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A fantasy tactical combat miniature tabletop for 1-8 players, with a Cooperative dungeon crawler and Player vs Player team competition
A fantasy tactical combat miniature tabletop for 1-8 players, with a Cooperative dungeon crawler and Player vs Player team competition
A fantasy tactical combat miniature tabletop for 1-8 players, with a Cooperative dungeon crawler and Player vs Player team competition
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dexoh about 5 hours ago

      They have been late on everything and will go almost a month with no communication to its backers. It took them 3 months to issue my refund. Chronicle X is scheduled to ship next month and they haven't even completed the rules yet.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis about 7 hours ago

      @Dexoh what’s wrong with archon studios?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dexoh about 21 hours ago

      @Marco Well it seems that Lazy Squire Games is working with Archon Studios on this project. For that I say hard pass. I avoid anything Archon has their hands on. Just canceled my Chronicle X pledge.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis 3 days ago

      Hey everybody! Have you seen Wild Assent (new game that will be on Kickstarter in October)? It looks a LOT like Arena the Contest...
      The board is almost identical.
      What do you think @Alexandre? A copy or a good complement?

    5. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator 4 days ago

      @ Kerst - Yes, when we receive the first printing test, we will improve the miniatures based on the real models. Warlord is one of that I believe will have some improvements

      @ Mauricio - don’t worry, we will. In September probably. But I personally get in contact with you about it when it’s done.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Lang 4 days ago

      Hi, are there any news on the shipping costs to Chile? I wouldn't like to getting more into the game and then don´t afford it because of the shipping :(

    7. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Tomorrow's Sunday. Mean it is update day. Meaning I have something to look forward to after work. I love the weekend.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kerst Lamers 7 days ago


      Are you planning to update the warlord mini? He seems out of place between all the awesome models! Cheers!

    9. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis on

      @Alexandre thanks for the answer!

    10. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ Marco - they are the only villains with miniatures using ranged weapons. In some quests, like Crystal Tower, golems have arcane pulse attack (ranged, actually hits all enemies along the way). But most villains are melee, because it allows more positioning strategy.

    11. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis on

      @Alexandre are the snipers the only enemies with range? (A part from the dragons of course)

    12. Nhan Phan on

      sentinel, soldier and sniper minis look way to cool that makes me feel the warlord are their minions :)))

    13. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis on

      Female vampire? Awesome! Will it replace all Sg vampires? Or it is something different?

    14. Alfredo Camacho on

      Go and check facebook, there is the new vampire sculpt female version!

    15. Missing avatar

      zhi on

      anyone here check out the new LIMBO eternal war KS game. Those mimi's would be sweet to add to this game. Since they are square bases I hope the spaces would line up good since the dragon is a square base too. Love those warrior nuns, we need a warrior nun champion!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dexoh on

      No, just no.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Samuelson on

      I'm just wondering. But would arena ever do what "tomb of annihilation" did? Have both the board game and as a video game? It's fun playing the board game with my son and playing on steam on my laptop when I'm away from home.

    18. Missing avatar

      CK on

      or rather if it is currently happening the "where your party is met by an Imperial Army Major for a secret meeting"

    19. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Hi there Dragori Games. you may want to check page 9 of the campaign tome. Lava Citadel prelude page.

      The sentence. "To help with the reconstruction efforts, the Empire built an improvised Ironhand post, where your party met with an Imperial Army Major for a secret meeting"

      Is this meeting currently happening as a reader or had it already happened?

      If it already happened, then the sentence is fine.

      If it is currently happening as the paragraph seems to suggest we are currently viewing a toxic mist and currently close to or in the improvised Ironhand meeting with this Imperial Army Major who is speaking to us about the future mission then, you may want to change it to "where your party is met with an Imperial Army Major for a secret meeting" that is if it is currently occurring as we read and he is currently speaking to us in that moment.

    20. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Hi there Dragori games. You may want to take a look at the language on page 8 of the Campaign Tome. Paragraph which contains info about an Imperial Free Traffic Board.

      The sentence reads. "Present it whenever you encounter problems such as inspectors wanting to take a lok at your cargo or collect taxes, guards who do not want to open the a city's gates late at night"

      you may want to change it to "..."guards who do not want to open a city's gates late at night" or guards who do not want to open the city's gates late at night" however, the first one seems more appropriate.

      Hope that helps. if I come across anything further I will let you know.

    21. Doroteo on

      I would like to have picture of the Tanares map at HD so I can print it and hang it on a wall in my gaming room. It will probably be about 100x120 cm

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Lemieux on

      I've seen in the last email that the quick note as been translated in french, does the rulebook, card and ect will be translated to it would be awesome ? :)

    23. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ LA - not yet. We are asking quotation with other companies. When it’s done, I will contact personally you. We have plenty of time yet.

    24. LA

      @ Creator:

      Has the shipping cost to Indonesia been resolved? Our pledge and the shipping have the same cost: $189. We sent a PM but without any response. Please advise.

    25. Missing avatar


      @CK I like it as a more advanced way of playing as it will involve planning beforehand so you can hinder their opponent and not themselves.

    26. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Sorry it should read this way

      Team A wins a coin toss, they select to pick a hero first. Draft would look like this

      Team B bans a combat group
      Team A picks a hero
      Team A bans a combat group
      Team B picks a hero
      Team B bans a combat group, however, they cannot Ban the last group they chose
      Team A picks a hero
      Team A bans a combat group, however, they cannot ban the last group they chose
      Team B picks a hero


    27. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Alexandre: perfect. Thanks ill send you an email shortly.

      Also, let's explore your other idea.. ban a whole combat role.

      If it worked similar to ban a hero.

      Team A wins a coin toss, they select to pick a hero first. Draft would look like this

      Team B bans a combat group
      Team A picks a combat group
      Team A bans a combat group
      Team B picks a combat group
      Team B bans a combat group, however, they cannot Ban the last group they chose
      Team A picks a combat group
      Team A bans a combat group, however, they cannot ban the last group they chose

      and so on. It might work for alternate or more advanced tournament style play since you are severely restricting two or more characters during the selection process, especially if a group is counting on a particular hero combat role type in their team.

    28. Missing avatar


      so i found a cool Quetzalcoatl mini or tally (50cm tall) from the Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire kickstarter. Here's a link:

    29. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ CK - interesting idea. I will work and test this. Please, if possible, send an email to So we can work there.

      @ Alfredo - About Lore, very soon we will release the excerpt of Art & World of Arena. You will find on this book beautiful art and a real scenario that you can use for immersion when playing the epic campaign and even on your favorite RPG.

      @ Max - We cannot go this year. We are very focused on delivery the game as good as it can be. But next year we will be there for sure!

    30. Missing avatar

      Max on

      @Alexandre is dragori games going to be at gencon this year?

    31. Alfredo Camacho on

      I love the lore and background, the concept of Arenas in order to avoid world wide conflicts is appealing

    32. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Hi Alexandre, I don't have facebook sadly. Should I just message you privately on kickstarter? Also, I think a hero ban would work kind of like this.

      A coin toss to see which team gets a choice to Ban a hero first or pick a hero first. Once the team who wins that coin toss decides, it would work like this

      Team A wins coin toss, they choose to pick a hero first, so team selection would be
      Team B Bans a hero
      Team A picks a hero
      Team A Bans a hero
      Team B picks a hero

      perhaps something like that would work.

    33. Kyle P. on

      After seeing a lot of 1's and 3's in the most recent update for the druid, a merge of the two choices for the final piece would look awesome. It would capture both features found in the miniature (snake and vines). Just a thought!

    34. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ CK - sure, please send a msg to our page com Facebook (or add me as a friend), I can send you the link and work with you.

      You are right, perhaps ban a hero is the standard and we should follow this. An entire role would make people adapt their strategies, but could be too severe

      About the lore, Danilo can explain it in details but there are 3 ranks of official Arenas (because some of them are clandestine). On villages and small cities, they solve local problems (as a family dispute for a farm). On the biggest city of each province, they solve the province matters (like disputes between 2 villages). And the Arena of Fate will solve these provinces conflicts.

      The fighters usually start on these villages arenas and, if they draw attention of some nobles and the crowd, they can be called to the bigger arenas and even to Arena of Fate. As the Emperor offers the Champion’s Boon (basically a wish for any combatant who wins 15 combats in sequence), most people dream to be called to fight on Arena of Fate. Of course, only the strongest heroes can fight there.

      While playing the campaign, you will have to decide if you trust the emperor or not. They say that gods punish the world if people make war. That’s the reason of the Arenas. The proof is the Wasteland, the reminds to people never challenge the gods again. But... What if it’s just the Emperor propaganda?

    35. Missing avatar

      CK on

      another thing too, I am actaully really excited for this game and its potential. I have caught up on all the blogs / some of the lore of your world and it just seems very rich and thought out. I have a question though, provincial arenas are just provincial matters, is that within the province itself, or do they also do province vs another province. Or would province vs province be a matter for the Arena of Fate in the Imperial Capital? I presume that when a conflict gets to the arena of fate it is pretty serious matter if it can actually change the history of Tanares.

    36. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Also, I like the pick a hero and ban a hero approach for standard and perhaps an alternate way as long as teams agree, ban an entire combat role that the other team cannot choose during their pick of a hero that draft turn but later on you can change the combat role ban each subsequent draft pick.

    37. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Hey Alexandre: I can't seem to find my pledge manager. I know I submitted it before but now I want to add the second set of dice add on at 19.00 again. Can you assist on how to obtain it.

    38. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ CK - Yes, you cannot have more than one Combat role at the same group, but it doesn’t apply to the other group (each group may have a Tank for example). On tournament rules, I am studying the options. On selection, each tem will pick a hero and then ban a hero or an entire combat role. We must decide.

      About the pack, I am sorry, we cannot break the pack because of logistics. When the manufacture produces this add-on, it will come already sealed. But if you wish to get an extra pack, I believe you can sell the sleeves later easily (or even use to another game) because the standard size (poker size cards).

      @ Rafael - we corrected the rapier. It is smaller now.

      @ Phillip - fair enough. We will always show the base art or model before the modifications.

    39. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Hi Dragori Games: Question, I am sure I read it in the rule book. During player drafting on PVP mode. You cannot have more than 1 hero type of one colour on your team correct? So you cannot have two controllers on your team. However, that does not mean that the other team cannot have a controller of their own correct? If that is the case, is it too late to add on an extra set of the 8, 20 sided dice? I already put the add on for 19 dollars for the 8 coloured dice, sleeves and bags, but I am wondering if I can just obtain the 8 coloured dice for a smaller fee as I am not needing more sleeves.

    40. Ghost on

      Thank you for checking out Zund I appreciate it and will be happy with whatever you decide.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rafael De Medeiros Vidal on

      I think the Myr miniature improved alot, looks way better.

      The one that bothers me is Garion the rogue, but just the sword, its too big! Its supposed to be a rapier right? But its much longer if compared to other miniatures weapons. I think it should look more delicated as a finesse weapon.

    42. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      Can i request if you are going to make changes to art and models to also include an image of the original for comparison. Im lazy i dont wanna dig for it. 😜

    43. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ Ghost - When we see it printed, we can have a better idea how the render translate into the real piece, but I will be aware of this face and ready for improve if need.

      @ Tim - Thank you Tim. We will work hard to make sure people really will be proud and have fun when playing the game. I believe that good arts and miniatures are important for immersion, but a great and solid gameplay is the most important thing of any game.

      @ Jan - Thank you for the help. The translations will start after we send the files for printing (because until there, we can always change details). But the QuickStart is already translated and we will include on the Digital Rewards next week.

    44. Freddy on

      Last chance for people to back Theosis (closing in on the final 24 hours)... the creator is paying a significant part of this out of his own pocket (the shipping cost, and part of the production costs) to just get this game out and get people to play it. They can use all the help they can get...

    45. Jan

      So the work on translations started or it's just the quick start? (I thought this was already translated)
      I'm just waiting to get contacted to do the proofreading for the German translation. I really want to do that.

    46. Foxrun on

      @ Hey all just thought I’d pop in and see how everyone’s doing!

    47. Missing avatar


      This game is really shaping up to be something to be PROUD OF once we have it, and believe me, I very rarely say that about one of my games, or any other kickstarter I've backed.

    48. Ghost on

      I hope one of the sculpt you're working on is Zund. I just really don't like his face. Everything else is fine but I can't explain it. His face just doesn't fit to me.

    49. Alexandre Aboud Collaborator on

      @ Dennis - In believe it will start after we send the files to print. Because we can always make some changes until there. Daniel from Boardgame Circus will coordinate the translations.

      By the way, next Sunday we will release the Digital Awesomeness reward (as it is estimated to July). We will have files of the QuickStart in these languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If anyone wants to help translating the document in any other language, we can send the template and after it is done, we make the graphic design and include on the folder.

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