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A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
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First look at Cybernetics | Hidden Blade & Holographic Clothes | Halfway Through!

Posted by Dragon Turtle Games (Creator)

We are officially halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG, and I want to thank each and every one of you, my fellow cyberpunks! We've come so far together, and we can still go a lot further! 

Let's take a look at the playtest versions of two of the Tier 1 Cybernetic Augmentations, refereed to as Cybernetics, Cyberware, Augmentations, or just Augs. 

One of the most significant and important changes we've made since this particular playtest document is the addition of Blood Toxicity.

Every cybernetic component has a Blood Toxicity level. This is caused by the powercells within the augmentations leaking radiation and toxins straight into your bloodstream. When you reach a certain Blood Toxicity threshold, you begin to experience negative effects. As your blood toxicity increases, you eventually die. You'll have to balance your augmentations carefully to avoid dying.

Manufacturer.You may be wondering why the manufacturer for each augmentation is listed? 

Not every doc or cybernetics expert is going to be able to repair every make of cybernetics. You may be able to get your leg repaired at one guy, but have to travel halfway across the city blind to get your eyes fixed.

Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG LIVE on Twitch at 8pm GMT

To celebrate the halfway point of the campaign, we're going to be livestreaming a special game of Carbon 2185 this evening on twitch! If you can't make it, you'll be able to watch the video on Twitch, or on our YouTube channel from tomorrow


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    1. Dan Longoria on

      I like the idea of the Blood Toxicity from cybernetics. That's original and sounds very cyberpunk. Nice.

    2. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      @Deep Impact The blood toxicity levels are determined by what augs you have, they are fixed. Your upper tolerance is linked to your constitution. Extendable is the word we use in the new text for that Aug haha
      @Lukas Buergi The only method to reduce blood toxicity is to remove augmentations and replace them with lower toxicity level augs. You CAN increase your tolerance using certain items and certain subclass features, but that's all I'll say on that. High tier implants actually leak MORE toxicity because they require more powercells. It's not the crudeness of the aug, it's the inperfect powercell design that's the issue. For example, you may be able to have five or six Tier 1 Augmentations, but only two Tier 5 Augmentations.
      You can indeed hack holographic clothes, which is a great distraction technique!
      @JonXuereb @Maelstrom @Stephen Jones Holographic clothes going THROUGH regular clothes was also something that was immediately noticed by eagle eyed players during the playtest! The text from the initial playtest doesn't clarify. but I can confirm the holographic emitters are like small needles, and extend through, and past any clothing placed on top of them (to a certain length). They are very strong, so don't snap often. You can also buy specific clothing that maps out the emitters and leaves small holes for them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jones on

      Love the blood toxicity idea. Prevents people having too many augs.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jones on

      Won't the holographic implants on your skin be a little redundant if they dont keep you warm? Wearing clothes to keep warm would cover the skin, and therefore also cover the holograms.

      My players would certainly question that as they pick up on anything.

    5. Deep Impact on

      Are the blood toxicity levels fixed or random values?

      90cm blade from a 20cm forearm, that´s quite foldable. :)

    6. Lukas Buergi

      I take it there are ways to reduce blood toxicity levels. And higher quality implants tend to be less toxic to the body than their lower quality counterparts.
      Do those power cells occasionally need to be replaced, by the way?

    7. Lukas Buergi

      One of the most popular hacking targets: Holographic clothes.

    8. David Voderberg on

      ::drools in anticipation:; ohhh yesss......

    9. Maelstrom on

      So if the holographic projectors are implanted into ones skin and the person, as you suggested, wears actual clothing, how to the projectors work through said clothing? What if the person wears a full, head-to-toe body suit? - Will the holographic still work?

    10. Jefferson Dunlap on

      Sweet - that's lunchtime in my neck of the woods :)

    11. Jon Xuereb

      So, the Holigrams go through the clothes you wear to stay warm