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A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
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Forget about it! Gangs of San Francisco 2185!

Posted by Dragon Turtle Games (Creator)

We just passed 1700 cyberpunks! How awesome is that?! Let's keep this ride to Manhattan going! Let's keep this pace and we'll reach our stretch goal this weekend!

Let's talk about organised crime.

Organised crime is alive and well in San Francisco, with a plethora of major gangs. The organised crime culture of 2185 has seen almost every gang follow a similar hierarchy. 

Each Gang has a leader, who has various lieutenants, who each in turn run mostly independently smaller gangs who all swear allegiance to the gang leader, but not necessarily to each other. It is not uncommon for gangs to have as many civil wars as interorganisation gang wars. The leaders will often only step in if these civil wars start to affect their profits.

Let's take a look at a couple of the gangs we get asked most about:

The Italian Mafia? Forget about it!

By 2185 The Italian Mafia in San Francisco is no more than a romanticised memory often portrayed in media.   A slow cultural shift among European-Americans saw many of their cultures slowly merge together over time thanks to homogenisation efforts in the early 2100s. Many traditions were lost, and many mourned. The Mafia was not one of them.

The Bratva a.k.a The Russian Mob

The mysterious, well organised Bratva is stronger than ever and operates much like a corporation. The Pakham, Viktor Petrov is often seen in the company of the corporate elite. It has absorbed many less powerful but still useful eastern European crime syndicates, such as the Romanian synthetic organ counterfeiting ring that was prevalent in the city in the early 2160s. The Bratva has been more active on American soil in the past 100 years, developing full communities in which those from Russia and the Eastern Block can find security and work outside of the deathly contracts offered by the megacorporations. Illegal smuggling and drug development have fallen are a mere side business for the Bratva, who now make most of their money from protection rackets and extortion of the cities 'Officials'.

The Triad, and Tong

The two main Chinese gangs in San Francisco are both ancient. Each one is over 200 years old! The largest gang operating in District 5 are the Cantonese 16k Triad from Hong Kong Island. Smaller gangs inside the 16k Triad include Jackie Chow's Washington Street Boys who you'll get to know in the starting adventure. On the other side of the city are the Mandarin Snakehead Tong from Fujian Province who control large parts of District 4 including the industrial district. The Snakehead Tong make most their money from illegal trafficking, and manufacturing.

Aizutachi Yakuza

Ran by Tokyo born Japanese civil war veteran Asahi Watanbe, the Aizutachi Yakuza is known as the most ruthless gang in the city. Watanbe actually runs the entire Aizutachi crime network from San Francisco as his blood feud with his brother caused him to flee the neon city after the civil war. The Aizutachi are fierce rivals of the Bratva, and have fought an ongoing war with them since the 1980s. The Yakuza are known for their prostitution and high end drug rackets. Their extensive use of liberated Synthetics and AI throughout their network has earned them a great deal of respect from the Synth and Pixelfreak communities.


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    1. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Lukas good spot! They were indeed on different sides of the Japanese Civil War, Asahi was a futurist and the rest of his clan were isolationists, so he defected to the Aizutachi

    2. Lukas Buergi

      That's Asahi Watanabe, right? So were the brothers on different sides in the civil war or does their blood feud has a wholly different origin?

    3. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Thank you Aleksei! In our notes, we have it spelt both ways, so I rolled the dice and picked the wrong one! We'll update all our notes

    4. Aleksei Ermakov on

      Great update!
      A small correction, it should be "Pakhan", not "Pakham". You can check it on wiktionary -пахан

      For a native Russian speaker as me, such little inconsistencies can really break immersion.

      Looking forward to diving into this amazing universe!