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Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
Free shipping worldwide!
Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience. Free shipping worldwide!
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Shipping Update #2: Single Sets are Packed, not it's time for the Collector Sets!

Posted by Drawlab (Creator)

Hello everyone,
as promised in the previous update and in the comments section (where many of you have posted great feedback and pictures that we just love), we did the best possible to send you your coins as fast as possible. And it was a success:

Just a glimpse on some of the packages ready to get shipped
Just a glimpse on some of the packages ready to get shipped

All single sets have been packed and most of them have been shipped. We believe the postal service will be able to take them all by the beginning of the next week.

Right now, we continue packing the collectors sets, to do so we changed the procedure a little bit. You can see it in one of our favorite pics, below:

Ready to pack the Collectors Sets.
Ready to pack the Collectors Sets.

 The good thing is that we have found valuable help that managed to complete the packing of the 70% of the single sets in just a week!

With some extra help we managed to pack everything as soon as possible
With some extra help we managed to pack everything as soon as possible

 That means that now, all kinds of coins have been shipped from all sets. If you haven't received anything, don't worry since each set has to travel a long way. Let us remind you that each package consists of 2 sets, so if you have ordered more than 2, you are going to receive more packages.

After Kickstarter
Lately we have received several questions about the future of the Legendary Metal Coins. We can tell you for sure, that since this campaign was such a big success, we are going to open up orders again through our website very soon (early-mid September).
Pricing will be higher though since it is a much different cost producing 240,000 coins (yes, that was the final number) than an ordinary montlhy production. And of course, you guys had also a special price for helping us achieve this goal and making this dream a reality ! We seriously can't thank you enough for that.

Nevertheless, we plan on holding a discount price for a couple weeks, so that all our Kickstarter backers who want to add more will be able to do so .More details, and more information about the dates will come in the next update!

Thank you for your support

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    1. Shawn Partner

      Anxiously waiting here in Texas, too. I know Collector's sets were being done last, but I'm starting to get burned out on Kickstarter. I hope this doesn't end up being #2 that I'll see nothing from. Any new update would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Updates??? Has shipping halted? Been over a month without any further items arriving. So far I have 2 of 7 sets and 2 of 4 pouches. Is the Greek postal system on summer vacation? You have my money, I don't have the items I purchased.

    3. Bruce

      I'm joining the 'where the heck are my coins' messages.

    4. Jamie Pham on

      When am I going to receive my reward? It has been a while without any updates....

    5. Nick Gardner

      Yeah, I'm really looking forward to mine. Any estimate?

    6. bones1127 (Tyson H) on

      are they all shiped out yet? my package or package's have not come in the mail yet. xC

    7. Ian Liddle on

      Still waiting for mine here in the UK.

    8. mrxak on

      @Alex Russian Rov Rovnyansky One and the same. Who are you? We're on AfterNET now, by the way.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Have you thought of taking them to a bigger post office? I can understand how Greece is in financial meltdown , if they do not understand the importance of trade exports then it is unlikely they will recover. Maybe Drawlab should drive acros a border and post from there or as EU citizens move there business to a county that supports enterprise instead of short working week.

      Most other EU countries would deliver to UK in days at the most a week.

    10. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      @Drawlab Still haven't received any coins here in USA, TN...

      if my understanding is correct, all the single sets should have left by 8/31, and it takes 5 days max to get anywhere in the world right?

      Kind of worried; please update.

    11. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      Feel free to send us either an email or a message here on KS. We always read all comments, but if some action needs to be taken (such as replacements) it is best to send us a message.

    12. Alex Russian Rov Rovnyansky on

      mrxak? Who once used to frequent Ambrosia's IRC server? o.O

    13. mrxak on

      Send them an email. They don't read the comments very often and may miss your complaint here. According to other people with issues, they've been very responsive to fixing any issues.

    14. Munji Studios on

      Received some of my sets today, however there was a slight mis-pack what's the best ways to let Drawlab about this issue?


    15. Lawrence plano

      Still have not received any sets�. Have all the sets actually gone out? Not sure when I should start worrying about not receiving anything yet. I had pirate dwarf and dragon sets coming. Thanks

    16. Christopher Clinton on

      my address just changed... is it too late to update?

    17. Missing avatar

      Micheal Fuller on

      You guys should leave the discount offer available at least up until everyone has received their coins from the campaign.

      Other than that, I sure am excited and itching for my Capital sets!

    18. Galvin the Wanderer on

      @Richard - I received the first Medieval coins (4 out of 5) two weeks ago. The 5th one of them arrived three days later. Yesterday I received all the Dwarf sets, but only 2 of the 4 (I think, it might only be 3 I'm expecting) Orc and I'm still eager for some Elf sets to arrive too. The variation in timing is likely due to local post office capabilities, timing, when the order was filled/shipped and so on. I wouldn't worry yet. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Should there be a delay of weeks between packages of coins of the same type? I've received 2 sets of the Greek coin & two pouches. Order a total of 4 sets of Greek coins, 4 pouches, & 3 sets of the Medieval coins.

    20. Randal V. on

      Joy! Now I can start to stalk the mail man! Looking forward to seeing them all, keep your site up for a while was hoping to see the coins before making a full set purchase!

    21. Missing avatar

      D C

      Hi Drawlabs, I figured someone might have mentioned, but the title of the Update #26, I believe you meant to say "NOW" instead of "NOT", "Shipping Update #2: Single Sets are Packed, not it's time for the Collector Sets!" Not sure if you haven't changed it because you can't once it is posted on Kickstarter or if no one mentioned it to you yet.

      If you ever need an amatuer proofreader, I will work for sets of coins! ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Baird on

      Drawlab, please consider a special set for the last person mailed coins in the project. Just for fun. Cheers.

      P.S. I still don't want to be last.

    23. Webs on

      Okay, I lost! Although there's still the possibility of a draw..

    24. Matthew Pekelny on

      I've gotten a couple of my sets, Dwarven and (I think) Capitol, and they look great. The dwarven ones look like they very well could have come from some Dwarven mine. Can't wait to receive the rest.

    25. japester

      LOL @ Webs. You're on!

      Funnily enough, (including one late pledge), I am expecting my 4th and 5th backed tabletop projects this week. They will be the first KS deliveries I've received. And, as luck would have it, both are having interesting shipping challenges. Drawlab is constrained by their local post office capacity, and Mistfall got screwed by their US distributor (they are throwing the games into boxes with no padding, causing lots of damage). I have my fingers crossed that I'll be pleasantly surprised on both counts.

    26. Webs on

      I also am highly likely to want to order more sets once I received mine so the discount is highly appreciated. I backed IKI, the game of Edo artisans and a game that great-looking just needs "real" coins.

    27. Webs on

      I also am highly likely to want to order more sets once I received mine so the discount is highly appreciated. I backed IKI, the game of Edo artisans and a game that great-looking just needs "real" coins.

    28. Webs on

      Some nice pictures there. As I might have been one of the last to complete his survey I will wait patiently for another week, seeing not all packages have been able to be shipped so far. I guess Japester and I could make a game out of who receives his coins later - one that I at least have hopes of losing since I am several hundred miles nearer than him... ;)

    29. Radka on

      @Drawlab Thank you for the update, it's cool to see all those coins, packed and ready to go!

    30. TG on

      It is kind of a relief to know that collector set is not yet shipped, because I will move in a week or two. How can I change the shipping address?

    31. Nick Gardner

      What about the things like the 25 coins for $20? When are those going out? I did some of those and 4 collectors sets.

      I can't wait guys :)

    32. japester

      Another great update! Thank you for giving us a better idea of your progress. From the start, I suspected that shipping would be the biggest hurdle of this whole process. Many people don't realize that design, production, and distribution are three very different processes, and the same people rarely tackle more than one. Since Drawlab was doing all 3, I pictured a setup much like your photographs--the whole crew, plus friends and relatives, crowded around tables stacked with bins, feverishly filling pouches and checking off huge CrowdOx lists. ^_^

      I'll add my thanks for keeping a discounted price for a couple of weeks, as I may want to add more to my substantial initial order once I have these in hand. And I would absolutely take part in another coin Kickstarter run by Drawlab!

    33. Missing avatar

      Fabiano Pimenta on

      @Drawlab Guys, I just got my Orc and Dwarven packs today here in Canada. And wow, the quality of the coins is even better than I expected. The pouch quality is really incredible as well! Can't wait now for my Collector's Set and, sure thing, to order more packs in the future.

      Thanks again for all the hard work. We all know the campaign was hit hard by other external factors. And you guys delivered like real champs! Kudos for everyone involved.

    34. Shawn Partner

      Amazing progress! Thanks for another great update. I can't wait to finally see my collector's set when it arrives. The more I revisit the updates and campaign pictures, the more I like the Dwarven coins, so I'm happy to see the opportunity to place future orders if they look as good in person as they do in the pictures. And another campaign after this one is completed would definitely be on my watch list to back. :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. mrxak on

      @Drawlab thanks for the info. I'll look forward to that next update.
      Please, by all means, finish up with this campaign first, and then get some much-needed rest. I just want you guys to know there is a lot of interest in more coin designs. I've looked at other coin projects and none of them look anywhere near as good as yours do.

    37. Buckeye on

      After all the hard work making, packing, and shipping all those coins, the entir team should take sime time off to rest... And SLEEP. :)

    38. mrxak on

      And by elemental, I mean like, stone elemental for copper, wind elemental for silver, and fire elemental for gold. Kind of a D&D type thing.
      Oh and I just thought up another kind of fantasy coin. We have pirate coins (looking forward to getting my two sets soon), but how about an underwater set? Coral-inspired designs, fish and mermaids, that sort of thing.
      Needless to say, if I'm happy with the coins I get (hopefully I'll get them soon), I would gladly back another kickstarter campaign at the same or better level than I did for this one if you've got great new designs.

    39. Drawlab 9-time creator on

      It is true that the postal service isn't fast enough to catch up with us, but we are steadily sending 200-400 folders daily. We will get in touch with the postal service so we can send even more packages daily, and also let you know of the estimated date you asked for.

      Another Kickstarter campaign with coins is an interesting thought for us, but for the time being we are not going to make any plans for a new one, before delivering all coins of this campaign :)

    40. Buckeye on

      Adding my enthusiastic support for the idea of another Drwalab coins or coins and bars Kickstarter project. If I recall correctly, there were *lots* of great ideas for other fantasy and historical coins sets suggested by backers in the main comments section.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dan Buman on

      @mrxak. I agree. I wonder if another KS might be a great idea. After everyone receives their coins, and the response is as positive as I think it will be, another KS would be a HUGE success. It would be cool to see some new designs at KS prices!!

    42. mrxak on

      Also, I'm really glad to hear you'll have these coins available for additional orders soon. I'll need to have my sets in hand for a while before I decide if I want more, of course, but I think picking up another Orc set is a definite possibility.
      What I'm really curious about, actually, is if you guys will do another kickstarter for another bunch of coin designs. If these coins turn out as well as I think they will, I'm sure you'd find a LOT of eager backers for another big batch of new designs. In particular, I'd like to see some sort of necromancer coins, some Cthulhu horror type coins, perhaps some elemental-inspired coins, and I'm sure you guys and the backers of this project can come up with some other great ideas, too.

    43. Michael J. Moore on

      I'm with Dan, thanks for the discount period and I am pretty sure I will want to order more after the Kickstarter coins arrive.

    44. mrxak on

      So sets have now all been packed, but NOT all shipped. Okay. That may explain why some of us who ordered pretty much everything haven't gotten anything yet. About how many of these envelopes are actually getting picked up per day by the post office? Based on the distinction you made between packed and shipped, it sounds like they're not able to handle 100% of the coins you've been able to pack each day. It would be great to get a head's up on when you expect the last of the envelopes with sets in them to actually reach everyone.

    45. Buckeye on

      Thanks for another terrific update, and congratulations on packing all the coins sets so quickly! I'm looking forward to many more packets in the next couple weeks... as I said before, it will be like an extended Christmas.

      @Dan Buman
      I'm with you on that. I've already purchased quite a few coins (okay, too many), but I may just add some more. ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan Buman on

      Thanks for offering a brief discount price period. After I receive my coins I may well want to order some more!!!!!