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A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
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Let's take a look at a d20 table! Live Q&A Tonight! | Weekend Break | Adventure Hook Weekend?

Posted by Dragon Turtle Games (Creator)

Random Tables? Yes please!

Today we're going to be taking a look at one of our random roll tables from Carbon 2185! We have many many roll tables in the book to help randomise your game and create the feeling of a real, living world.

If your players have gone off the rails, and you desperately need a plot hook, look no further!

When generating a random encounter for players, you consult that City District's table for the particular time of day and roll for type of event.

In this instance, let's assume the cyberpunks are in District 5 at night, and the random event is a Crime.

That would bring you to the following d20 table:

Whatever result you get, this will instantly give you enough GM ammunition to work with for hours, or even for multiple sessions!

Also, the formatting is evolving! There are still a lot of changes to make before we're ready to send off to the printers, but it's starting to look very cool!

Live Q&A this evening on Twitch

This evening at 8pm over on our Dragon Turtle Games Twitch Channel, our lead designer Robert Marriner-Dodds will be doing a LIVE Q&A to answer all your biggest questions about Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG! Head over there at 8pm to get a chance to have your burning question ANSWERED!

Weekend Break

This campaign has been EPIC, and so far I've worked every day of it (We're now on Day 25), but this weekend is both my Wife, and my Daughter's birthdays! My wonderful daughter is turning 1, and my fantastic wife is turning 20-something (I'm not allowed to say). 

That means that for the first time since we launched, over the weekend, there won't be Daily Updates, and we won't be replying to comments and messages. Sorry about that, but please bear with us until Monday.

Thankfully we have some great people in the comments who love C2185 just as much as us, so we're relying on our fantastic community here. Also, please check the FAQ if you have a question to see if the answer is in there.

As we'll be AFK this weekend, we need your help MORE THAN EVER in spreading the word and letting people know about Carbon 2185! We are well on track to unlock London 2185 which will be EPIC, so let's keep sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, RPG Forums, Twitch, everywhere!

Adventure Hook Weekend!

SuperCYBERPUNK Miguel had a great suggestion!

Since we're away this weekend, I want YOU GUYS to come up with your best, craziest, and coolest adventure hooks for Carbon 2185 and drop them in the comments! 



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    1. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      More advanced hook: You’ve done it. The major leagues. Ran the streets for years now. Your heavies have the best chrome and firepower on the market. Your hackers running decks not yet in production. Johnson’s bid for your attention and the streets whisper your name in fear and awe. But how do you know you’ve made it?

      The group look at each other in the back of the van as your driver heads to the docks where you have arranged a smugglers run. your safe houses were raided. Your favorite bar had a gas explosion. Your fixers dead. Your best street doc found nailed to his front door. Multiple bounties suddenly on your heads.

      You argue among your selves if that last run was really worth it. Suddenly up ahead a transport rig turns and flips. You see black motorcycles racing in Behind you and detect the glint of scopes on the overpass ahead.

      As your driver desperately swerved through traffic and the glass on the sides starts to Star from high caliber impacts. You know it. The corps have come to fear you.

      Can you make it out of town and start over else where?

      Should you have stayed in the shadows?

    2. Thomas Vanstraelen on

      The former lover of one of the PCs sends a message. They have joined an AI-worshipping cult and want to say goodbye before going on their "holy mission". Can the PCs locate the cult members before they release an engineerd virus into the city center ?

    3. Kiraah on

      - A child with an extremely rare genetic mutation has escaped the corporate orphanage, used as a front for an illegal biotech lab, where they were being tested on. The kids’s makeshift guardian, a former assistant at the lab, offers the crew a large sum of longs in exchange for getting the kid to a drop off where they can be smuggled out of the city. The assistant is killed before they’re able to get out the address of the drop off.
      - A CI of a local Fixer the crew is supposed to be meeting shows up to the appointment instead of the Fixer. They’re babbling and in shock but manage to convey that the Fixer is dead and has left the clue they’ll need to find their stash, and the link to the memory bank that will tell them who killed them, in the last conversation they had with the CI. The CI being a generally kind/well liked but well known Crush addict.
      - One of the local good spirits, who spends her time looking after the Hopscotchers [street kids] has been snatched up in broad daylight by some suits. The locals have pooled what scraps they could together for a reward for her return. The Hopscotchers have promised their eyes, ears, and loyalty to your crew if they bring her back.

    4. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Great stories.

    5. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      @jimmy. I really like the refurbished aka stolen cyber gear hook. Specially if it has a hidden compartment or some data imbedded that you were not aware of.

    6. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      You’ve been hired to acquire some top secret new documents before they hit the market. You case the joint and wait till the authors are out celebrating then start your run. As your heavies take up over watch and your hacker scans net for the response teams you work the locks on the outer door. You smile to yourself as you use the light from the neon sign showing the Dragon Turtle logo.

      That’s right enjoy your fancy birthday dinner. That play test will be mine

    7. Lukas Buergi

      A happy birthday to both your ladies then!

      And ohh daquack... *facepalm*
      Now let's see.
      - You're hired to crash an exec's birthday party. The only way in is as cake girl and clown.
      - A famous influencer wants to do make a video of him attempting a Golden Mile pub crawl. He hires your team as bodyguards. What can possibly go wrong?
      - A producer spots your talent when searching out cast members for his new "Cyberpunks" reality show. Easy money, right?
      - Desperate, you decide to finally make that robbery. Just as you want to cross the street to your target, the alarm in it goes off and a robber comes running out. Chased by two security guys, he tries to cross the street but gets run over. His loot bag flies through the air and lands right in your arms.
      - A group of wealthy top-corp kids and their bodyguards decide that your neighbourhood is the perfect place for a game of their version of urban golf. Extra points for dead squatters.

    8. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      You’ve been hired to escort the brother of a friend to help steal a prototype from a secure and heavily guarded R n D lab.

      As the he the retrieves prototype from an inner vault an alarm goes off.

      As the lights strobe and the sirens blare you can just sense the many guards closing in on you.

      You haven’t given up hope. Leroy’s plan will work. After all when has a Jenkins let you down?

    9. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Your just leaving your favorite dive bar feeling a good buzz when the harsh sound of a car crash and gun fire erupts. Looking to your right you see the driver of a wrecked sedan finishing off two gangers with a smg before he collapses.

      As you prepare for vacate the scene you notice the blood drenched briefcase attached to his wrist.

      Tempting isn’t it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Smyk on

      Some groups of thugs have participated in undercover auctions for synthetic humans and one in your party has been attempted to be taken

    11. Jimmy Plamondon on

      -A refurbished cyber implant installed on one of the players still hold data from the previous owner, a corporate enforcer
      -The local gang members have vanished
      -The PC's local bar where they like to hang out is ordered to close to accomodate the construction of some corporate office
      -Some cosmic event (comet, dead star...) causes the rise of a cult in tje slums
      -A new encryption scheme allows cryptomoney to be truly untraceable. The threatens the established order
      -A woman on the run gives birth in the slums, as the PCs are nearby. The baby is the illegitimate son of a corporate boss who will stop at nothing to get the kid for his own agenda.

    12. Greg Davis

      Plot hook: Nearby gang members set off a small scale EMP (200ft/60m radius)

    13. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Thank you Jesper! I'll pass along the your message!
      - Robert

    14. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Added it to the update! Thanks for the suggestion my dude!

    15. Jesper Danielsen on

      A happy birthday to the both of them. Have a great weekend! Thanks for doing this awesome kickstarter!

    16. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Call for it. Lol

    17. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Now that would be very cool! I'd love to come back Monday and read all your awesome ideas!

    18. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Let's do a adventure hooks weekend. Lol