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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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And they are on their way!

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Today is a big day for Drawlab Entertainment!

~ Shipping !!! ~

After many months of preparation, production, packing, more packing and even more packing,  we can finally show you this picture:

 Yes, it is true, finally the truck arrived, picked up a "few thousand" parcels and left to continue its trip to you carrying these:

Packing changed again, and took us day more than we had initially estimated, so the truck could not arrive earlier than today.
And speaking of packing, it will be easier for you to tear the parcels open, since now they are made like this:

 In each folder, we still include up to 2 sets, so you if you have still waiting for more than two sets, you are going to receive multiple parcels.

Two sets in their pouches squeeze in the carton inside the folder
Two sets in their pouches squeeze in the carton inside the folder

 Of course, now our office look much more empty, we are hoping to make a new production soon enough to fill again these bad boys.

After many weeks, our office will look much emptier without your coins
After many weeks, our office will look much emptier without your coins

The local post office confirmed that they are going to be a "A priority shipment", that means that in 3-5 working days you will have received them anywhere in the world.

There are going to be some damaged envelops or some final-moment address changes that were not shipped today (less than 100 folders) but they are going to be shipped tomorrow without any problem.
 ~ Defective/ Wrong Coins~
Our first priority is your satisfaction, so if you have received any coins that you find defective or if a wrong set was sent to you, please contact us in projects[AT] with some pictures attached so we can take proper action. We are going to make our best to respond in a timely manner.

 ~ New orders through our Website ~
We are going to wait a little more before offering our coins through our website since we want you, our backers who helped us make these coins a reality, to receive them first before allowing the mass market to get them.

It is the least we can do to respect you and thank you in our little way for this wonderful trip we had here in Kickstarter.

 ~Drawlab in Essen~
We are also going to be exhibitors in Essen this year as well. It was a learning but also a wonderful experience last year, and this time we plan to impress people with our coins. It is definitely going to be an eye catcher :)
By that point you will all have received our coins, so any pictures or comments you may upload will be a big boost for us.
It will be an even bigger boost to meet you in our booth, talk about our coins and our future projects and meet you in person. To do so, you have to drop by Hall 1- booth C-137.

                                            Thank you for your support
                                               ~Drawlab Entertainment~


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    1. Reality Games Studios on

      Refund received! Took a long time, but it finally arrived! :D

    2. Reality Games Studios on

      I've requested a refund many months ago. I still don't have it. I don't know if you can trust them to deliver!

    3. Roman Sokolenko on

      The end of october and still nothing

    4. Niskers

      Ontario, Canada... Still waiting... :(

    5. mrxak on

      Replying to emails, I mean.

    6. mrxak on

      Drawlab said in the comments that they're going to be back from Essen on Monday. They'll start replying to comments then and dealing with any issues. It think they should really do another update since most people don't read the comments to find out what's going on.

      They also said that coins may still arrive as late as Tuesday, and they want to hear from anyone who is missing coins after Tuesday.

    7. Jon Walker on

      ok got mine no tear in the packaging and looks like everything is therer

    8. Jack Everitt on

      A week now since Essen ended. Still no update. Still no contact.,.it's been two weeks since my empty envelope arrived. Still no "How we're going to make it right."

    9. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on

      Well mine showed up today in California, and the packaging was all in great shape with everything inside.

    10. Jon Walker on

      i have gotten nothing so far.

    11. Jack Everitt on

      Essen ended four days ago and still no response.

    12. mrxak on

      The company handling the fulfillment/shipping is Drawlab themselves. The pictures you see in this update are pictures of all remaining coins going on a truck to take them straight to that post office you're referring to. So if they said it would take 3-5 business days, either the post office grossly underestimated how long it would take to ship out, or there's been significant delays to some, but not all, of the envelopes crossing international borders.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on

      I'm starting to think the post office he talked to was talking about shipping time from the point the shipment reaches that post office. Whatever company is handling this fulfillment/shipping is terrible.

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Now have received two more medieval sets so that part is complete. Appears the U.S. Postal Service has spread out the flow of the packages. Just waiting for my last two Greek sets. If I even do a KS again, will be inquiring on the method of product delivery at the beginning.

    15. mrxak on

      So for the record, it's been 8 working days (US holiday yesterday) and I'm still waiting on an envelope. I hope it comes tomorrow.

    16. Angela Thas on

      Hello! I've received all of my coin sets!!! While the Steam Punk set looks like the cut could have been sharper/clearer, I'm really happy to just get everything safely. It started with the first packet of my Pirate set from the first shipment about two weeks ago, then my free coin and pouch which was last week, and just today, everything else I had ordered (Dwarven, Elven, Dragon and Steam Punk). I am so happy with the quality and how authentic they look. Kudos to the whole team at Drawlab and for persevering!

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      So five days ago I received one set. At what point is shipping to be declared over?
      Is there a plan in place to handle all the orders that failed to arrive?

    18. Michele Favale on

      I received one week ago only 1 of 3 my packets, were is the other 2? I dont know if I will receive all....This wait is excruciating.....

    19. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on

      Drawlab, I hope you guys hired a fulfillment company who made this decision for you so you can go after them for costs of replacing lost product.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on

      Definitely concerned about all the problems people are reporting. I'm in California, USA, and I haven't gotten my single set yet. But if so many other people are getting busted empty envelopes, I'm not optimistic that mine will show up without issue. I guess they tried to keep costs down with cheaper packaging, but in the long run they'll lose tons of money in replacements. They'll just have to hope the many different carrier companies will gather up all the coins falling out at sorting facilities and send them back to Drawlab. :shrug:

    21. Tj Carver on

      So, did anyone else add on for the Spells of Doom game and the storage treasure chest? Did you receive those yet, or has there been any word on when those would be shipped? I just always assumed those items would ship with the coins.

    22. Guillaume Viveiros on

      So... The 3-5 days worldwide seem a bit optimistic now, eh? Still nothing here.

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      One set of the three order Medieval sets arrived yesterday. So far have received two of four Greek sets much earlier before the Greek postal system went wonky.
      Has anyone else received a different pouch than ordered? Pouches being minor compared to the coins.

    24. Jason Miller

      Still nothing in Ohio.

    25. Travis McCoy on

      Just got mine here in Louisiana! Only 2 of the 3 came in today I assume the 3rd set will be in tomorrow and I can't wait! I am very pleased with the quality and weight of them. Can't wait to substitute them in for those crap cardboard coins that come in games.

    26. Jack Everitt on be fair, they're at Essen game fair right now, so not back in Greece.

    27. Jack Everitt on

      @Graham - No I haven't heard back still. Very surprised.

    28. Graham Lane

      Just wondering if anyone else had heard back from the drawlab guys about faulty coins? Its been about a week and im wondering if its time yet to send another email?

    29. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Received both my packages 2 days ago here in Tn, Usa. The coins look and feel every bit as amazing as the pictures. I'm happy; the only thing I wish was different is for them to not be as wide. The Far East coins are not as wide as the others and a bit thicker, and I think the feel of them is much better for that. The dimensions are more like what I think coins should be but the others are more like a pancake. Pancake dimensions makes sense for the pirate coins but not the rest IMO

    30. Thomas S Darragh

      Received 7 packages today, 5 were split open. One package totally empty. : (

    31. Harald Dalbakken on

      Got an envelope today :)
      BUT, only 2coins in one pouch :(

      Where's my two sets of coins, I wonder?

    32. mrxak on

      @Jack Everitt I imagine they're taking a bit of a break this past week to rest, and they'll get to the emails once everyone has gotten their packages and reported any problems. That way, they can do another batch of shipping for any replacements needed, maybe even forge more coins if necessary. I'd give it a few days before you worry.

      It is crazy to me that they did the shipping they way they did, and honestly if they lose money on this kickstarter it'll be because they had to replace way more coins than anyone could have anticipated. I hope next time, Drawlab uses FedEx or something. It'll cost them less in the long run, and I'm sure backers of any future coin kickstarter will be more than happy to pay a little extra for proper, reliable shipping.

    33. Jack Everitt on

      Mine arrived yesterday with 0 coins inside the pouch. But not a surprise if you look at the packaging. Just a paper envelope and one-sided piece of cardboard that was stapled(!). The pouch was not closed or tied. Not a box, not a tyvek envelope, no "packing" tape - as my mailman said, how do they expect a package like this to survive multiple mail-machine sortings? (I'm still not believing they didn't ship the coins in a small box.)

      No response from customer service a day later. But I can hope.

    34. Tris Moran on

      Mine arrived this morning in the UK (2 parcels), 2 coins missing from the additional ones ordered, but I've simple emailed Drawlab as they suggested,

      These are FANTASTIC and as soon as they are up for order on their site I am already looking at more to use in other games.

    35. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      I got my last set today. The other two I have had for some time.

    36. Manny M on


      Send Drawlab photo evidence of that and they'll sort you out with a replacement set.

      I had two Greek bronze sets that were totally different, and they're sending me a replacement.

    37. Angela Thas on

      Oh my God! Within 3 to 5 days anywhere in the world! I was earlier resigned to the possibility of only receiving them at the end of October. This is fantastic news! I'm going to be the envy of my gaming buddies! I can't wait! Thanks so much! I do hope that I get what I ordered so that your team won't have to do extra work. You've been amazingly committed and passionate about what you love. So very much looking forward to receiving them. Thanks very much!

    38. sien on

      Just want to caution everyone, that when the Greek post office says 3-5 days, it might not include delays on our own countries' postal service/customs! XD

      But really glad for the timeline and that the coins should hopefully reach me in a week or so's time! *crosses fingers that my post office doesn't get suspicious at the envelopes of metal reaching my address!*

    39. Hel Gibbons on

      Looking forward to it!

      Communication during this KS has been really good, thanks so much for that.

    40. japester

      Great news about the coins! But what about the chests?

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    42. mrxak on

      No mention of the chests... I hope you guys haven't forgotten about those.

    43. Hamstray on

      I hope all you other backers get your coins soon! I was lucky to get all of mine some time ago.

    44. Dagda

      But I guess, I won't have my missing coins by tomorrow for gaming night. Hopefully I have them next week before Essen...

    45. Mike Callahan on

      Great,.... the six sets that I already received are great,.... looking forward to the balance of my order. Thanks for the update!

    46. Reality Games Studios on

      I've requested a refund many months ago. I still don't have it.

    47. Sam Kimpton

      It's great to see things are finally wrapping up!

      Have you shipped the chests yet, or is that happening after this shipment?

    48. Raymond Aribawono on

      Great! Nice to see these pictures!! :)
      I hope I can get this during the weekend.. :)

    49. Pit07 on

      I'm still waiting my Collectors Set... i hope there is in this truck...!