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Update #20

Major Spring Update & Early Access Launched!


Hi Everyone!

We have a major update, so take a deep breath and join us for big news about Dex’s development!

First Early Access Build Available

All backers eligible for early access to Dex should have received an email by now (or within an hour from this post) with instructions on how to download the Dex development build. If you are eligible for early access but haven’t received an email from us, please double-check your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, please send us a message! (Note: We use the contact email address provided here at Kickstarter or the payment email address if you backed us via PayPal.)

For those of you not in the early access group: we’ve attached some new artwork to give you a glimpse of our latest progress. Also – just so you know – we are not limiting the usage of early access builds in regards to taking videos, so if any fan-made footage from Dex pops up, we’ll post it here for all of you to enjoy!

Upcoming Shows: EGX Rezzed (UK) and IndieVelopment (NL)

In the weeks to come, we will be showcasing Dex to gamers, journalists, and fellow developers at two events: EGX Rezzed (28-30th March, Birmingham, United Kingdom) and IndieVelopment (7th April, Utrecht, Netherlands). For EGX, tickets are still available, so consider taking this opportunity to meet your favorite cyberpunk indie developers in person and discuss Dex/cyberpunk/RPGs – whatever! We will be at stand number 12 in Hall 1.

We will provide coverage of both events (join us on Facebook or Twitter for all the current news), including behind-the-scenes photos of our little trip beyond La Manche (or the English Channel, depending on which side of the Hundred Years War you throw down with).

New Team Members

Our team has been expanded to include two new developers who will help us improve the game and speed up progress a bit:

Alexandra Hetmerova (art portfolio) is a graduate of Czech Film Academy (FAMU) in the field of animation and will help us make all the animations smoother while reducing the workload on our lead artist Prokop Smetana. Cheers!

Jaroslav Meloun (game dev portfolio) is a fellow indie game developer and organizer of Game Jam in Prague as well as author of over thirty indie and experimental/game jam games (check his website above; there are some cool ideas and some of the games are free to download and play). Right now he is working with us full-time, taking the combat system and related mechanics on his shoulders.

Status Report

Now, the major news: We are somewhat behind our original schedule, and so we are officially announcing that we will not be hitting final release by this summer. That was our original expectation when we were preparing and running the Kickstarter campaign in November 2013; however, many things simply took much longer than we planned and expected.

We are sorry for this – especially since we know many of you are looking forward to playing Dex – but as we stated before, we’d rather postpone the release date than ship an unpolished and incomplete game. So, although it is a bit sad that there will be a longer wait time for the final version of Dex, please rest assured that we will use the development time to best of our abilities and that the final game will be better for the delay.

Right now, we would rather not give a definite official release date – until all major game systems are complete and working well, it is really hard to pinpoint. Internally as well as externally (in press materials etc.), we have changed the expected release date to Q4/2014; that is October, November, or December of 2014.

New Artwork

Since it’s been a long time since we’ve shown images from Dex, we decided to collect some of our artist’s creations and share them with you. Enjoy!

Cheers & Stay tuned!  

Your Dex Team

Indie Showcase

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

We’ve watched Festival of Magic for some time and it is certainly a piece not to overlook. It is an original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic. You can grow your own ammunition, build your homebase and explore the landscapes of a planet that has stopped spinning a thousand years ago. Playable early demo is available. The campaign has sixteen more days to go and has just crossed 50% of the required funding, so it can certainly use help with the funds and spreading the word.

Update #19

The Sounds of Silence


Hi everyone!

It has been a month of radio silence. We had a break for the Christmas holidays and then returned in full strength to work single-mindedly on Dex for the whole of January. Here are some updates as to our current plans and happenings:

  • We plan to launch the development forum for Dex. This will include: a public section for everyone to join and chat about cyberpunk and related topics, a private section for all our Kickstarter (and PayPal) backers to discuss the game, and an “ultra-private” section for our Early Access backers to share suggestions and feedback regarding the first alpha build.
  • Simultaneous with the forums, we are preparing to launch a blog for you to enjoy. We’ll cover news and stories from the development trenches (like we do here on Kickstarter) as well as other topics you’ll definitely be excited about once you see it all online!
  • And last but not the least, we are developing the game itself. That task actually consumes 95% of our time (compared to the above). We are now focusing on the less visible stuff – work that may not look interesting from the outside, but needs to be done in order to deliver a functional game. Right now we can’t announce the exact date of the release of the alpha version, nor the exact details; however, we expect to have a clearer sit-rep by mid-February.

Interview at GameCloud

There has been a new interview with us in January and since it covers some interesting facts about Dex and its development, we decided to share it with you:

Early Access FAQ

Is the alpha version going to be PC only?

At the moment, we can 100% confirm only PC compatibility (Windows XP/7/8) for the first playable prototype. However, we have already done tests on OUYA, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu distro) and it is highly probable we’ll be able to offer the first playable prototype for these platforms, too, at launch – or very shortly (a matter of weeks) after the first PC version.

Will the alpha version support keyboard and mouse as well as gamepad/controller?

Yes. As long as we don’t run into any unexpected calamities, we aim to support the gamepad from the first early-alpha version we release to the community. The aim is to get feedback on gameplay and controls as early as possible, so this is definitely one of our priorities – to allow you to play using keyboard/mouse/gamepad, and for you to let us know how each of these controls feel.

How will the alpha be distributed to Early Access backers?

This is yet to be determined. The option we are inclined toward at the moment is to create a private area of our forums accessible only to Early Access backers (Kickstarter and PayPal) and every time there is a new development build, post a link there for you to download it. That means you won’t need any third party software/platform (such as Steam or Desura) to access the early version of the game. However, you’ll need to log in to your account on our forums (once they’re online).

What will the alpha version offer as to the content, features, percentage of total game, etc.?

It will definitely contain enough of the game to give you an overall impression of the atmosphere while empowering you to share your feedback and suggestions about core gameplay (combat system, stealth gameplay, exploration, controls). Plus we can test the game on a variety of platforms such as various Linux distributions as well as various hardware specs for PCs. As to the exact percentage of the game area/missions/quest totals and features included/omitted in the alpha build, we’ll address this in more detail in our next update, approximately 2-3 weeks from now.

Is there going to be only one alpha build and one beta build?

Our current plan is to release a major development build about once a month for our Early Access backers to check out. Each build will move the game closer to the final polished state. The first alpha builds will lack some features and content, but as we progress further, we’ll keep polishing stuff, reacting to your feedback and suggestions as well as fulfilling the whole vision.

Stay tuned and have a nice weekend!

Your Dex Team

Indie Showcase

Kingdome Come: Deliverance

Our friends and neighbors from Warhorse Studios have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming historically accurate RPG set in medieval Europe (and are having amazing success so far). The game – based on everything we’ve seen so far – totally rocks! Check this one out for sure:

Dark Lands

And another Czech Kickstarter! (Looks almost like we initiated a local Kickstarter avalanche with Dex :)). Dark Lands in an action RPG for mobile platforms with stylish art and fast-paced gameplay. Take a peek:

Pakka Pets

One of our backers, Willem Rosenthal, has started a Kickstarter project for nice and cute mobile game, where Pokémon meets Tamagotchi – and it is sweet! If you want cute miniature monsters to take care of, head over to the campaign here:

Update #18

Thank you!


Hi All,

It’s been a long run – full of surprises, tight deadlines, and lots of words going back and forth between us – and you have been with us all the way in this long cyberpunk race.

So first and foremost, thanks to all of you – everyone who pledged; everyone who shared and helped to spread the word; everyone who voted for Dex on Steam Greenlight; everyone who wrote supportive comments, tips and suggestions; all of our families and friends who may have noticed that we’ve only been leaving work long enough to get a few hours’ sleep. And deep thanks to everyone on the team, both the internal core in our small office and our contractors, for help in preparing the campaign and for your sustained support, with all those tight deadlines, all the way through the campaign itself.

This month ate up a lot of energy – whew – but it got replenished by a fresh burst of motivation. Funding is one thing, but this campaign was a great reminder that we’re not developing this game just for ourselves. Thousands of you are really excited about the idea and its presentation, and that is a powerful inspiration for us to keep our heads up and overcome any and all obstacles on the path to the full realization of Dex.

After a weekend of rest, we’ll start working again, with our concentration fully back on the game development itself. We’ll possibly release a minor update from the game (pics, news, etc.), but the main focus moving forward will be to get the first alpha version into the hands of the community (Early Alpha backers). We intend to release the alpha version of the game once it is feature- and content-complete (or very close to that state), which we expect to happen in February 2014. Around that same time, we will open the internal development forums (again, for Early Alpha tier backers and above), and will begin actively including you in the development, hearing your feedback, working with your ideas and opinions, and simply making the development process more open.

Whichever tier you pledged on, we’ll keep you informed through updates. We also plan to expand our website, add a blog, and possibly also start a wiki about the game – but we’ll have more details on this later.

Once again, you have our deepest gratitude as we look forward to early 2014. We’ll keep you updated with insights into the development process as well as other news, both major and minor.

Thanks, and we sincerely wish you an amazing holiday season!


Dex Devs

Note for PayPal backers

We’ll automatically include you in our mailing list, so you’ll receive an email notification every time there’s an update for Kickstarter backers. You will have the option to cancel the email subscription, of course. The same applies to our backers-only updates (some future updates will most likely be backers-only) – these will be sent directly as an email to all PayPal backers (using the same email address you used for your PayPal payment).

One more note about PayPal

We’ve decided to keep the PayPal pledges open in a similar fashion to many other Kickstarter campaigns – that is, for two more weeks, while the Kickstarter pledges are collected. So if you missed the campaign – or if you are waiting for your paycheck – you will still be able to pledge until December 26, 2013. Afterwards, both our PayPal and Kickstarter accounts will be given a final tally (some credit cards may be denied, etc.) and we will present the final numbers. 

Update #17

Game Extension & Unique Armor Types Goal Achieved!



Just a short announcement this time: We’ve made it past the 31k goal. That means extended game and unique armor set for Dex (check the previous update for details). 1900 backers and over £30,300 pledged on Kickstarter (+ almost one thousand pounds via paypal) and the last two hours are here.


Update #16

Last 20 Hours! Add-Ons Opened!


Hi everyone,

Adrenaline is pulsing through our veins and chills are running up our spines – we’ve got 20 hours left to go, more backers are coming, and we are riding this bad-boy forward at breakneck speed. We’ve seen an increase of over £2,000 overnight, with two hundred new backers and rising! If we keep up this momentum, we can hit the 31k GBP goal. Let’s do it!

To add fuel to the fire, we are opening add-ons. Some of them are rather conventional (additional game copies), the others a bit more unique and exciting.

Additional Steam/Wii U/OUYA Key (£7)

If you want extra versions of the game (let’s say you own a PC and a Wii U and want the game for both Steam and console), then by adding £7 to your pledge you can purchase additional keys. The keys are giftable, so you can also purchase more copies to give to your friends. After the end of the campaign, we will send you a questionnaire form to choose which extra version of the game (Steam/Wii U/OUYA) you want.

Postcard Collection (£6)

An extra £6 pledge gets you a collection of five postcards in print. You can use them as souvenirs, decorations, or as actual postcards to send greetings to your cyber-obsessed friends. The image below is just a mock-up; we’ll finalize the selection later and pick the best images for the postcard collection!

Includes international shipping and five fine printed postcards in color.

Diorama of Harbor Prime (£8)

For an £8 increase, we will send you a paper diorama of some major scenes and buildings in Harbor Prime. All on quality paper, for you to cut and arrange as you wish. The diorama includes several buildings, some nice set-pieces (like burning trash cans and other cyber and punk items) and about twenty characters. (We are grateful to Ashtree Works for the inspiration for this diorama idea.). The image below is a quick concept sketch and does not represent the final product.

This diorama could provide a nice background for a roleplaying session. Or, maybe you’ll come up with some rules for a board game using the characters and scenery. Anyway, the diorama will be yours to look at, arrange, play with, or start your own cyber-village for roaches. As always, we will welcome the community’s suggestions as to the final set of buildings, gadgets, and characters for the diorama.

Includes international shipping and 3-4 printed color sheets (A4) of fine quality.

Invitation to Dex Launch Party in Prague (£8)

We know Prague might be a bit of a jaunt for some of our fans, but many of our backers are from nearby parts of Europe, or just love an excuse to travel. Anyway, if you want to join us for the launch party of Dex and also enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (, with incredible history as well as modern buildings, clubs and restaurants, you can pick this one.

The invitation includes travel tips for Prague (PDF), an invitation in your name, a welcome drink, snacks, a small sandwich bar at the party, and a full entertainment program for the whole evening. We will announce the exact date, time, and location at least 3-4 weeks in advance so that you can plan your visit accordingly. Expect the party to be at one of the hippest clubs in Prague (at the moment, we’re thinking of MeetFactory, Roxy-NOD, or CrossClub for their cyberpunk/post-industrial/rave atmospheres). As to the evening’s entertainment, we’re too far out to define it exactly, but it may be something like: 1-2 stages with DJs and live acts (electro, progressive, trance, etc.), at least one live concert (indie rock, alternative, maybe also some game music covers), an art performance (UV lightshow or equivalent), and – of course – your favorite game developers to chat with and celebrate Dex’s release.

Includes a welcome drink, party admission, entertainment program, small snacks/sandwich bar, and PDF travel tips. Does not include travel costs and accommodations. Party is not all-inclusive (additional drinks and full meals are on your own).

Free Add-Ons

To all backers at the Deluxe Digital Edition level (£12) and above, we’ll be giving you the Digital Postcard Collection and the Digital Dex Diorama for free! The Digital Diorama comes with tips and instructions on how to print it at its highest quality (type of paper, etc).

So, how to get the add-ons?

You receive these add-ons on top of your current tier. 

You don't change your tier – just increase the amount of your pledge and, once the campaign ends, we'll send you a questionnaire form to select the add-ons you want.

  • Add £7: Additional Steam/Wii U/OUYA Key
  • Add £6: Printed Postcard Collection
  • Add £8: Printed Diorama of Harbor Prime
  • Add £8: Invitation to Dex Launch Party in Prague

Enjoy and stay tuned; the last hours are here!

Notes: Combinations of add-ons are possible (pledging additional £16 can grant you Printed Diorama of Harbor Prime + Invitation to Dex Launch Party, for example). Each add-on type is limited to four pieces per backer (you can get up to four additional game keys, four postcard collections etc.).

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  • Pledge £1 or more
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    27 backers

    THANK YOU! You will receive a heartfelt thank-you email plus access to backers-only updates!

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £7 or more
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    868 backers

    DIGITAL EDITION: a downloadable copy of Dex, upon release, is yours to play and enjoy!

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £12 or more
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    495 backers

    DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION: a digital download of Dex, extended edition of the game soundtrack by our composer Karel Antonin, PDF compiled Art Book/Manual/Design Notes, plus a detailed digital map of Harbor Prime.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £15 or more
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    393 backers

    DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION + EARLY ACCESS: all of the above benefits (Deluxe Digital Edition), plus Early Access - get your hands on the game while it’s still in development and let your suggestions and feedback be heard! Includes an invitation to internal development forums, and your name in the credits as a supporter and beta-tester.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £30 or more
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    37 backers Limited (63 left of 100)

    PHYSICAL EDITION: Physical edition of Dex on DVD, plus all of the above benefits. International shipping included.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £50 or more
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    50 backers All gone!

    DELUXE PHYSICAL EDITION: Game DVD, CD Soundtrack Extended Edition, Printed Art Book/Manual/Design Notes and a printed map (poster) of Harbor Prime with additional game clues and markers on important locations and gang territories. Plus all benefits in the £15 tier (Deluxe Digital Edition, Early Access, development forums, and name in credits). International shipping included.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £55 or more
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    50 backers All gone!

    DELUXE PHYSICAL EDITION: Exactly the same as the £50 reward tier. First and last limit extension. International shipping included!

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £120 or more
    You selected

    3 backers Limited (17 left of 20)

    STREET ARTIST: A tag/graffiti of your custom design on a wall in Harbor Prime (in the game itself). Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £180 or more
    You selected

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    CITIZEN: An in-game NPC based on your picture/photo/instructions will be created by our artists and will tread the streets of Harbor Prime (or perform some nefarious activity such as juggling). Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £275 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    MUSIC LOVER: Our music composer Karel Antonin will compose a music track specifically for you, based on the topic you choose and your suggestions about style and approach (within reason, as to both the style and length; around 2-3 minutes for a track is fine). You may use the track as you wish – a gift for someone or a song for your new game. Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £600 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    BOSS: A boss in one of the game’s side missions or dark alleys will be created based on your instructions. This includes a design meeting (Skype/online) with our designer and artist to specify the visuals, attacks, advantages/disadvantages, and the whole setting of the encounter. Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £800 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    FOUNDING FATHER: You’ll be immortalized as one of the founders of Harbor Prime via a statue in one of the luxurious parts of the city. The statue will be based on a photo/instructions provided by you. Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £1,250 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    ART LOVER: you’ll receive our heartfelt thanks along with a collection of artworks and concept sketches used for the production of our Art Book. Hand-signed originals drawn by our artists are yours only! Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £2,000 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    CORPORATE PRESENCE: Your company will be featured as one of the corporations in-game. The company may be based on a real company you run or may be purely fictional. In either case this tier will include an online meeting with our designer and artist to tailor the company presentation to the game world and create a set of billboards and commercials that not only fit the atmosphere of Harbor Prime but also present your company in the light you desire. Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £2,500 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    DAY WITH DEVELOPERS: You get a day with the developers at our offices in Prague. Observe our on on-site development work, see the process of drawing and animation, give us your feedback and opinions on the game, sit back, relax, have lunch and dinner with us and enjoy the evening in Prague. We will gladly discuss a program for the day and evening with you beforehand and help you organize sightseeing in Prague in case you want to stay longer. Includes two nights in a four-star hotel and delicious meals (or developer-style pizza boxes in the office). Travel costs to/from Prague not included. Includes all benefits in the £50 tier.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge £5,000 or more
    You selected

    1 backer All gone!

    PRODUCED BY: Your name will appear in the game intro before everyone else’s. After all, your pledge at this level greatly supports the development and you deserve an honorable place in the game: Produced by… you!

    Estimated delivery:
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