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A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
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Raw Dex Beta

Posted by Dreadlocks (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

As we promised earlier, we are here with Dex Beta!

Before you get too hyped, there’s one important thing we need to say: It is far from polished and we didn’t manage to implement and finalize everything we wanted.

We had a really tough time deciding whether to postpone it again (which sucks; we postponed the beta already!) or whether to release it in its current state. We finally came to a middle solution: We’ll put a big disclaimer, “Unpolished Beta,” on it to make sure you know what you are playing. (And yes, you are reading that disclaimer right now.) The main reason it feels unpolished is that although we have most of the stuff done – basically everything between Start and End – the very start (first two locations) and the very end (last chapter) are in rough-sketch form (not only visually, but also in terms of sound, music, and gameplay).

Now, what is there:

You can play the whole game from the start (intro, Dex’s flat) all the way up to “labs” (let’s not be more specific, so we don’t spoil your experience!). There are dozens of new locations and NPCs as compared to the older build from December/January. So if you overlook the missing bits and pieces, we believe you’ll be pleased with the progress we’ve made and the amount of work that has been done!

What is not there:

The very beginning is unfinished, both as to gameplay and graphics. The last chapter we decided to cut for now (very work-in-progress). The hacking/cyberspace functionality is there, but it is very raw. It should be functional enough for you to see how it feels and how the system is generally designed – and to give feedback on – but it is probably the least polished gameplay system at this point, and it could still use a fair amount of visual, sound, and gameplay tweaking.

Who is it for?

We strongly encourage everyone who simply wants to enjoy the game to wait for the final release, as the many final polishing touches, the inclusion of voice acting, and the final rounds of testing, bugfixing and balancing will make a huge difference to your gameplay experience.

On the other hand, we welcome everyone brave enough to dive deep into the beta to give us feedback, report bugs, and generally paw through it and help us push the project to the finish line. So, if you want to go digging in the dirt and help us build the thing – or if you are curious and want to check the current state and new additions – come right in! But don’t say you weren’t warned! ;-)

How to get there?

We decided to publish this build as “Steam Beta” only. Therefore, the older build from December (with fewer features and less content, but much more polished overall) will still be the default branch that you launch normally through Steam client when clicking Play. If you want to participate in the beta, you need to right-click on Dex in your Steam library, select Properties, go to tab BETAS and select “Dex - Public Beta” in the drop-down menu!

We’ll be watching forums here on Kickstarter, as well as on Steam, for bug reports and feedback – and we’ll get back to you soon with new exciting updates! 

We’re almost there, so keep your fingers crossed!

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    1. Tomas Bosansky on

      what about that WiiU verison ? is it at work ?

    2. Missing avatar

      RainPally on

      Awesome! I'm all over this, rawr! Talk to you guys on the forum tomorrowww!!!!!!!! I love DEX!!!