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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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It is final ~ Shipping is being Completed next week

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hello everyone.
After many meetings and even more phone calls, we finally made ends meet with the postal office. The unfortunate is that we will have to repack, the "burrito" we used to send was not effective for them to handle and there was no way to send even a few more this way. The good part, is that after many different trials we concluded on the one we will use and we will sent successfully 2 trial folders yesterday.


We do not want to delay you any longer, so we are going to be packing everything during weekend and Monday.
On Monday we are going to send 200 packages (as a test of a massive shipment) and after that, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday, a truck is going to arrive and pick everything else up.
That means that shipping is going to be completed next week (if everything goes well).

                                       Thank you for your ongoing support

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    1. Daryl McLaurine

      More coins ==- MORE GOOD!

    2. Joe Snider on

      Any chance of getting some extra coins for waiting so patiently? :)

    3. mrxak on

      By the way... when you mean shipping completed, does that include collectors sets and treasure chests, or just the regular sets?

    4. Shawn Partner

      Awesome news, Drawlab! Thanks for the update. Still hoping to see many more great projects from you in the future. Here's to lessons learned on this go round, and may they help with any future projects you may launch.

    5. Webs on

      I asked the same thing since I didn't receive one of the burritos they sent away three weeks ago, and Evangelos answered me this:
      "I am afraid we do not have any documentation but on Monday we are going to pick up some returned packages, so probably yours in amongst them."

      So what I'll do is wait until the packages (hopefully) start arriving in 10+days and figure what is missing at the end, and mail them about it.
      Btw, I have (almost) always gotten prompt responses when writing to them about a problem.

    6. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      I found your mail and sent you a reply. We are always happy to replace defective coins since we want everyone to be pleased with the quality of the coins they receive.

      For faster communication, please send us messages either at projects[AT] or in fokos[AT]

    7. Buckeye on

      As always, thanks for the update. I have my fingers crossed for you and all of us that the nightmare of working through the shipping process with the Hellenic Post is almost over. I appreciate the additional time and labor you are investing over the next several days to *yet again* repack all of the packets. You must feel like you're caught in a mobius loop...

      As for all of the unduly negative and speculative comments posted over the last few days, I can understand people's frustration, but please keep in mind that this is a Kickstarter. As others have already noted here and in the general comments section, many Kickstarters suffer from MUCH worse delays. I've also had a hard time remaining patient, but I truly believe that the Drawlab team has done their absolute best to (repeatedly) work through the challenges and get the coins to their backers. They have my full support both for the close of this coin project and the launch and funding of the next one (which I really hope they do!).

    8. Raymond Aribawono on

      To be honest, I think this is one of the reason I backed up a Kickstarter project. Startup and small company who have good ideas and courage to begin the journey.

      Nothing is perfect, I can see here that Drawlab miscalculate the shipping factor because they probably have never made a big amount of shipments (>2000 shipments).
      They learnt the hard way, but for me it is not so important as the product quality itself seems to be very good, judging from the comments of backer that have received their rewards.

      The idea for Project Closing Summary is very good.. it can even be a guide for other startup company based in Greece.

      Having said that, I hope I will received these coins soon.. so I can start playing with them..

    9. Manny M on

      I will re-iterate what I have in the previous update (which was ignored) and in emails directly to you (which were also ignored)....

      "Drawlab, understand your top priority is in getting your existing parcels out to backers, but I sure hope you don't ignore those who are reaching out for feedback on inconsistent coin quality..."

      My two Greek coin sets are so vastly different, I can't use them at the same time. That's an issue.

    10. Joseph T. on

      Ugh, I just cringe when I see in big bold letters, " shipping is going to be completed next week" and then right next door in parenthesis, (if everything goes well).

      Not exactly inspiring.

      WE WILL STORM THAT CASTLE, WE WILL BREAK DOWN THAT GATE, WE WILL TAKE THE THROOOOONEEEE! .... or we'll all just die at the gate, be fed to dogs and be forgotten to the ashes of time.. but... CHAAAARGEEE!!! :D

    11. rudy priecinsky

      Thank you and good luck. I still consider Drawlab as a serious and reliable company. You've learned your lesson hard and we all will hopefuly benefit from it in the future.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Sezra on

      @Drawlab, I have no doubt that I will love the coins when they arrive

    14. Alan Teare on

      I am happy you got this resolved. It is one of the many issues one faces when kickstarting something - Sometimes I feel some backers think that Kickstarter is just a slower Amazon. Communication is key and I felt that you did a reasonable job. The post-mortum communication is an excellent idea.

      I was fortunate to have received two of the original "burritos" and was blown away by the quality of the coins you have produced. For me it is the end product that matters and you have done a great job on that aspect. I wish you smooth sailing here on out.

    15. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      That is a good idea, we will prepare a post mortem of everything that happened during the campaign and how we handled it. I hope you will find it interesting.

    16. Fraborak on

      Thanx, good courage !
      You have merit, you have enough suffer !

    17. mrxak on

      I'm hoping that when all coins have been successfully shipped to backers, replacements sent out, etc., and everyone at DrawLab has gotten some rest, you'll do a big detailed write-up explaining just what was wrong with the shipping each time, and what you learned from it. It would reassure everyone that for your next coin kickstarter (which many of us still hope happens) that you have really figured out the inner workings of the Hellenic Post and won't have any problems in the future doing fulfillment. There may be some people who feel the information they've gotten is incomplete, and won't trust you in the future unless they see some kind of detailed post mortem.

    18. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      @Mika & Sarah
      We are sorry you feel this way. The coins have been ready for a long time and shipping really was responsible of those delays. We cannot speed things up any more than we are currently but we are trying to give you our best estimates in every update depending on the data we have in our hands.
      We hope you will be more than happy when you receive the coins in your hands and make up at least a little bit about these delays.

    19. mrxak on

      Disappointed to hear that shipping will not actually be finished by today or Monday as previously promised. I just hope to get my entire order intact, as I never received even one burrito and I am worried some burritos, perhaps many burritos, got lost.

    20. Maxime Maku Pellecuer on

      It's good to read that !

      I sent you messages this week because I moved, and I want to be sure that you took the modification on my delivery adress into account ?
      Thanks a lot guys !

    21. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      I am afraid you are correct. We did learn a lot about shipping during this campaign. We are now going to be prepared for the future, but we are sorry of the delays you had to endure.

    22. Sezra on

      So not everything going out in one lot today or Monday as was promised. Sounds like endless excuses and stalling to me. Plus how many post office meetings are we supposed to believe have taken place?

    23. japester

      No, I suspected that shipping would be the hard part from the beginning. The coins sent out so far have received glowing reviews (or prompt replacements when unsatisfactory). I think Drawlab severely underestimated the cost and labor of shipping because their specialty is production. This was a major learning experience for them.

      Waiting stinks, but the upside is that any future coin Kickstarters should go much more smoothly. ;-)

    24. Mika on

      It's obvious that something else than shipping has gone wrong and these messages are just to keep us not worrying. The shipping should have finished a long a go.. The first try was ridiculous and it continues the same

    25. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      There are going to be multiple parcels again for each backer, each containing two sets and its pouch.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. NeORomani on

      Thanks for your updates, I really appreciate it.
      Even if you are having troubles, at least you tell us, for me that means a lot, thank you guys, and good luck!!

    28. Marcin AKA schizoferret on

      Glad to hear that. Do you think you'll be able to do international business in these hard times? I plan to show off mine (I got several different sets) and hopefully interest others in getting some.

    29. Thomas S Darragh

      For those of use with large orders, are the coins coming in one shipment or multiple ones? I received two sets, but I have a lot more coming.