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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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We are Back from Essen! E-shop ready, replacement service is on!

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hello dear backers.
We are back in Essen and the coins made their impression there! We had them set up all together in a beautiful display and probably all the 162,000 visitors stopped by at some point to admire them :)
It was very nice hearing all these good words from that many people and it was super nice to see your photos on the social media of the coins being used in various games.

 However, not only we had limited time but terrible connection during our stay in Germany preventing us to reply to you the past 2 weeks. The other issue we had, is that the postal system was slow again, since even today we read reports of coins arriving to their destinations, making the 3-5 days estimation false.


If you encountered any problems receiving your parcels (either missing coins, or coin sets not arriving yet) please send us an email on the account: We would like you to include attached images of the folders you have received, showing the SKU code on the bottom left corner on the back of the folder.

E-shop Hosting Coins this week  

We have prepared everything needed to host your new orders and also provide you with a discount coupon to thank you again for your early support. We wanted though to provide a new shipping option, since the current one did not work out the way we wanted. When ordering via our website, you will be able to choose between the current, and cheaper method of shipping through the folders or via registered mail, in a cardboard box. The registered mail will offer you the option to track your package and it will be delivered to you only if you sign for it,
We even managed to get a small discount on shipping to make it more affordable.

We will tell you the details in the following update, hopefully this week.

                                              Thank you for your support
                                                   ~Drawlab Entertainment~

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    1. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      @Gran Thurizmo
      We have sent all replacements to every backer that contacted us through our service mail ( So, if you have sent us a message there, feel assured. If not, please send one to be able to arrange the shipment.

    2. Gran Thurizmo on

      Also still missing a set + replacements. Would like an update here and private.

    3. George H. Webster III

      Since you asked those of us who've received nothing so far to email you, I've emailed multiple times and you've not answered. Is there a reason you've stopped replying to me? I think my questions are valid and deserve answers. To recap:
      You said your shipping partner does not provide tracking. What shipping partner is that?
      How will it be arriving to me (USPS, UPS Fed Ex)?
      What date, specifically, did you send them?
      Can you provide some confirmation they were sent on that date, other than a statement in an email? A shipping receipt perhaps?

    4. Jack Everitt on

      Backstory: My first set of 39 coins arrived with no coins, just a purple bag.
      Today: I rec'd the replacement shipment, just barely. AGAIN it wasn't shipped in a box but instead AGAIN in a paper envelope lined with stapled cardboard...something that's been proven to be a bad thing to do. This time, my postman relates how during the sorting at my local post office, the envelope exploded, with all of the coins coming out. They picked them up and put them back in the envelope and sealed it with packing tape (something that doesn't seem to exist in the Drawlabs offices). As the mailman hands it to me, he says they found one more in the bottom of the bin, and gives me that coin. I open the envelope 10 minutes later and find 37 inside it. So I have 38 coins and am missing the Medieval copper-colored one. Oh, and again they didn't cinch the purple coin bag - again, if they had done that or used packing tape on the ends or used a box, I would have gotten all of the coins. But, no. (And I'll just live without that final coin.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Still missing 3 sets and no reply to the e-mail I sent almost two weeks ago. What's happening?

    6. D3migo

      Still no reply yet. Still missing 2 out of 9 sets.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kieran on

      I am a US backer and I haven't received my set either.

    8. Kelgogi on

      Not a real big complaint. Simply missing an extra pouch I had ordered. But it is a bit disconcerting that so many people that haven't received their coins yet are not getting their emails acknowledged (I sent out one myself a few weeks ago with no reply). Not very professional, guys. At the very least, reply back to people's emails.

    9. D3migo

      2 out of 9 sets is still missing. The sets are coming in batches and just suddenly stopped for 2-3 weeks now.
      I just send them an email, will update with you guys.

    10. Keith Matejka

      Kind of surprised I haven't received mine yet. Are there other backers in the US still waiting for theirs?

    11. Michael J. Moore on

      @ All - I have received a response to my email from Drawlab, they are going to replace my missing individual coin and coin set.

    12. Missing avatar

      Calderin on

      Such no answers, may be that they need a little time to decide what to do next.
      Because it seems that some have got answers.

      Pareil pas de réponses, peut être qu'il leur faut un peu de temps pour décider de quelle marche à suivre.
      Car il semble que certains aient eu des réponses.

    13. Michael J. Moore on

      @ Creator - Still no response to my email sent on the 21st.....

    14. Shawn Partner

      Excited for the e-shop to be opening! My wife took one look at the collector's set I received and immediately wanted 3 of the designs to put together a scavenger hunt/geocaching game. I'm going to be ordering some coins of her own as soon as they're available.

    15. japester

      I'm a little surprised that envelope info is needed, but I don't agree with everyone who says they tossed them. Right from the start, we saw that people had at least minor problems with their orders. And first rule in that situation is you don't toss anything. I've got all of my folders and envelopes sitting in front of me. I order *a lot* of stuff, often from overseas (usually Japan), and I'll go one step further and suggest people video when they open packages. I do, and it makes claims for breakage or missing items/components infinitely easier. Everyone has several video cameras handy, so it's really no trouble. ;-)

    16. Dagda

      Lol, I am glad that the barcode isn't mandatory, as I threw them away just like almost every other backer. And I've sent my mail with missing/ defect stuff already on Saturday. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    17. Anne K on

      I got my coins last week. The envelope showed some wear, but I was glad to see that it was intact. I love the coins and if I can afford it, I definitely want to order some more coins from you later!

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Lower left hand side of the back of the envelope? Or do you mean the numbers under the bar code on the lower right hand side of the back of the envelope?
      Not sure if I can find all the envelopes. What I do have is the email from CrowdOx detailing my order. Still missing 2 sets of the Greek coins.

    19. mrxak on

      Oh, from the looks of it, only two of my envelopes had anything written on them at all on the back.

    20. mrxak on

      As it happens, I hadn't actually thrown out my envelopes yet. That's funny. I'm probably the only one who still has them. When I send in my email I'll just type in the numbers, instead of taking a whole bunch of pictures. That seems like it'd save bandwidth and be quicker for everyone anyway.

    21. Ron McIlroy

      I'm such a geek, I did take photos! Still, I'm missing about half of my order. I keep hoping it will arrive in the post box. I'll send a list of whats missing tomorrow. Are you planing to use the same shipping method to ship the replacements? We are looking at a 50% delivery rate on my order. I would recommend DHL, and I'll pay extra if you need it. Still need the chest as well.

    22. Michael J. Moore on

      @ Drawlab - Email sent!

    23. Michael J. Moore on

      @ Drawlab - I actually have all five envelopes I received, I will email you pictures of the barcodes and details of what is missing.

    24. Warren L

      Thanks Drawlab!

    25. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      Don't worry folks, giving a picture of the envelope is NOT needed. If you still have it, it will help us figure immediately what happened, but if not we will resolve it differently.
      You only need to follow this instruction if you are able. We apologize for the frustration this update may has caused you.

    26. Warren L

      I emailed about my missing coins over 2 weeks ago. I don't have any packaging now.

      Are you seriously saying photos are essential for people to receive their full pledges?!

    27. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Please provide a link or instructions for how to get them on your site.

    28. Robert S on

      Even if i had kept the packaging, none of them were intact, there was no hope of getting a barcode off the back of any of them.

    29. Buckeye on

      I most certainly did NOT keep my packaging. Why on Earth would I do that unless I had been asked ahead if time to do so???

    30. Joseph T. on

      Yes, count me as one who tossed the envelopes ASAP. Most of them came mangled and torn, shedding paper flakes and had the staples extended into sharp little pokey daggers o' death. Not something I keep laying around, nor would I imagine others keeping.

    31. Jason Miller

      How, exactly, do you think I'm going to take a photo of a package I received more than a month ago?

      I'm missing 2 complete sets of Steampunk coins. I've yet to complain. I'm quickly losing patience.

    32. Jason on

      What about if we never received said envelope or we received incorrect/flawed coins? I don't think anyone has saved the envelopes, lol.

      I currently never received 1 set (Hopeful it will arrive by weeks end still) and 2 coins are defective (1 has a chunk missing and the other was cast with the wrong print/metal). Surely you don't need the envelope in either case?

    33. TyDeL

      Oh my mistake. I missed the part where they wanted a picture of your envelope, sorry. I thought people were saying that they were throwing out their envelopes sight unseen without opening them, hah.

    34. TyDeL

      Why are you tossing envelopes that you get in the mail?! And how is that their fault? I've never seen a Kickstarter send pictures of what their packaging looks like before. It's assumed that people check their mail and wouldn't throw away a 5 pound envelope sitting in their mailbox.

    35. Sean Norman

      Seriously? A picture of the envelope? I've been receiving these for over a month and immediately tossed them. If this info was potentially needed, it should have been communicated when shipping started!

    36. Michael

      STILL do not have my coins

    37. Rose the Hedgehog on

      Our coins had arrived okay, but the end of the envelope and the folder had split open.

      They sure do look, sound, and feel wonderful to use in games. :-)

    38. Vryl

      I tossed my envelope, but I'd already verified that I had all my coins and in good condition. You can count me in the 'satisfied backer' column!

    39. NeORomani on

      It's nice you had a great success in Essen
      I'm afraid 90% of the people have thrown away the envelopes :( At least I did