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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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The treasure chests are coming

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter, 
We are back!!!

This has been a long journey, a journey that thanks to you, has created a line of 21 metal coin sets that we are proud of! Our only regret in the campaign was the treasure chests. The chests that we can now show you!

It is now here!
It is now here!

We never forgot about it and before starting every new project, the first talk we had was "we need to deliver the chests first". A process that took longer and longer but we finally have more than 100 completed treasure chests in our hands, ready to be shipped.

Inside the box
Inside the box


Allow me to explain why this has taken that long.

Since the campaign was over, we had a clear idea of how to make these. Unfortunately the idea wasn't doable and would need huge changes to the initial design. Changes that we did not want to make because the chests would then look very different from the ones you backed for. So we searched for ways to make them and in more than one occasion we did find how to do it. But there were always small details making it too fragile, or too expensive, or too heavy. Every. Single. Time.

A treasure chest full of loot
A treasure chest full of loot

 But now we are ready. The chests are ready and are now packed. We will send an email to every backer who has selected a treasure chest to confirm or change your address. We also find reasonable, that you may not want to receive them after so long, thus we will grant a refund to everyone that wants one.

How do you find the chests? We think they are magnificent but we are completely biased since we have been working on them for so long.
What is your opinion?

                                                   Thank you for your support
                                                       Drawlab Entertainment


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    1. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      We just send you a mail to resolve this. Our apologies for not responding earlier on this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paweł Stelmach

      I see that you ignore some comments - so I repeat - could I please get my missing unit coins? (a simple reply would be a good start)

    3. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      Yes, we can make a few treasure chests without the mark "Legendary Treasure Chest".

    4. japester

      Yes, please ignore the people who are only looking to stir up more trouble with silly complaints (we knew both the appearance and the lack of a lock from the start). However, I do have another question. We were originally offered the option to no have the lid say "Legendary Treasure Chest". Do we still have that option? The chest would look better without that kind of self-referential branding on it.

    5. Manny M on

      The final product really doesn’t look too different from the drawing. So I don’t know what the complaints are about in regard to aesthetic.

      As for the time taken... complain away. Totally justified.

    6. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      This looks really cartoon-y to me. The lid is ridiculously oversized and the feet are oversized too. Just looks goofy...sorry to tell you.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Kennedy on

      I ordered 2 Apples, and I MAY get a mango-Starr Fruit 4 year’s later.

    8. Graham Lane

      I agree with Pawel, a lot of communications that ended with radio silence and no movement on promises made...

    9. Missing avatar

      Paweł Stelmach

      Well - as long as we are in a regret sharing mood - my regret is that I didn't receive all the coins and never had any response to multiple emails that I have sent.

    10. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      No, it IS METAL.
      Not only on the lids but also around and under the chest.
      That's why it took us so long to make :)

    11. japester

      The lids appear to have metal on the ends. Is that correct, or are all the shiny elements done with paint?

    12. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      No, it is not lockable. It is intended as a decorative, not for safety.
      But it is beautiful to keep your coins in :)

    13. Randal V. on

      Is this lockable? If not it is a box not a chest.

    14. galenosteam on

      Por finnnnnnn. Me encantaaaaaaa

      Deseando que llegue