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A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
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Tuesday Origins | Origin : Regular Joe

Posted by Dragon Turtle Games (Creator)

Tuesday Origins : Regular Joe

This update makes 2/3 times that the Monday Origins has been on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, so they're now officially TUESDAY Origins! 

In our past two Origins Updates we've taken a look at the Korporate Kid; an orphan raised in a for-profit orphanage, and the Badlander; Somebody who grew up in the irradiated and heavily polluted Badlands outside of the major cities and their (relatively) clean air.

Today we're going to look at somebody often overlooked in tabletop games, but an essential origin for a cyberpunk character! These are people like Deckard (unless you believe he's a replicant), or Adam Jensen. These are people who have rather unremarkable early lives who go on to do remarkable things. These are the Regular Joes.

As usual, we're not showing you everything this class has to offer, but we think this gives you a very good idea of what's in store!

 For those who haven't read our previous updates and do not know sure what an Origin is, here's the blurb describing them!

'Your character’s Origin determines much about how you look, where you grew up, and what you were exposed to during your younger years. Your Origin affects your ability scores, how fast you move, what Features you start with, and many other things.'

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    1. Lukas Buergi

      He's a real nowhere man...

      I love the Beatles.

      If you ever read the Shadowrun novels: Sam/Twist from the original trilogy is exactly this kind of guy.

    2. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      From the shadows you here someone softly singing

      “Doesn't have a point of view
      Knows not where he's going to
      Isn't he a bit like you and me?
      Nowhere man please listen
      You don't know what you're missing
      Nowhere man, The world is at your command”

    3. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Life spans are pretty high in 2185 if you manage to make it to old age! General medicine is much more advanced than the medicine of today.
      The issue is that once you stop working, you have no income at all which makes it very difficult to be elderly in 2185

    4. Matt Drake

      This may be a dystopian future, but Regular Joes have it pretty good if they're living to 110. I doubt I will live to 110 (I sure hope not).

    5. Missing avatar

      The Rangdo of Arg

      He should be called Area Man.

    6. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Fun fact: In our initial design, and the first round of the playtest, this was called "Regular Guy From The Neighborhood", and players would have to say "I'm playing Thomas, he's just a regular guy from the neighborhood".
      It was deemed a little bit of a mouthful, but I still laugh every time I think of that