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The biggest, heaviest and most premium gaming metal coins are back. Legendary Metal Coins Season 4 is here with many new ideas.
The biggest, heaviest and most premium gaming metal coins are back. Legendary Metal Coins Season 4 is here with many new ideas.
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Entering the final 48 hours. Let's remember what we've unlocked. Also, Social Media Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Our campaign is entering the final 48 hours. This is the most important part of any Kickstarter campaign since all the people who clicked the little "Remind Me" button on the right of the campaign page will get a notification from Kickstarter to see the campaign just before it ends.

Therefore, we have created a beautiful image on the top of the campaign, showcasing all the Stretch Goals that we unlocked thanks to you, making this campaign even more impressive!

As you can see at the lower part of the image above, we have now unlocked a Legendary Mystery coin. This is a new idea we are experimenting with.

Each backer will receive one Mystery coin. That means that before shipping the packages out we will include one random coin to each package. Neither us nor you will know what this coin is before you open the package!

This sounds like a game for us and we hope you will also enjoy it :)

We have also revealed all the remaining Stretch Goals. As you can see, after we unlock the next one (at 55K) giving a Gold Coin to every Standard Set, we are also going to unlock a our first Platinum Coin! 

We are super excited about this and we are hoping we can offer this to you during the campaign. 

It was a relatively big update, but the 48 point is quite a landmark in each Kickstarter campaign.

                                                   Thank you for your support

                                                     Drawlab Entertainment

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    1. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      We also have in mind to offer more pouches in the Complete Collector Set.
      If we reach the 80K we might be able to include it!

    2. Lukas Buergi

      Oaktree is right, it's 27 coins now that we passed the "extra Gold coin in Standard sets" stretchgoal, but it was 26 with just the extra copper and silver.

      @Brett: I think it might be because the full already had a pouch while the season 4 didn't. As a bit of leveling the field, so to speak. That being said, it would fit both of them.

      And finally: Platinum? I'm in! Let's go for it!

    3. Brett Michael Joseph Bossier

      Why does the $80K SG go to the Season 4 Collector Set and not the full Collector Set?

    4. Oaktree on

      the update sais 27 coins for the single set. But it's 26 i think. When we hit 55k it will be 27.