will add Fighting Club. This will be an in-game location with an arena where you can bet on other fighters or fight and train on your own.
  • Shooting Range - At £47,000 we will include Shooting Range, which will be similar to Fighting Club, but for firearms practice and competitions.
  • Three Gangs + Gang Hierarchy - At £55,000 we will add one more major gang competing for the rule of the city (currently, there are two major gangs: La Aguilla and The Kings). We will also elaborate the “gang hierarchy” more, with several unique missions for each gang to complete, along with the ability of the player to climb the ladder of gang hierarchy.

Below, you can check out the final version of the Stretch Goals (rearranged and with the new additions).

A live vocalist will join our composer Karel Antonin to add even more juice to the soundtrack! Plus a small chamber orchestra (3-5 professional musicians) will be hired to accompany the vocals and the synthesized tracks! Also, the game soundtrack (the reward for backers who qualify for the Deluxe Digital or Physical Edition) will be extended from 60 minutes to 75 minutes!

Dex will be made available on Wii U about 2-3 months from the initial PC/MAC/Linux/OUYA release. The funds will cover the license fees and the additional development time for porting (programming, GUI, testing). Upon reaching this goal, all backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the Wii U version.

Note: This stretch goal will either prolong development time by a few months or will be available as post-release DLC (free for all backers eligible for Digital Game Download).

We will add four unique armor types, including specific new gameplay parameters – not only different stats, but also organic features. Remember the Spike-Breaker from Castlevania or Hazmat suit from the Deus Ex? Like that. We will also expand the whole game by adding new areas and side-quests, creating new content, locations, and game moments to make the fullest use of our extension funds.

Upon reaching this goal, Dex will be made available on NVidia Shield about 2-3 months from the initial PC/MAC/Linux/OUYA release. All backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the NVidia Shield version.

Localization of in-game texts (mainly GUI and dialogues), done by professional translators and native-speaking proofreaders and editors, in German and French.

A whole new mission to take place on an island outside the borders of Harbor Prime will be added and organically melded into the game. Will you hack your way through or turn the island into a hell on Earth with firearms and explosives? Includes a whole new map, sized several vertical by several horizontal screens, with unique sprites and art, multiple solutions and paths!

Localization of in-game texts (mainly GUI and dialogues), done by professional translators and native-speaking proofreaders and editors, in Spanish and Italian, plus one additional language based upon a poll of our backers.

One of our two “open-world/sandbox” game extensions, Fighting Club will be a place where you can, well, fight... as well as practice and join tournaments. The location will probably be connected to a side mission or two and may involve dirty practices and reveal aspects of the personal backgrounds of some of the characters in the storyline. Fighting Club will probably also be connected to some achievements (in-game as well as Steam achievements, if you are on Steam) and – perhaps – some RPG features as well.

Similar in concept to Fighting Club. A location where you can practice, shoot at targets, or perform various challenges. At the moment, we are considering an outdoor shooting range, beyond the city borders and an indoor one with sophisticated training drones. As with Fighting Club, we will connect the Shooting Range organically to the rest of the game, through characters and side missions.

A documentary (30+ minutes) about the development of Dex, including developer commentaries, notes, and behind-the-scenes stories and footage. Filmed by a professional camera crew over the course of development (starting with the end of Kickstarter campaign and ending with the release of the game), this short movie will be a “time-lapse exposure” of real people creating a game under indie conditions. The movie will be available for download to all Kickstarter backers eligible for the Deluxe Digital Edition and above.

At the moment, there are two major gangs in the city, which you are somehow involved with. When we reach the £55000 Stretch Goal, we will add a third gang to rule the streets and underground of Harbor Prime. This addition will include new locations, a new gang headquarters, a whole third gang, and an array of gang missions for you to undertake. We will also flesh out the gang hierarchy more: you can perform missions for the gang of your choice, become its member, and climb the gang leadership ladder, with specific gameplay and story impacts.

PS4 and Xbox One versions of Dex will be issued about 2-4 months from the initial release of the game. The funds will help us cover all license and legal fees and related development costs (programming, GUI, testing). All backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the PS4/Xbox One version.

So how do you like our new Stretch Goals? We’re not far from the £31,000 Game Extension – let’s join forces and make this game even greater! 

News-wise, we want to announce that we’ve set up a PayPal payments, so you can now pledge via PayPal! You can choose any of the first three digital tiers (they are exactly the same regardless of payment method you use - Kickstarter or PayPal).

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    1. Tiroth

      Congrats, guys - you now have one of the few Kickstarters where I want most, if not ALL of the stretch goals to happen. Just wish I had more money to help out with...

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      A lot better if you had this at the start you would have had better momentum. Wish the £1000 avalon expansion was higher on the list. That said even if you don't get most of the goals you could always kick start an expansion pack at some point in the future.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Stasek on

      maybe shield have extra fees for 2D and not 3D games :D

    4. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Ondrej Stasek: Last three days can do miracles :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Stasek on

      Still it seems that more than first stretch goal will be a miracle ;)

    6. DeafTard on

      f*ck yes!!! I just sent dreadlocks a message yesterday about the fact that the stretch goals were not added on the main page except for the update page. So not only did he added the stretch goals onto the main page now, he also dropped the wii u goal down to £26,000!!!! YES!
      i can SMELL the wii u goal reaching SOON!

    7. Motoki on

      Is Shield really that different from Ouya that it needs a stretch goal? They're both Android and the only practical difference I can see is maybe how the controls are arranged.Shield isn't even it's own ecosystem really. It's all sold through Google Play and then the developers just add Shield support. Even then if they don't Shield has it built in that you can map the controls so you can still play most regular Android games to some degree.

    8. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      1) doing stretch goals if they are not met - depending on each one and depending on the sales, of course. Too far in the future to say right now + our priorities after game release might be... hard to imagine now (DLC? Dex 2? different game - really hard to say now)
      2) Kickstarter + PayPal counts towards the Stretch goals. OUYA only gives us ammount equal to the "main goal" (14k GBP). You can think of it as if the basic main goal for the game was not 14k GBP, but 28k GBP instead, of which 50% was paid by "a major backer called OUYA", therefore, it helped us to set the initial goal lower.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gilou on

      That's more like it!

      Regarding the extension of the game content, if some or all content related goals are not met, will you consider developing them anyway, after the release of the game with the sale proceeds?

      And are the stretch goals defined upon KS funds only or with Ouya funds as well?

    10. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Note: Paypal is accessible from the project main page (just below the main video) -

    11. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Neo: Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Fighting Club sounds more than cool! :)