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A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco
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Hit Points!

Posted by Dragon Turtle Games (Creator)

Hit Points!

Like combat in Carbon 2185, health and injuries follow our core design mantra. The elements of our design process are: Ease of Use, Simple & Streamlined, Familiarity, and Cinematic Feel.

You all may be familiar with the concept of Hit Points, from the hundreds of thousands of tabletop games and video games that use them.

Hit Points are an abstract measurement of a character's overall health. To quote the System Reference Document, which explains this far better than we could:

"Hit Points represent a combination of physical and mental durability, the will to live, and luck. Creatures with more hit points are more difficult to kill. Those with fewer hit points are more fragile."

An early version of our Character Sheet. We've fixed the text issues since this version
An early version of our Character Sheet. We've fixed the text issues since this version

As you can see from the character sheet above, player characters have three sections that represent their life force. 

They have HP Max, which is the upper limit of hit points they can have at any one time (excluding temporary hit points, which can be granted by certain class abilities and consumable items). 

Hit Dice correlate to both the character's own ability to heal from wounds, as well as their maximum hit points. Characters have a number of Hit Dice equal to their character level which can be expended during a short rest in order to heal a number of hit points equal to whatever number is rolled on the hit dice. During a long rest a character regains an amount of expended hit dice up to a number of dice equal to half of the character's level (minimum of one die).

Finally, we have the Hit Points box, in which you track your character's current hit points. You character may regain lost hit points by a class's healing abilities, by using certain items, by expending hit dice during a short rest, or by completing a long rest. At the end of a long rest, a character regains a number of hit points equal to half the number of hit points they are below their hit point maximum (minimum of one hit point).

Major Injury!

We also have a new system in place for when a character suffers a Major Injury. 

If you're reduced to 0 hit points as the result of a critical hit, but aren't killed outright; or if you're hit by massive damage that knocks you to 0 hit points and the remaining amount is higher than half your maximum hit points, but lower than your maximum hit points, you gain a Major Injury.

Major Injuries leave you unconscious with one failed death saving throw, meaning that if you aren't healed or stabilised by an ally quickly, the chances are you'll die. Death is permanent in 2185.

The Game Master can choose which injury is received from the Major Injury table, or roll on it. 

For example, if you're blindfiring around a corner, and the opponent hits you with a Critical Hit that reduces you to 0 hit points, it would be odd if you suffered a Punctured Lung when only your hand was exposed, so the GM would choose the most logical choice from the table; Lose a Hand.


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    1. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      Hi there Deep Impact,

      Carbon 2185 goes from character levels 1-10, in a much slower progression that what you may be used to in some games. It would take over sixty 4 hour sessions to reach level 10, if gaining experience points was your main focus.

      Much of the character progression actually comes in the form of gaining Influence in one of the two branches: Street Influence & Corporate Influence.

      We don't think that higher combat level characters being able to take more hits before dropping is a "problem", as hit points are an abstract. We've all played plenty of video games, and seen plenty of movies where the protagonists can take more damage and punishment than the regular guy from the neighbourhood as they progress through the narrative and learn how to handle themselves better

    2. Deep Impact on

      How will Carbon handle the typical "problem" of the extreme difference between the amount of hitpoints throughout the levels?

      Will combat be at level 1 or 2 extremly deadly, but just prolonged reduction of HP in level 10+?

    3. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      The more I think about it the more having side effects from a critical hit against you beyond damage interests me. The most basic would be. If your hit by a critical hit then roll a save check or be at disadvantage for a round. That Kobold sniper roles a 20 and hits you for 4d8 damage with his pistol roll or be stunned ( disadvantaged) while you take a few seconds (a round) to catch your breath. Or have the ringing in your ears fade etc.

      I think I’m gonna bring this up with my group for our 5th ed steam punk this weekend to try. To speed things up maybe skip the save. Of course it would work against NPCs too

    4. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Should say favorite wound not sound. Stupid autocorrect

    5. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Amedeo, I agree. These rules sound sufficient with their diminishing returns. My favorite sound system is from the warhammer 40k dark heresy rules with there awesome critical hit tables.

      What might be cool to house rule is that critical hits instead of doing double damage only maybe give damage plus a chance on a minor injury table. Then the major hit table at zero

      Another way I could incorporate my favorite tables is minor injury table at crits. And rolls on the major injury table as soon as your taken down to 1 hit die of hit points left. Instead of zero. This would make lower level more deadly and be very bloody vs. ivilians and level 1 guards etc

    6. Amedeo Davit on

      Difficult healing is always good in a cyberpunk world.

    7. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      @Luke it is indeed slower than 5e, combined with more lethal weapons, the major injuries, and no resurrection, it makes gun fights very scary!
      @rico we also liked that and tried it out, but it didn't gel well with our system and confused more than a few playtesters.
      @daquack Short rests definitely can in certain circumstances heal you more than a Long rest, this is because you spend the time specifically tending the wound or injury, rather than just getting bed rest. You only recover half your spent hit dice during a long rest though.
      @Matteo You did read it right! If you don't have the longs for treatment, and you don't have a Doc in your group, you're going to be on bed rest for a long time after getting seriously hurt
      @Foster! So are we!

    8. Lukas Buergi

      Hey! I like the Shadowrun system! I'll admit you'll need a lot of dice though. But then I have also played Exalted and I did play Eldar in Warhammer 40k's Second Edition. Buckets, I tell you! So using a lot of dice is nothing new or unusual to me.

      As for the system with stamina and hit points, it reminds me a little of the systems in Infinity an in Degenesis. But combined with the rules about Major Injuries here, it's becoming too much for a system that's supposed to be streamlined.
      One thing that might be worth considering is an additional Injury table. Which is rolled on whenever a character reaches 0 or lower hit points without qualifying for a roll on the Major Injury table. And has a selection of injuries that are not as bad and do not necessitate a body-part replaced or heavy surgery, but will still be disabling or debilitating until being treated and allowing for some time to heal.

    9. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Fifth already abstracts health away. It’s mostly stamina damage that’s why a long rest heals etc. these rules just slow it down a little. Throw in the injury rules for near death they have and I’m ok with it. Still plenty of ways to kill a character in a fight.

      I want a fast flowing system where I can focus on the story not something super crunchy. After all cyberpunk 2020 has a great system and shadowrun a not bad if you don’t mind gobs of die as well

    10. Luke Walker on

      @Matteo: even though a long rest never fully restores HP, you can top it up by spending Hit Dice. As such, it’s just a little slower than the usual 5e rate.

    11. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      I liked what they did with HP in Starfinder. They divided them into Stamina and actual hit points. Damage is deducted from your pool of Stamina first. When your Stamina is all used up, you start taking actual damage. You also have a number of Resolve Points. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to regain all of your lost Stamina after a 20 minute rest. Physical damage requires either extended rest, or access to other healing.

    12. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Depending on how much damage you have short rests with die roll determine how much you recover might be more efficient than long

    13. Missing avatar

      Matteo Scarnera on

      If I read and understood the text right, after a long rest a character's recovered HP are the missing hit points, halved. This means that, unless you go to a Medic or use an item, recovering from a fight or an injury is going to be quite slow, expecially if you want your character to be at maximum hit points. Now I want to know how healing works and how much affordable it is, because if it's easily accesible, this whole system is meaningless, because you could just get healed and be done with it. Still excited though!
      Love the Major Injury rule, may incorporate it in my 5e games!

    14. Foster E on

      Oh man, I'm getting so excited for this!

    15. Dragon Turtle Games 6-time creator on

      If you're low on cash you can grab a replacement that's not much better than a regular hand, but having your hand shot off is a good sign from the universe that maybe it's time for an upgrade. Perhaps to one that can interface with your weapon of choice

    16. Tillerz on

      Losing a hand? Time for a cyber replacement. :-]