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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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Shipping Solution- Hoping to cut the finishing line

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hello everyone,
we are unfortunately already in mid September and many people haven't got their rewards so far. We apologize for this but believe us, is has been our focus to resolve it with all our strength.

What is going on now

We had informed you in the comments section that we have been in daily communications with the local post office due to their restriction of the number of packages the allowed us to send each day. Finally, this week we made two meetings with the head of the greek post office and we have been assured that they want to help us and they did apologize for the whole mess that we want to give to you.

Let me remind you that we had to repack the whole stock after their instructions, in order to continue the procedure when the first packages were sent. It seems that their proposal was unorthodox and a small change has to be made again to complete the shipping. It seems that major errors were made and insufficient instructions were given from their employers causing the delay

What is happening nowRight now, we are anticipating an update from the head of the post office on the resolution of the matter. A change in packaging or a fee might be required to continue this process, but from the moment we are receiving these instructions, the whole stock is going to be picked up in a day and sent to you

Status Update
Right now, only about 50% of the orders has been sent. Packages have returned back to us after discovering the mistake. We are keeping track of what has been packed, so no package has been lost.

The next steps

We had informed you of a special offer from our website in mid September. We have halted this, since we want to complete the shipping to you before selling our coins open to the public.
Next week, we are going to receive the news and inform you ASAP, starting the packing again in double shifts. We are estimating that the repacking (according to the feedback we received) can be finished in 4 days making it possible to send all the coins at the end of the next week.
After we have completed all the orders, we are going to place the coins in our website, with the special offer we had mentioned before. We will have been given exact instructions and all the assurances from the postal service so the procedure will be different than now, but a shipping cost will be added.

Some words from our heart

We do understand your frustration having received a part of your order. We apologise for this and of any uncairtainty you have been through the past days. We want to tell you again that we did anything possible to resolve it as efficiently as possible and that are not just throwing excuses. This whole shipping process has been a nightmare for us, facing problems that we had not faced in previous projects.
We want to sincerely apologise to you for not responding in the previous week but we wanted to get a concrete response before giving it to you.
We also thank you for posting here or the the social media pictures of the coins you have received. We are happy that you love them this much and it certainly gives us strength.

                                              Thank you for your support

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    1. japester

      Finally received my first 3 sets in Texas. One burrito was intact, but rather tiny. The other burrito was huge and both ends had completely split open. One green drawstring bag was hanging out of one end. Not a pretty sight.

      Luckily, after some confusion, everything was intact and beautiful. The puny folder only contained a single coin set (gold dwarven) plus two empty drawstring bags. (Extras? I don't know.) The other folder had two bags of Steampunk, one visibly larger than the other. Turns out one set was shorted a few coins, but they were included in the other set. No harm, no foul.

      I haven't taken a super close look, but at a glance the coins are all fantastic. I was concerned about excessive black gunk and lack of color separation, but everything has just the right amount of "grime" and colors pop between gold and copper, even in less than ideal lighting. A few coppers stand out due to a bright red finish, but they mix into a stack well enough. Besides the split packaging, my only other complaint would be that staples went through a few drawstring bags, but I think I extracted them without much damage. Always go slow when first opening these parcels! ;-)

    2. mrxak on

      It's tomorrow, today. I saw you posted some info in the comments section, but I hope you will indeed post a new update so that people will get a nice email letting them know what's up. Doesn't have to be long with lots of pictures, just a quick summary will keep everyone happy.

    3. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      We will provide a new update tomorrow with all the news. The meeting on Monday was a good one and we are waiting for good news.

    4. mrxak on

      So, just to be clear, we'll get an update Monday telling us that you have gotten the instructions, and an update on Friday saying all packages have shipped?

    5. James Resner

      @Starfury That job is to collect a paycheck, benefits and eventually a pension while doing as little or nothing in return.

    6. Galvin the Wanderer on

      Amazing communication, thank you Draw Lab. I've received half of my order and can only imagine the anticipating of those who haven't received any yet, because they are incredible coins. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again for the update, and I'm glad to hear that the situation is getting resolved. You've won the heart of this backer at the very least. :)

    7. sien on

      Angela, I'm in Singapore and I've received a few of the coin sets already :) so maybe a few of yours are on the way!

    8. Missing avatar

      JV on

      Your detailed update is appreciated! You are doing a great job keeping us informed through this process. It is always nice to see a business behaving in a professional manner.

      Well done :)

    9. Manny M on

      Drawlab, understand your top priority is in getting your existing parcels out to backers, but I sure hope you don't ignore those who are reaching out for feedback on inconsistent coin quality...

    10. Angela Thas on

      Hello Drawlab team,

      Thank you for the update. I can feel your frustration. I hope to receive my coins in Malaysia. I know that many of your backers come from the USA and possibly Europe, but I hope you won't forget us in Asia. Looking forward and much thanks for your resilience in seeing this through.

      Warm regards,


    11. Kirt Boggs on

      Glad to see this update. Got a few of my coin sets all at once and then nothing for weeks. Was starting to get worried.

    12. Starfury on

      The Greek post office had ONE job....

    13. Nick Gardner

      Thanks for the update. It's always better to hear what's going on, even if it's bad news, than to be left in the dark. And the fact that you're actively working to find and solve any problems is great.

    14. Shawn Partner

      Thanks so much for the latest update! It's good to hear that things are being sorted out with the post and progressing along (relatively) smoothly at this point. I agree that the main cause of the frustration has been the interval between updates, mainly because it seemed like all progress just kind of stopped after the first round of shipments were made. I am really looking forward to receiving the coins, and even still just judging by the images I would gladly back another similar project from Drawlab. Keep up the good work!

    15. Ron McIlroy

      Thanks for the update. Any word on shipping the chests?

    16. Mr Anderson

      Still angry there was no return communication about my change of address. Don't know if I will be receiving my order at all.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Very much appreciate your detailed update. Not too surprised the postal service screwed up their instructions. Happy to learn you are focusing on adjusting to the updated shipping requirements and fulfilling the orders. I must say the quality of the coins and pouches I did receive are excellent. Looking forward to using the complete order soon. Thanks again for the update.

    18. BigDaddyRoss

      Thank you for the update. I can't wait to see (and play my games with) these when they do eventually arrive :)

    19. Casus Belli

      I got a part of my pledge, but the coins are amazing. I don't mind waiting for the rest. Thanks for all you're doing.

    20. ub3r_n3rd (Dark Lord of Enablers) on

      I also thank you for the update, it's nice to know what is going on. I know delays happen and things happen that are beyond the control of the project creators. Looking forward to getting my Collector's Set soon. :D

    21. TyDeL

      No worries here, the coins I did get so far are amazing. It sounds like most of the frustration is on your guys side, that sounds like a real pain to deal with.

    22. Ivor Bolakov on

      Thank you for all your efforts to resolve this. :-)

    23. Kosongz on

      Thanks for the update.

    24. James Resner

      And people wonder why Greece is in such bad shape? The post office limits how many packages you can send every day? Do your police limit how man criminals they can arrest?

    25. mrxak on

      @Drawlab Thanks for the reply. I think even just telling us that you're getting contradictory messages from the post office, and that's the reason for not having more information for us, is still valuable information that would reassure backers you're working hard to get things resolved. If nothing else, it shows us you share our pain!

    26. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      Thank you for your insight. We agree that it would have been better for everyone to provide regular updates, even ones including less information.

      The reason we chose not to was that we had received contradicted messages from the postal office and did not want to confuse all you with all that.
      We probably did not handle this very well and made many people feel uncomfortable.

    27. mrxak on

      Thank you very much for the (belated) update.

      I've been very frustrated by this whole process, and of course the Hellenic Post deserves almost all of the blame, obviously. That said, infrequent updates throughout the process have added to that frustration. Don't get me wrong, I would gladly back this project again and I'm hoping to back another similar Drawlab coin project someday soon (we still need necromancy coins, elemental magic coins, underwater coins, Lovecraftian horror coins, etc.). I'm also anticipating taking advantage of the offer to get more coins at the same price after they've shipped out their kickstarter orders.

      I'm hoping Drawlab learns a couple things from this, though. The big one obviously, is learning how to ship out so many coins so they reach backers quickly and more-or-less on time. Thankfully it seems Drawlab is finally getting on track with that, though we've heard that before a couple times.

      The other thing I'm hoping Drawlab learns how to do for any future projects is transparency in the shipping process. Drawlab's comments in the comment section often contradicted what they said in their latest update in the updates section. What's more, many backers do not want to, or know to look through thousands of comments in the comment section to get important information on their shipping. It is far preferable to post new updates that get sent out by email to everyone, cutting down dramatically on misunderstandings and backers sharing misinformation in the absence of official word from Drawlab. These updates should also be more frequent. Even a quick note that says "we have a problem with the post office, we don't have a solution yet but we're working in it" gives backers important information and reassures backers that they're not forgotten or ignored. Updates do not have to be many paragraphs long or provide that much information, just whatever information happens to be available at the time. Finally, if backers know that there will be an update on a certain day of the week, every week, that's even better. Of course, do update more often than that if there's something immediate.

      Again, thank you for this update. I'm hoping you'll continue to post more updates with specific information every few days until you can announce that every package has left.

    28. TheGoodTheBadAndTheMeeple on

      Wonderful update answering all questions I was quite annoyed not to be aware of :-)
      Good luck for the last milestone !

    29. Raymond Aribawono on

      Thank you for the update, I hope that now everything is sorted out although you still have to wait for the resolution from the head post office first..
      I don't mind waiting a little bit longer as long as I know I will get the product at the end.

    30. Buckeye on

      Thanks VERY much for the update. I can only imagine your constant frustration with the shipping part of this project... especially since everything else went so smoothly. I admit that I've been letting my frustration show, but I fully support you and know that in the end you'll make sure we all receive our coins. I also will back again if you do another coin project. Good luck with all of the repacking!

    31. Mr.Gomez on

      Thanks guys! It must be so frustrating having to deal with all this nonsense. you want mail to be delivered, simple as that, yet the postal service has stuffed you around for too long! Glad to hear that we will be getting coin's soon!

    32. Harald Dalbakken on

      Thanks for the update. I'm a patient man, but it always helps to keep the backers informed :)
      Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the coins when they eventually shows up.

    33. Munji Studios on

      Hell there have been projects that delivered 2 and a half years late this is nothing, In saying that I have some of my packs but still waiting on some more, but I'll be buying more as soon as they are on the website. these coins are awesome --

    34. Przemyslaw on

      "Ignore the haters, they'll always be here." - People were pissed as they should be, because DrawLab were ignoring them. Good communication is very important in kickstarter projects.

    35. Nobrainer on

      Thank you for the update and transparency. It is highly appreciated as there are numerous examples of KS-projects that fail on this point. Good luck with fixing the issues !

    36. Robert S on

      Having lived with (and briefly worked for) the Royal Mail here in the UK I can feel your pain for having to deal with a postal service that want's things done their way.
      This is a kickstarter, delays happen. Good communication makes them bearable.
      Thanks for the update and I'll look forward to the coins when you have everything sorted out.

    37. Radka on

      Thank you for the update! I see tou've been doing your best, I appreciate the sincerity and insight you give us. I dont like waiting but this is not your fault. I think ppl should give you credit for responding to their questions and even already sending replacements instead of complaining and blaming you guys!

    38. Ege Tunca on

      I can understand some peoples frustrations and I am quite happy since I got my package. But I can understand the difficulties of postal service of Greece -_- I hope you can solve everything without further problems so everybody can enjoy your beautiful products.

    39. Jonas Vestergård on

      Great with an update.
      I would certainly back again, the product is great and it's just a shame there has been so many issues with the shipping method.
      But two whole weeks from now isn't that bad, can't wait to get the rest :)

    40. Gran Thurizmo on

      I think you are doing an incredible job. Ignore the haters, they'll always be here. Still waiting for a package but I know I don't have to worry about that. The coins I did receive are excellent. Would back again, even with all the delays.