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A fantasy tactical combat miniature tabletop for 1-8 players, with a Cooperative dungeon crawler and Player vs Player team competition
A fantasy tactical combat miniature tabletop for 1-8 players, with a Cooperative dungeon crawler and Player vs Player team competition
4,255 backers pledged $730,271 to help bring this project to life.

8 days left - New Box. New Unlockables. New add-on.

Posted by Dragori Games (Creator)


1. New Box
2. New "Unlockables" Banner
3. New Add-on
4. How to upgrade your Pledge.


Hey there,

We're only eight days away from the end of the campaign, and what a journey this has been!

But we are only beginning the final sprint. We will do a countdown from today until the end of the campaign, and, at each count, we will try to give you good news.

Today's good news is, imho, awesome.


How about a new, cool box to store all the KS Exclusives you unlocked (and will unlock!) via Stretch Goals / Community Quests?

Behold our new campaign cover (modifications still to be made on the KS Exclusives box):

To be updated every day, until the campaign ends.
To be updated every day, until the campaign ends.

With dozens of extra cards, miniatures and pads coming your way, most (but not all!) of them belonging to the Cooperative Mode of our game, it was only fit to give you two boxes, as this is two games in one (some say more than two, but let's leave it at that).

P.S.: I guess this new box means it's now two games in two? I'm confused.


Q: What do I have to do to unlock this box??? I already created a Twitter account. By the way, I'm also on tumblr, 4chan, reddit, Pinterest, because my body is ready and I want that, just tell me what to do!!!

A: This box is a thank-you gift to our 3000+ backers. You are awesome. No need to do anything. It's yours, and it is going with every single Core Box (or higher) Pledge.

Q: What about Renkyr? I hate twitter! This Objective One is on Nightmare Mode! What about the second puzzle?

A: Renkyr was starving, so he ate a colorful frog that he found leaping on the dungeon. He passed out, but today's news have awakened him. He is now super pumped about the possibility of reaching 1000% funded status soon. Expect news from him in an upcoming update. By the way, there's no need to continue retweeting (though we'd certainly appreciate if you did!)



Did you notice we also updated our page and added a "What you can unlock" banner? Check it out below:

This is not yet final, by the way.
This is not yet final, by the way.



We know you want to keep your dear cards protected, and we know that Arena is a game that will see thousands of hours of play time, many of those with a large group of friends.

Therefore, you now have the possibility of getting extra dice and sleeves with your game at a subsidized price. There's no gameplay added to this add-on, it's only a convenient thing we are making available to you all.

Every single card in the Full Pledge (yes, even the Mighty Hydra's attack cards) will get sleeved with this add-on. If you are in the Core Box tier only, you will be getting extra sleeves to protect other games in your collection (or, hopefully, Arena, if you decide to do a later upgrade).

We also included eight dice, because that's the exact maximum number of players you can get on your table. Their colors also match specific Combat Roles, so the Hero you control can have its own particular die.



Many people have been asking us this question when they learn that Harun is not included in the Full Pledge. Now that we have yet another add-on you can include on your order, we decided to do a little tutorial for those of you who are not well acquainted with Kickstarter procedures:

Step 1: Manage your Pledge

Open the campaign page. To your right (if you are on a desktop browser - This will be on separate tabs if you're on a mobile device), you will find your pledge. This will be indicated by a blue button. You can also click on the "Manage your Pledge" button, it makes no difference.

Step 2: Select your Pledge level and manually enter a new Pledge amount.

Your new Pledge amount should correspond to the current pledge amount plus any add-ons you want to include. For example, if you have selected a Full Pledge and want to include the new Dice & Sleeves add-on ($19), Harun ($7), and a second copy of the Elder Dragon ($35), you should manually type 250 (= 189 + 19 + 7 + 35) at the appropriate field. When you are done, click the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Confirm your changes.

In the above example, I upgraded from a $1 pledge level to a Full Pledge ($189), then I added the Dice & Sleeves add-on (189 + 19 = 208), and the Harun add-on (208 + 7 = 215). Click confirm when you are done.

Step 4: Confirmation screen.

Kickstarter will redirect you to a new confirmation screen once you are done. Don't worry about making a mistake; until the campaign ends, you can go back to Step 1 and manage your pledge as many times as you want.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow with more news!


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    1. Chad Pearson on

      Great update, now let's get Renkyr unlocked!

    2. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Here's a quick mock-up of the new box in the same style as the other boxes:
      A tryptich of artwork!

    3. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ ShermZ @ Stevelabny - we will add extra sleeves. It’s very useful. When I played MtG, sometimes one or another needed to be replaced.

      If we pass these stretch goals, we can add more, like those miniatures. I really believe the last days will be really good.

    4. SpicyRamen

      I did not see Bone dragon or Gold Dragon miniatures available for unlockable stretch goal. Or will we have add on options instead?

      Also, +1 comment on adding a few more sleeves because that's why we sleeve our cards - to make them replaceable easily

    5. Justin Boehm

      @Dragori I agree with the other comments here as n +1 for leaving the new box borderless! That wrap arose be fantastic art is amazing and I think you should leave it as is!

    6. stevelabny

      Randon comment : dont have the exact number of sleeves. To easy for some to be miscut, or have some other problem. Best to include a small amount of extras.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      Awesme update!!!

    8. Bill the Raven on

      Who will make the sleeves (and what thickness will they be)?

    9. Barry Duran

      He's an add-on figure/character you can purchase for $7. Scroll down about 1/3 of the front KS campaign page and you can check him out. If you backed within 1st 24 hours of this KS, you got him for free. I didn't find out about this KS until the 3rd day, so I missed out, but I've increased my campaign pledge by $7 so I can purchase him as an add-on. My total campaign pledge is $215 which gives me the Full Pledge + Harun + extra dice/sleeves add-on ( giving you as example as what to do if you want everything in this campaign ).

    10. Barry Duran

      +1 on NO BORDER on the new box - looks fricken AWESOME the way it is, you got it right the first time. Wicked cool update, thank you!

    11. Freddy

      @Andreas (any MONEY you add in PM will include a slight price increase, that is)

    12. Freddy

      @Andreas The chosen tier is what you selected here on Kickstarter. If you added more money to your tier (as explained in the above update), then you will be able to select the add-ons for that extra money, in the Pledge Manager after the campaign. You will also be able to upgrade your pledge and add more stuff in PM, but for anything you add there you will have to pay a slight increase in price (~5-6%) in comparison to the prices here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andreas Stenberg on

      How will you guys know what teir I chose and what add ons I've paid for?

    14. Freddy

      @Bill no, it does not. When you go to the add-ons section on the main page you can see that it clearly says "NOT INCLUDED IN THE FULL PLEDGE" for both the Dice and Sleeves add-on, and for Harun the Shapeshifter (well, unless you're a first 24h backer or you back 2 Full Pledges, then you get Harun added to your pledge for free anyway)

    15. Missing avatar

      RPGFanboy on

      Does the full pledge includes the sleeves and dice?

    16. Freddy

      @Dragori it may be a good idea to update the FAQ and include the information about first 24h backers (backer number #2374 or below) in the "How can I get Harun" question, to clarify who does and does not get Harun for free.

    17. Freddy

      @Sean McDade Yes, if your backer number is #2374 or below, you will get Harun for free with your core box pledge or above.

    18. Freddy

      @Covenpines Yes, there will be. But (see also the FAQ) prices in the pledge manager will be slightly higher (~5-6%) than now during the campaign.

    19. Gedracon on

      @Sean: Short answer: Yes.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean McDade on

      Just for clarification - Harun IS included in the full pledge, if you pledged in the first 24 hours, is that correct?

    21. Mackie McDonald

      Awesome update! Thanks so much :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Covenpines on

      All well and good, but me I prefer to add additional stuff during the Pledge Manager Phase. There will be a Pledge Manager, I presume?

    23. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      @Dragori Games: Fantastic Update, thank you very much. I appreciate it, that you listened to the backers and finally gave us a much desired add-on. Just upgraded my pledge ;-)

      @Jason Conlon: It was just an example. But I pledged a few days ago for a 2nd Elder Dragon, just because I want to paint one of them in a red colour theme and the other one in a black or green (not decided) yet. For gameplay reasons, you don't really need a 2nd one.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Conlon

      "For example, if you have selected a Full Pledge and want to include the new Dice & Sleeves add-on ($19), Harun ($7), and a second copy of the Elder Dragon ($35), you should manually type 250..."

      Why a second Elder Dragon..? Just because it's awesome, or is there a good gameplay reason to have two?

    25. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Can you give us the thickness of the sleeves?

    26. Fernando Costa

      Does this change anything for collector backers?

    27. Freddy

      Personally I think the main page looks much clearer and much more attractive to potential new backers this way... from the top you first see the core box with all its contents, then all the potential stretch goals you can unlock... and below that the add-ons and the targets for those stretch goals.

    28. Freddy

      @Dagda This is just a total of everything we can unlock. The individual stretch goals (with their locked/unlocked status) and their targets are still available on the main campaign page

    29. Dagda

      Actually I think the borderless new box art looks way cooler than the original. Can't you drop the border instead? :)
      And while I appreciate this orderly image of what we unlocked, I prefer to have the different stretch goals and social goals seperate. That shows what is necessary to get the next stretch goal, it shows what the next stretch goal is and it shows how stretch goals are paced (how fast stretch goal gaps become bigger). The picture offers no information in that regard.
      I would prefer to have one picture "this is what you get" which shows everything unlocked like the unlockable content image and the list of stretch goals as is quite common in most projects (either as journey or as small seperate images).

    30. Freddy

      Awesome! You guys are the best!
      Small request... can we get a larger format version of that stretch goals image, where the text on these cards is actually readable? (and the same for the Harun image from the main campaign page, please)

    31. Dragori Games Creator on

      @Sjeng - Yes, we will do that.

    32. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Great update! Thanks for the clear unlockable content banner.
      I love the art on the extra KS box. Will it have the same border as the main box though? So it matches style better ;)