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A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
1,930 backers pledged £30,647 to help bring this project to life.

Funded! Stretch Goals Revealed!

Posted by Dreadlocks (Creator)

Hurray! 100% funded and going up!

Thanks to your amazing support, we’ve made our initial goal! We still have 19 more days to go – and several nice updates coming. We believe we can reach even more fans with the following exciting stretch goals including a Wii U version, improved soundtrack, PS4/Xbox One support, and game localizations! Plus some exciting game extensions and additions!

Cheers, and thanks again!

Foreword to Dex Stretch Goals

When choosing Stretch Goals, we wanted to meet these basic criteria:

  • The Stretch Goal can be delegated to external contractors (as a whole or at least partially), or can be done after the game is released, so it will not extend development time.   
  • We focused mainly on improvements, rather than extending the game itself. Game extensions (additional areas, enemies, items) would definitely mean prolonged development time. 
  • The notable exception is the £48000 goal. At this point (now having ample funds for added development), we will let the community vote between organically extending the game (with an increased development time of 2-4 months) or releasing the additional features and content in the form of post-release DLC (free for all backers eligible for Digital Game Download)

We had some stretch goals prepared, but added new ones and rearranged the order based on the feedback we received from you during the course of the Kickstarter campaign. Thus, we put more emphasis on additional platforms (NVidia Shield, Wii U, PS4/Xbox One) and localizations (German, French, Italian, Spanish, plus one voted language).

Needless to say, more funds will always result in a better and extended game. We vow to do our best to create the coolest game possible with whatever level of funding we receive. 

The Goals:

A live vocalist will join our composer Karel Antonin to add even more juice to the soundtrack! Plus a small chamber orchestra (3-5 professional musicians) will be hired to accompany the vocals and the synthesized tracks! Also, the game soundtrack (the reward for backers who qualify for the Deluxe Digital or Physical Edition) will be extended from 60 minutes to 75 minutes!

Upon reaching this goal, Dex will be made available on NVidia Shield about 2-3 months from the initial PC/MAC/Linux/OUYA release. All backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the NVidia Shield version.

Dex will be made available on Wii U about 2-3 months from the initial PC/MAC/Linux/OUYA release. The funds will cover the license fees and the additional development time for porting (programming, GUI, testing). Upon reaching this goal, all backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the Wii U version.

A documentary (30+ minutes) about the development of Dex, including developer commentaries, notes, and behind-the-scenes stories and footage. Filmed by a professional camera crew over the course of development (starting with the end of Kickstarter campaign and ending with the release of the game), this short movie will be a “time-lapse exposure” of real people creating a game under indie conditions. The movie will be available for download to all Kickstarter backers eligible for the Deluxe Digital Edition and above.

Localization of in-game texts (mainly GUI and dialogues), done by professional translators and native-speaking proofreaders and editors, in German and French.

Localization of in-game texts (mainly GUI and dialogues), done by professional translators and native-speaking proofreaders and editors, in Spanish and Italian, plus one additional language based upon a poll of our backers.

Note: This stretch goal will either prolong development time by a few months or will be available as post-release DLC (free for all backers eligible for Digital Game Download).

We will add four unique armor types, including specific new gameplay parameters – not only different stats, but also organic features. Remember the Spike-Breaker from Castlevania or Hazmat suit from the Deus Ex? Like that. We will also expand the whole game by adding new areas and side-quests, creating new content, locations, and game moments to make the fullest use of our extension funds.

PS4 and Xbox One versions of Dex will be issued about 2-4 months from the initial release of the game. The funds will help us cover all license and legal fees and related development costs (programming, GUI, testing). All backers eligible for game download (£7 and above) will have the option of choosing the PS4/Xbox One version. 


That’s all, folks!

Stay with us – we have several updates and small surprises coming. Also, we intend to set up PayPal payments over the weekend, so you can expect to have the option of paying via PayPal starting early next week.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Android would be a good stretch goal better then shield, I agree. But I think localization is important not as important as a good game but important. It won't get the most funding but it will expand the games user base. As for the music, If the enhancements are just on the soundtrack I agree it is a waste, I am assuming the goal is enhancing the in game music to.

    2. Piotr Konieczny on

      Uh, the goal I care about is at 48k (through if Shied=Android, you should've said so in the first place, it's a goal I support). Everything else is so pointless. I mean, who cares about making of documentary? 5 people? Better soundtrack is ok, but really, I am pretty sure most people would want to see the 48k goal met, and any money wasted on the documentary (or localization) is, well, wasted.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      I would say rearrange your goals and get the content expansion goal after the music asap, as that is one alot of people will be excited for. I would move the shield goal to somewhere after the language area of stretch goals and maybe Move the language goals above the doc goal as well. (Depending on the media coverage you can get in the EU) I think people would be a lot more excited if you structured your goals that way. Best game possible first, to a wide of a base second and extras third.

    4. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Thank you, everyone!

      DeafTard: Double thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

      Lukas Daniel Klausner: We hope everyone can find interesting pieces among the Stretch goals. The 48k is definitelly a meaty one!

      ET the Geek: Currently, we can't say, but in case Shield stretch goal is met, we can probably port the game easily to other Android devices with the controller with only a little effort, so it is quite possible.

      Blackstaff & Sir Jordi: Yes, the translations might open up both the current Kickstarter campaign as well as the final game to more players - since it is a story-driven game with lots of dialogues. The dark side of this is the pricey translation, as was mentioned before - localization of a strategic game or puzzle game is far less demanding (as to time - and therefore money spent on the localization). Hopefully, we can beat the 36k - or possibly even the 43k goal!

      Ryan: I personally (Jan Jirkovsky, Writer/Lead Designer) agree on the "extended game X post-release DLC" and would also be more into extending the development time and making all the additions an inherent part of the game itself rather than releasing a free DLC after the game is finished (exactly for the reasons you mentioned).

      Saud Al-Zaidi: Double thanks for your support and involvement!

      DeafTard (ad Documentary): Yes, beating this stretch goal will be exciting! There are not that many indie studios having a documentary/short movie about the game and I think both the fans and other developers/indie studios will enjoy it! Now, let's keep our fingers crossed we can get there!

    5. DeafTard on

      Whooo!!! Hoo!! Thank you so MUCH DreadLocks for listening to feedbacks and requests by the fans that are backing this amazing video game project. More and more video game sites/blogs/etc are starting to pick up on this game ever since you released the stretch goals for consoles. We still got PLENTY of time folks, 17 days to go as of this message.

      We are 12,604 pounds away from reaching the Wii U System goal, I believe that is $20,457 in US dollars according to

      I believe! We believe! LET'S MAKE THIS DEX STRONGER! Post this project on yer facebooks people! Don't forget to email or create threads related to Dex for whichever forums you browse or participate.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Hm, the first stretch goal that's really appealing to me is the additional content at 48,000 … oh well.

    7. ET3D on

      Will the Shield version work on any Android device with a controller (such as MOGA)?

    8. Sir Jordi

      and go go Wii U!!

    9. Sir Jordi

      I think this is the first KS project where nvidia is supported as stretch goal, which is streange due to its small base
      I would prefer first the translation goals, due to a translated aventure game is far more easy to sell in non-english territories

      but hey,
      your project, your goals..

    10. Blackstaff on

      Plenty of time left to hit as much stretch goals as possible. I'm really hoping for that 36K in particular :)

    11. DeafTard on

      Also, that documentary is a GREAT IDEA! I wish more game studios would do this! It makes me sad that the movie industry pours a TON of extra content in the dvds'blu ray discs filled with interviews, commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers, concept arts, alternate endings, set designs, etc all that JAZZ! I mean its weird because look at the giant corporate video game companies like activision/EA/2k/etc they all make these ridiculous overbudget video games and all they include is ridiculous pre-order stuff like a HUGE box with the game disc and a bunch of other crap

      Now don't get me wrong, some of them are cool but some of them are pointless and sometimes I see TONS of boxes left at stores or amazon, etc. So if those greedy companies add all the other stuff like figurines, soundtrack, stickers, tshirt or whatever the hell they do, I would expect them to at LEAST throw in some documentary stuff since the thousands of employees has to spend like a year or two working on that game. Plus they could add levels that were taken out or enemies that were unused or different cinematic scenes, or funny blooper scenes or deleted scenes or whatever! Commentary from the developers would be cool as well! So I applause Dex creator for adding the documentary! woot!

    12. DeafTard on

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was SOOOO happy to see the Wii U stretch goal at 28,000 and then I kept scrolling down and noticed the OTHER consoles were over 60,000! I was like "WHOA!" cause it really shows that you did grow up playing Nintendo games since tons of people are inspired by Nintendo games when growing up. Also, Dex totally gives me that Super Metroid vibe mixed with Blade runner as well.

      Gonintendo just posted it! and sooner or later, TONS of other nintendo blog/news/etc sites will pick it up!…

    13. Missing avatar

      Abdulrahman Alfaris on

      a goal for arabic subtitle will be appreciated, thanks and waiting for the game.

    14. Marek Tvrdy on

      Soundtrack sounds awesome! But I'm not sure if "Making of" will make it. Let's hope that WiiU support will bring a lot of new backers like was promised by some fans. But I'm missing iOS support which is much more important than WiiU or Shield.

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Reulbach on

      Aww what about ps3 version?

    16. gandalf.nho


    17. Missing avatar

      Marek Has. on

      Congratulations and I am looking forward for this (:
      And - just curious and not that I really need it - but what about czech?
      (And I wouldn't throw away idea for russian translation!)

    18. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please add Russian translation at £36000 stretch goal! It's a huge market.

    19. Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on

      Regarding delaying the game vs. DLC if we reach 48k, I'm 100% for a delay. I think the content will be more properly integrated that way. All the DLC for ME2 felt very disjoint from the core game as far as the execution went, but many of the stories seemed essential and missing upon the initial release. Although they did a fairly good job integrating shadow broker, but it's hard to make DLC not feel disjointed from the core game (note that I think there is a big difference between DLC and an expansion, so unless they plan it as an expansion my vote is for delaying the game to properly integrate the content).

    20. LodestCZ on

      Super! Looking forward especially to extended soundtrack and DLC! :-)

    21. Saud Al-Zaidi on

      Great! Will be looking forward for more updates as for will the game get that much funding to get to the others goals I dont know but I am still staying positive. Would be great to get this game on other consoles as well.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gilou on

      If you have the translation done by professionals, why do you need to have the result proofread by native speakers?

    23. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Gilou: Yes, especially the Wii U, we received tens of messages just about the Wii U.

      As for Shield, we received only a few requests, but it is quite easy to do this port (inexpensive license compared even to Wii U, and far from the Microsoft/Sony console financial and legal requirements), so we decided to offer that one as well.

    24. Dreadlocks 3-time creator on

      Marek Andráši: yes, it is actually about £2500 per language (minus taxes, Kickstarter fees et.). Considering it is now around 80 pages for the main storyline (+ sidequests still 80% undone), this is likely to grow. In the end, it might be 150 standard pages (or even more) per language to translate, edit and proofread.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gilou on

      But are Wii-u players and Shield players numerous on Kickstarter?

    26. suppafoxe on

      Wonderful! congratulations guys :)

    27. Marek Homsi Andráši on

      At the first moment, I was little perplexed. Especially with how far up are the translation goals, but then I understood why. I'm too accustomed to big kickstarter projects that go into hundreds of thousands. Difference between 36k and 43k isn't really that big from that point of view.

      Let's hope the console stretch goals will help this project get more publicity...:)
      It sure deserves it!