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The Heartmover Trilogy revolves around several complex, deeply troubled characters, each of whom have been personally defined by loss. It is a story of forbidden love, loyalty, and catharsis, set against a gripping backdrop of criminal violence and supernatural horror.

Volume I, Another Witchhunt

Issue #1

Meet Zoey Japoxy, from Strolekit, Colorado. Age 15.

Life isn't easy for Zoey, but when for no apparent reason, her parents decide to up and move, things start to get a whole lot worse. Now in an unfamiliar town, a new school where she's even more of an outsider, and amidst the constant cacophony of her parents' kamikaze marriage, what can a girl do but try not to come unraveled?

But her world is about to become far more interesting.


I first started jotting down notes for The Heartmover Trilogy in 2013 and it remained an on and off background project for a long time. Now, all of the writing for the first few issues is done and the time is ripe to launch another Kickstarter!

Being funded will allow me to buy supplies, but more importantly, free up my time so I can sit down and crank it all out, instead of little by little.

Risks and challenges

Creating a comic is fairly straightforward, the only real challenge is time. It takes a lot of time to draw, color, and letter the pages, and the biggest challenge I've run into over the years is having enough free time to actually work.

The really long part, the creative phase, is already done. Now I just need the time to finish and polish it. Working full-time on it, it takes me about a month to finish a 16 - 20 page issue.

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